Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: October - May 2015

October 2015

Graduate: BISWAL, Rajib
Thesis: Fishing is More Than Just a Livelihood: Wellbeing and Small-Scale Bag Net Fisheries Governance in Gujarat, India [pdf]
Advisor: Henley, Thomas
Co-Advisor: Johnson, Derek

Graduate: LEONARD, Daniel
Thesis: Back-to-the Landers and the Emergence of a Peasant Paradigm in Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: McFARLANE, Samantha
Thesis: Estimation of Demographic Population Parameters Using Non-Invasive Methods in Woodland Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus Caribou) [pdf]
Advisor: Manseau, Micheline

Graduate: RENTON, Jennifer
Thesis: Habitat Selections by the Slate Islands Boreal Woodland Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus Caribou) [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

May 2015

Graduate: ASSUAH, Anderson
Thesis: Learning for Sustainability through Community Forest Management [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: DETTMAN, Mark
Thesis: Policy, Actions and Results: Can Meaningful Nutrient Reductions be Achieved within the Minnesota and North Dakota Portions of the Red River Drainage Basin? [pdf]
Advisor: Henley, Thomas

Graduate: DHAR CHOWDHURY, Parnali – Ph.D.
Thesis: Understanding the Dengue Transmission: Application of an Ecohealth Approach in Dhaka, Bangladesh [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, Emdad

Graduate: FERGUSON, Gail (St. John’s College)
Thesis: An Evaluation of Aboriginal, Government, and Mining Industry Relationships and Policies in Manitoba: Accessing Land for Mineral Exploration and Mine Development [pdf]
Advisor: Henley, Thomas

Graduate: HEBERT, Laura (St. John’s College)
Thesis: "In Search of Deer": A Historical Ecological Perspective on Caribou in Northern Manitoba in the Context of Cree Use [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain
Co-Advisor: Manseau, Micheline

Graduate: JANDREAU, Connor
Thesis: (De) Constructing a Partnership: Evaluating a Win-Win Conservation and Development Story, the Case of the Mara Conservancies, Kenya [pdf]
Advisor: Berkes, Fikret

Graduate: MOQUIN, Robert
Thesis: Growing Together: Cultivating Community through Gardening in Kenora, Ontario [pdf] Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain
Co-Advisor: Diduck, Alan

Graduate: PLAYFORD, Tomasin – Ph.D.
Thesis: An Examination of Species Diversity and Bison Processing Intensity Contextualized within an Aboriginal Seasonality Framework for Late Precontact Sites on the Canadian Northeastern Plains [pdf]
Advisor: Nicholson, Beverley
Co-Advisor: Haque, Emdad

Graduate: RANDALL, Christopher
Thesis: Survival and Growth of Sandbar Willow, Salix Interior, in Bioengineering Projects and the Implications for Use in Erosion Control in Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Henley, Thomas