Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: October - May 2016

October 2016

Graduate: ANTZE, Bridget
Thesis: The Effects of Oil and Gas Infrastructure Noise on Anti-predator Communication in Savannah Sparrows [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: BIRCH, Allison
Thesis: Joint Forest Management in Himachal Pradesh, India: Gender Contributions, Learning and Action Outcomes [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: BROWN, Amy
Thesis: Collaborative Management, Differential Discourse, and Youth Engagement: A Case Study of Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain Co-Advisor: Manseau, Micheline

Graduate: CARNOCHAN, Stacey
Thesis: Effects of Twice-Over Grazing on the Nesting Success of Grassland Songbirds in Southwestern Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: FISCHER, Samantha
Thesis: Effects of Past Grazing Management on Songbirds and Plants in Rested Pastures: The Potential for Grazing Management to Influence Habitat in the Landscape Following Livestock Exclusion [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: LIGHT, Mallory
Thesis: An Examination of the Constraints to Teaching and Learning Outdoors in Public Elementary and High Schools in Winnipeg, Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Campbell, Michael

Graduate: LOCKHART, Jessica
Thesis: Response of Grassland Songbirds to Landscape and Local Habitat Characteristics in Southwestern Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: NENNINGER, Heather
Thesis: The Effects of Conventional Oil Wells and Associated Infrastructure on the Abundance of Five Grassland Songbird Species in Alberta's Mixed-Grass Prairie [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: SHAHIDULLAH, A.K.M. – Ph.D.
Thesis : Community‐Based Developmental Entrepreneurship: Linking Microfinance with Ecosystem Services [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, Emdad


May 2016

Graduate: AHMED Supria*
Thesis: Local Level Perspectives of Wetland Management Policy and Practices in Bangladesh: A Case of Hakaloki Haor [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, C Emdad
Co-Advisor: Sinclair, John

Thesis: The Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Songbirds of the Mixed-grass Prairie: Nesting Success and Identification of Nest Predators [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: BOERCHERS, Morrissa
Thesis: Mining for Sustainability: Examining the Relationships Among Environmental Assessments, Mining Legacy Issues, and Learning [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: CHOWDURY, Mahed-Ul-Islam*
Thesis: Wetland-Community Resilience to Flash Flood Hazards (Bonna) in Sunamganj District, Bangladesh [pdf]
Advisor: Haque, C Emdad

Graduate: DANIEL, Jody*
Thesis: Landscape-scale Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Grassland Passerines in South Alberta [pdf]
Advisor: Koper, Nicola

Graduate: KUZIVANOVA, Valeria
Thesis: Restoring Manomin (Wild Rice): A Case Study with Wabaseemoong Independent Nations, Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson-Hunt, Iain

Graduate: LOOY, Teresa (St. Paul’s College)
Thesis: Action for Sustainability Through Community Gardening: The Role of Adult Learning [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John

Graduate: MOROZOVA, Anastasiia
Thesis: Sustainable Community Tourism in Belize Assessing Community Involvement, Product Development, and Social and Economic Impact [pdf]
Advisor: Campbell, Michael

Graduate: OYEGYNLE, Ahmed Oyeleye*
Thesis: Solid Waste Management Practices in Two Northern Manitoba First Nations Communities: Perspectives on the Issues and Solutions [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: PRIADKA, Pauline
Thesis: Genetic Connectivity of Boreal Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Central Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Manseau, Micheline
Co-Advisor: Wilson, Paul

Graduate: RONY, Mohammad
Thesis: Impact Investing & Aboriginal Community Economic Development: From Fishing Net to Financial Net [pdf]
Advisor: Thompson, Shirley

Graduate: SAMAKOV, Aibek*
Thesis: Sacred Sites: Opportunity for Improving Biocultural Conversation and Governance in Ysyk-Köl Biosphere Reserve, Kyrgyz Republic [pdf]
Advisor: Berkes, Fikret

Graduate: SYLVESTER, Olivia – Ph.D.
Thesis : Forrest Food Harvesting in the Talamanca Bribri Indigenous Territory, Costa Rica: Ethnoecology, Gender, and Resource Access [pdf]
Advisor: Davidson,-Hunt, Iain Co-Advisor: Newmaster, Steven

Thesis: Motivations for Community-based Conversation: A Case From Odisha, India [pdf]
Advisor: Berkes, Fikret

Graduate: ZURBA, Melanie – Ph.D.
Thesis: Building Common Ground Learning and Reconciliation for the Shared Governance of Forest Land in Northwestern Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Sinclair, John
Co-Advisor: Diduck, Alan

*As of February 2016