Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: October - June 2014

October 2014

Graduate: CARRIERE, Christine
Thesis: Creating a Decision Support Model for Wild Blueberry Production Returns and Pollination Services [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: MOLLOY, Kelsey
Thesis: Grassland Songbird Community Relationships Mediated by Cattle Stocking Rates and Plant Community Composition in Two Habitats in a Northern Mixed Grass Prairie [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: QUINN, Lisa – Ph.D.
Thesis: Social Action to Promote Clothing Sustainability: The Role of Transformative Learning in the Transition Towards Sustainability [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: RAHMAN, Rezaur (St. John’s College)
Thesis: Feasibility Analysis of Wood-biomass Energy Generation for the Off-grid Community of Brochet in North-west Manitoba, Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: YOO, Jenny
Thesis: Effects of Natural Gas Well Development on Songbird Reproductive Success in Mixed-grass Prairies of Southern Alberta [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

June 2014

Graduate: Burt, Melanie
Thesis: First Nation Involvement in Source Water Protection in Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: Deutsch, Nathan* (St. John's College) – Ph.D.
Thesis: Engaging Provincial Land Use Policy: Traplines and the Continuity of Customary Access and Decision-Making Authority in Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: Dunne, Leanne Christine*
Thesis: Food Security in the Kullu District, India: Perspectives, Policies and Learning in the Transition to Commercial Agriculture [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: Dykman, Kate*
Thesis: Integrated Watershed Management Planning in Manitoba: A Platform for Social Learning [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: Fennell, Kipp
Thesis: Economic and Energy Efficiency Assessment of Biomass
Harvesting at a Northern Off-grid Community: A Case Study of Barren Lands First Nation at Brochet, Manitoba, Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: Flasko, Amy
Thesis: Sociogenetics: Exploring Fine-scale Social Structure of Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) [pdf]
Advisor: Manseau, Micheline

Graduate: Idrobo, Julian – Ph.D.
Thesis: Ponta Negra Ethnoecology of Practice: Intergenerational Knowledge Continuity in the Atlantic Forest Coast of Brazil [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: Khan, Mohammad*
Thesis: An Assessment of the Green Microcredit Projects in Bangladesh: Livelihood and Environmental Sustainability [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, C Emdad

Graduate: Miretski, Inna*
Thesis: Game Changer: Encouraging Cross-Cultural Collaboration through Fun Interactive, Interpretive Experience in the Discovery Forest, Kenora, Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain
Co-Advisor: Diduck, Alan

Graduate: Ratuski, Sheldon*
Thesis: Cultural Landscapes of the Common Ground: Mapping Traditional Anishinaabe Relationships to the Land [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: Tastad, Adrienne*
Thesis: The Relative Effects of Grazing by Bison and Cattle on Plant Community Heterogeneity in Northern Mixed Prairie [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: Trimble Nuñez, Micaela* - Ph.D.
Thesis: Towards Adaptive Co-managment of Artisanal Fisheries in Coastal Uruguay: Analysis of Barriers and Opportunities, with Comparisons to Paraty (Brazil) [pdf]
Advisor: Berkes, Fikret

Graduate: Vespa, Morgan*
Thesis: The Western Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Area Strategic Environmental Assessment: Public Participation and Learning [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

*as at February 2014