Dr. Paul G. Hiebert :

An Inventory of his papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections .

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University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manittoba

Paul G. Hiebert

Paul G. Hiebert fonds


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Biography of Paul G. Hiebert

Dr. Paul G. Hiebert was born on 17 July 1892 in Pilot Mound,Manitoba.

In 1914 he went to Saskatchewan where he served as a school teacher. He was also principal of high schools in Gimli and Ochre River before the urge to enter medicinebecame too strong to resist.

After receiving his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba in 1916, he went on to the University of Toronto where he completed his M.A. in Gothic and Teutonic Philology in 1917. In 1922, Dr. Hiebert received his M.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry at McGill University. It was here where he completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry in1924.

Upon completion of his studies, Dr. Hiebert accepted the position of Professor of Chemistry at his old "alma mater", the University of Manitoba. He was on staff from 1924 to 1953 when he retired to Carman, Manitoba to concentrate on his writings. It was while he was still on staff at the University of Manitoba that he wrote Sarah Binks (published in1947).

Although he and his wife Dorothy were never parents, Dr. Hiebert seemed always able to communicate with the young through his teaching and his writings. A humorist and moralist, Dr. Hiebert says the "slightly cock-eyed perspective" of life that leads him to write amusing stories is a product of his more serious intellectual conflicts. He is better known for his works of humour, but it is his philosophical writings he considers hisfiner achievements.

His writings include Sarah Binks (1947), Tower in Siloam (1966), Willows Revisited (1967), Doubting Castle (1976) and For the Birds(1980).

Dr. Hiebert has been a frequent guest on radio and television, and has submitted countless articles on a variety of subjects that were published in newspapers and periodicals. He is a fellow of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry and was president of the Canadian Authors Association (Winnipeg, Manitoba Branchfor 1948-49).

Dr. Hiebert died in 1987.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The collection contains correspondence, assorted news clippings, a photo album, and typed drafts of his published manuscripts, Sarah Binks, Tower of Siloam, Willows Revisited, Doubting Castle and For the Birds. Included is an original typescript with revisions of Here Lies Sarah Binks, a stage production produced in Toronto by Don Harron in 1970. Two manuscripts of unpublishedworks are also included.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organizedinto 7 series.

  • Correspondence - Family 1978-1984
  • Correspondence - Personal, 1969-1986
  • Correspondence - Official 1977-1985
  • Essays - Paul Hiebert Published Manuscripts 1947-1984
  • Scripts, 1970
  • Speeches & Addresses, 1974

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Restictions on Use

Open to all researchers.

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Custodial History

The Dr. Paul G. Hiebert collection came to the Archives at the University of Manitoba in sections: first in 1975; a second instalment in 1981; and the final accession in 1990. A formal dinner in honour of Dr. Hiebert was held in October, 1975 to officially welcome the collection to the University of Manitoba. The 1990donation was made by his widow.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

11Hiebert, Linda (niece), 11 January,1984
1Melanie (niece), 30 June1979
1Pomeroy, Connie (niece), 17 Dec1980
1Scarlott, Marie (cousin), 17 Jul 1983, 5 Feb 1984,
1Siemens, Harry (cousin), 25 Sep 1983, 30 Nov 1983,
1Smith, Eileen (niece), Jan1983
1Van-Tongerbo, Morag (God daughter), 3 Feb1978
1Whitehead, Louise (cousin), 6 May,n.d.

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12Anderson, Francis, 27 Dec1983
3Bond, n.d., 2 Dec1982,
3Braddell, David L., 10 Apr1983
3Brook, Norm, 16 Aug1987
3Burton, Myrtle, 12 Feb 1973, 19 Mar 1973
4Cole, Bettie, 9 Nov 1982, 11 Feb 1984
4Corneille, Mary, 2 Jun1978
5Dueck, Myrtle, 29 Aug1984
6Falvo, Joe, 10 Dec1983
6Fraser, Gordon/Neufeld, A., 18 May, 22 Aug1984,
7Gassend, Maggie (Cohoe), 24 Dec 1969, 9 Dec1983
7Graham, Angela, 19 Mar 1974 to 16 Dec 1979
7Gunn, Arletta, 12 Apr1981
8Hamilton, Eva, 10 Dec1983
8Hoskin, James, 27 Jun, 3 Oct 1983
9Janzsen, Helen, 3 Apr1986
9Jean, 9 Jan1978
9Jones, Flora, 30 May1979
10Kalbfleisch, Orville A., 10 Dec 1983, 20 Jan1984,
10Klassen, Doreen, 16 Dec1984
11Lawrence, Margeret, 20 Feb 1982 to 30 Jan1985,
12Lee, Roy, 19 Jun1977
12Leonard, Lynda, 17 Jul1975
12Loewen, Helen, 23 Aug 1975
13M., Carol, Christmas1983
13Malcolm, Nettie, 12 Dec1983
13Mary, 24 Feb1984
13Mavis, 30 Mar1979
13McBratney, Charles, 22 Feb1983
13MacDonald, Helen, n.d.
13Mennie, Betty, 18 Aug1980
13Miller, Irene, 11 Jan1977
13Million, Louise, 11 Jan1977
14Olson, Noreen, 5 Apr 1983 to 26 Nov 1986
15Punisie, Lorna, 28 August1980
15Richies, Brenda, 7 Dec 1978, 25 Aug 1986,
15Riley, Maybelle, 16 Apr, 11 Sept1983
15Russell, George, 23 Jun1978
16Sharpe, Mitchell, 16 Jun1970
16Smith, Eileen, 27 March1985
16Southern, Jennifer, 22 Nov1977
17Treuman, Freda, 27 Feb1983
17Tweed, Jean, 11 Apr1975
17Tweed, Terry, 7 Dec1982
18Walton, Dr. C., 29 Aug1977
18Warren, Mary, 1 Apr1979
18Whiteford, Jean, 3 Jun1978
18Woods, Randy, 12 Sept1978

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119Azzarello, Nancy - Oxford University Press, 12 Oct1978
19Donkin, Eric, 10 Mar1979
19Herauf, Jerome - Novalis, St. Paul University, 16 Apr1982
19MacDonald, Rusty, 16 Jan1980
19Mitchell, Ken - University of Regina, 13 Jan1977
19New, William - Canadian Literature, 6 Oct1983
19Parr, Joan - Queenston House Publishing, 27 May1985
19Rowe, Kaye - The Brandon Sun, 29 Oct1979
20Miscelleanous Correspondence, 3 Aug 1977 - 15Mar 1981

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121The Activity Principle of Science and the Creative Activity of God, first copy, typed, 18 pp, n.d.
22Age and Opportunity Group, typed, revisions, 15 pp, n.d.
23Christ and the Women in the Bible, 3 copies, typed, revisions, 15 pp, n.d.
24Christianity, 3 copies, typed, revisions, 63 pp/45 pp, n.d.
25Christianity, The Coming Religion, typed, same as fd. 24, different title, 63 pp, n.d.
26Forgive Us Our Trespasses - handwritten & typed photocopy, 7 pp, n.d.
27"I am more and more convinced that...", handwritten, 18 pp, n.d.
28The Image of God, typed, revisions, 38 pp, n.d.
29"In Christ, there was a complete unity...", handwritten, 7 pp, n.d.
30"Introduction" - "This is a book of odds and ends..." typed, revisions, 8 pp, n.d.
31"I think that for the real acceptence...", typed, 16 pp, n.d.
32Live and Learn, 2 copies, typed, revised, 6 pp, n.d.
33Love and Justice, typed, 4 pp, n.d.
34The Meaning of Doubt, typed, photocopies, 2 pp, n.d.
35Not as the Scribes, 2 copies, typed, revisions, 9pp
36"One of the truly horrible...", handwritten, 5 pp., n.d.
37On the Meaning of Health and Pain, handwritten, misc. notes, etc., n.d.
38Persons and Personality, typed, 14 pp, n.d.
39The Problem of Evil, typed, revised, 6 pp, n.d.
40Prediction and Prophecy, handwritten, 9 pp, *NOTE: This is written on the back of another essay entitled Chapter II, n.d.
41Science and Myth, 3 copies, typed, revised, 6 pp, n.d.
42Speech, no title, typed, 9 pp, n.d.
43The Twentieth Century, 2 copies, typed, revised, 12 pp, n.d.
44"When I was a child...", handwritten (20 pp)/typed , (8 pp), revised, n.d.
45"Why do human beings believe in God?...", handwritten 16 pp, n.d.
21"The Comic Spirit at Forty Below Zero", Mosaic, Manitoba Centennial Issue, pp 58-68 1970

a) "Reflection at Age88, n.d.;

b) "Carman scholar, 92 completes new work", The Valleyheader,14 November 1984;

c)"Life is full of Doodles", Western People, 10 February1983

3"Oh to be in England now that April is there...", poem, author unknown, 1 pp,n.d.
4Miscellaneous, notes and quotes, n.d.

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25Sarah Binks, ca.1947,
6Tower in Siloam, ca.1966,
7Tower in Siloam, ca.1966,
8Willows Revisited, ca.1967,
31Doubting Castle, ca.1976,
2For the Birds, ca.1980,
3For the Birds, ca.1980,
4Not as the Scribes, second copy 4 (revisions), n.d.,
5Not as the Scribes, paperback, 1982,
6Not as the Scribes, hardcover, 1984,

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37Here Lies Sarah Binks, stage play by Don Harron original script, with revisions, 1970

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38"I believe that it is customary" - convocation Address given at the University of Manitoba, 24 May1974,

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