Computing Support
The Natural Resources Institute employs a part-time onsite IT professional who can assist you if you need support for connecting your laptops or using the student lab computers. All IT support requests should be directed to Shannon Wiebe ( who coordinates the IT function.

Computer Lab
The NRI Computer Lab is located in the basement of the Sinnott Building, Room 101. The Lab is accessible to students 24 hours per day, with card swipe access. The computers in the basement lab are for research and work related to NRI. Lab users are expected to engage in responsible computer usage at all times. No food or drink should be consumed in the computer lab.
All computers in the lab are kept updated weekly, and each computer is labelled with the current version of software installed on it. If there is a program you need installed, please contact Shannon Wiebe. (Note: All software must be relevant to your studies at the Natural Resources Institute).
Students at NRI are strongly encouraged NOT to save any of their work on the lab computers. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your files either on a flash drive, an external hard drive, or any number of online storage solutions (Skydrive, Google, Dropbox). The lab computers are re-imaged semi-annually and any work saved will be erased and lost. (Please note that NRI is not responsible for any data loss if this occurs. Back up your data often!)

Student Laptops and Wireless Networking
Student laptops will need to be assigned an IP address in order to connect to the U of M network. All student laptops that are to be connected to the network will need to have a proper virus protection program. The University no longer uses Trend as their anti-virus software, and uses Kaspersky currently. At this time, Kaspersky is not available as a free download but can be purchased at the U of M Bookstore for a small fee. Alternatively, there are some free anti-virus software that can be downloaded from the internet such as AVG.

NRI has upgraded their networking infrastructure, and wireless is now offered in our building. You will need to have an active UM account in order to access it. You can find out where other Wireless Hotspots are on campus at:

To claim a University of Manitoba email account go to U of M ClaimID at All student email addresses will be included in the NRI’s graduate student list where notifications of seminars, awards, and deadlines will be sent out regularly. You may also send announcements to the NRI graduate student list, however, please use it for NRI-related information only.

The printer in the basement lab, as well as the printer in the third floor photocopy room, requires the use of printer credits. These credits can be purchased from the General Office for 0.05 cents each for black & white and .15 cents for colour (only available on the photocopier). Please note that credits purchased for the printer in the basement lab are separate from credits purchased for the printer/photocopier in the third floor photocopy room. Please see the General Office for instructions on how to use the photocopier.