Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: May 2011


Graduate: BENYAM, Addisalem (St. John’s College)
Thesis Title: Evaluating the UNDP – GEF Small Grants Programme Funding in Ethiopia: Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation in Action [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley

Graduate: CHAMPAGNE, Janessa
Thesis Title: Effects of Fire on the Distribution and Abundance of Sprague’s Pipit (Anthus spragueii) and Their Invertebrate Prey [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper

Graduate: FOTH, Michael
Thesis Title: Barriers to Aboriginal Participation in Environment Assessment: A Case Study of the Wuskwatim Generating Station, Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: MIKULSEN, Maciej
Thesis Title: Public Involvement and Risk Communication In Food Safety Governance: Lessons from Listeria Monocytogenes and Vulnerable Groups [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley
Co-Advisor: Dr. Alan Diduck

Graduate: PENGELLY, Ryan
Thesis Title: Developing and Commercializing Non-timber Forest Products: An Anishinaabe Perspective from Pikangikum First Nation, Northwestern Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt

Graduate: SANDERS, Michael (St. John’s College)
Thesis Title: Voices from the Fire Line: Pikangikum Anishinaabeg Experiences as Provincial Forest Firefighters in Northwestern Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt

Graduate: SI, Minxing (St. John’s College)
Thesis Title: The Feasibility of Waste Heat Recovery and Energy Efficiency Assessment in a Steel Plant [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Shirley Thompson

Graduate: SLIWINSKI, Maggi
Thesis Title: Changes in Grassland Songbird Abundance and Diversity in Response to Grazing by Bison and Cattle in the Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper

MAY, 2011

Graduate: GIESBRECHT, Dale
Thesis Title: Small-scale Fisher Livelihood Strategies and the Role of Credit in Paraty, Brazil [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley

Thesis Title: Understanding the Evolution of Beluga Entrapment Co-Management in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region using Social Network Analysis [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: LARKIN, Jill
Thesis Title: Microhabitat Preferences of the Prairie Skink (Plestiodon septentrionalis) in Southwestern Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper
Co-Advisor: Dr. Pamela Rutherford

Graduate: LOZECZNIK, Vanessa
Thesis Title: The Role of Protests as Platforms for Action on Sustainability in the Kullu Valley, India [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: ROBSON, James - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: The Impact of Rural to Urban Migration on Forest Commons in Oaxaca, Mexico [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: UDDIN, Mohammed Salim (St. John's College)
Thesis Title: Role of Microcredit and Community-Based Organizations in a Wetland Area in Bangladesh [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: VALDIVIA, Jeffrey
Thesis Title: Organic Waste Management in Manitoba, Canada: Barriers and Opportunities to Implement Best-Practices [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Shirley Thompson