Howard Newns Reed:

An Inventory of his records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Collections

Inventory prepared by Jarad Buckwold
University of Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(February 25, 2013)

Finding aid encoded by Jarad Buckwold (February 25, 2013)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

Howard Newns Reed

Howard Newns Reed fonds


35 books, 18 CDs and 15 artifacts

(A2010-107) MSS 381, EL 41


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Biography of Howard Reed

Howard Reed was born in London on April 28, 1914 to Morris and Emmaline Reed. He studied at the London Hospital Medical School and became an optometrist, graduating in 1941. During the Second World War, medical practitioners were being called up to utilize their skills as part of the armed forces. Reed opted to join the Colonial Medical Service in Africa where he was stationed in Tanzania until returning to England in 1946. Shortly afterwards, Reed moved to Winnipeg to open an optometry clinic. Though his collection of spiritual science material would become immense, it wasn’t until 1963 that Reed came into contact with Spiritualism. Shortly after his mother’s death, Mary Write, a medium who was married to Reed’s father’s cousin, contacted Reed and told him that she had experienced a vision of his mother, who instructed her to write to Howard and say how sorry she was that in life she did not know of Spiritualist communication with the departed. Reed became intrigued, but it wasn’t until 1970, on a trip back to England, that Reed decided to attend a Spiritualist sitting. This, in turn, led to the attendance of a Spiritualist church service which impressed Reed and stoked both his spiritual and scientific curiosity, leading to more and more research and dabbling. Before his death in 2010, Reed collected approximately 3,000 books related to spritual science, many of which were donated to the Survival Research Institute of Canada in 2003.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This fonds consists of 35 books and publications collected by Howard Reed on the topics of parapsychology, water divination, alien visitors and other related topics, as well as 18 CDs of “metamusic”, designed to induce deeper and more focused states of meditation and trance, and 15 artifacts related to water divination such as dowsing rods. The books and CDs are stored in bankers’ boxes while the artifacts are stored in an oversized box

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Related Materials

This fonds is one of a series of fonds and collections transferred to the Archives by Walter Meyer zu Erpen, President of the Survival Research Institute of Canada, related to survival and parapsychology research. Other such fonds and collections ... »transferred by Meyer zu Erpen are the Survival Research Institute of Canada fonds (MSS 372; A11-60), A.R.G. (George) and Iris M. Owen fonds (MSS 373, PC 328, EL 38; A11-61), Survival Research Newsletters and Periodicals Collection (MSS 374; A11-62), Debra Barr and Walter Meyer zu Erpen Research and Publication Collection (MSS 375; A11-63), Jenny O'Hara Pincock fonds (MSS 376; A11-64), Spiritualist Hymnals and Manuals Collection (MSS 377; A11-65), Kenneth J. Batcheldor fonds (MSS 378, EL 39; A11-66), Mary Olga Park fonds (MSS 380; A11-71), Albert Batten fonds (MSS 379, PC 329, EL 40; A11-67). Also related, but not transferred by Meyer zu Erpen, is the Hamilton Family fonds (Mss 14, Pc 12, Tc 70; A.79-21, A.79-41, A.79-52, A.79-56, A.79-65, A.80-08, A.80-25, A.81-09, A.86-56).

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the Archives by the estate of Howard Reed in 2010, with Walter Meyer zu Erpen, President of the Survival Research Institute of Canada, acting as the transferring agent.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Publications, 1969-2008
11 Loose Materials - Radionics: catalogue, information sheet from Radionics & Dowsing Institute of Canada; newspaper clipping, 2004
2 Loose Materials - Collected Materials from Books 1990-2005
3 Collected Books: Dowsing; Auras; Radionics 1975-2008
  • The American Dowser Quarterly Digest, 48.2 (Spring 2008)
  • The American Dowser Quarterly Digest, 48.3 (Summer 2008)
  • Bachler, Käthe. Earth Radiation. Trans. by Marianne Gerhart (1984). Manchester [UK] : Wordmasters Ltd., 1989
  • Blackburn, Gabriele. The Science and Art of the Pendulum : a complete course in radiesthesia. Ojai, CA : Idylwild Books, 1983
  • Cox, Bill. The Cameron Aurameter in Action. 2nd ed. Santa Barbara, CA : Life Understanding Foundation, 1987
  • Doney, Mike O. The Subtle Templates of God : a journey along the path with Mike O. Doney. Seattle : Peanut Butter Publishing, 1996 [signed & inscribed, 1996]
  • Dowsing the Crop Circles. Edited with an introduction by John Michell. Reprint. Glastonbury : Gothic Image Publications, 1992
  • Finch, W.J. The Pendulum & Possession. Revised ed. [Phoenix : Esoteric Publications],1975 [highlighted]
  • Grace, Raymon. Techniques that Work for Me : a mini-course in management of energy for improving your life. 3rd ed. [s.l.] : [Raymon Grace], 2001
  • Grandrup, Robert. Dowsing as a Daily Tool. 3rd ed. [s.l.] : [Robert Grandrup], 1997
  • Graves, Tom. Needles of Stone Revisited. 2nd ed. Glastonbury : Gothic Image Publications, 1986.
  • The Dowser’s Workbook : understanding & using the power of dowsing. New York : Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1990 [highlighted]
  • Korn, Joey. Dowsing : a path to enlightenment. Augusta, GA : New Millennium Press, 2004 [signed & inscribed, 2005]
  • Living, J.M. Intuition Technology : the certificate course and operator’s manual. Sandy Springs, GA : Ptah Publishing, 2001
  • Parker, Herbert. Spiritual Dowsing. USA : [Herbert Parker], 1994
  • Richards, Dick A. Water, Thank God! : adventures of a dowser. Tucson : Treasure Chest Publications, 1983
  • Starr, Aloa. Prisoners of Earth : psychic possession and its release. 2nd ed. Sedona, AZ : Light Technology Publishing, 1993
2 Collected Books: Dowsing; Auras; Radionics 1992-2001
  • Taylor, Don R. Esoteric Tuning: Achieving well-being through dowsing. [s.l.] : [Don Taylor] 1997 [annotated]
  • Thurnell-Read, Jane. Geopathic Stress: how Earth energies affect our lives. Shaftesbury, Dorset; Rockport, MA : Element Books, 1995
  • Weedn, Elizabeth. The Power of the Mind. Houston : Weedn and Associates, 1995
  • Williams, Anne. The Pendulum Dowser’s Charts : searching for problems Revised ed. [s.l.] : [Anne Williams], 1992
  • Woods, Walt. A Letter to Robin: A mini-course in pendulum dowsing. 10th Revised ed. Calgary : Holistic Intuition Society, 2001
  • Wright, Patricia C. & Richard D. Wright. The Divining Heart: Dowsing and spiritual unfoldment. Rochester, VT : Destiny Books, 1994 [annotated]
2 Collected Books: Extraterrestrials/UFOs/OBEs; Hypnosis 1969-1999
  • Aliens in the Skies : the new UFO battle of the scientists. Edited and with a commentary by John G. Fuller. New York : G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1969
  • Brown, Courtney. Cosmic Voyage : a scientific discovery of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. New York : Dutton, 1996 [annotated]
  • Cosmic Explorers : scientific remote viewing, extraterrestrials, and a message for mankind. New York : Dutton, 1999
  • Falk, Walter. Hypnosis : MHA Certification Course. ([1998] - unpublished) [annotated]
  • Hypnosis : MHA Certification Course Part Two. ([1998] - unpublished) [annotated]
31 Collected Books: Extraterrestrials/UFOs/OBEs; Hypnosis 1987-1994
  • Hall, Richard. Uninvited Guests : a documented history of UFO sightings, alien encounters & coverups. Santa Fe : Aurora Press,1988
  • Hopkins, Budd. Intruders : the incredible visitations at Copley Woods. New York: Random House, 1987
  • Howe, Linda Moulton. An Alien Harvest : further evidence linking animal mutilations and human abductions to alien life forms. Special Collector’s Edition, no. 1101. Littleton, CO : Linda Moulton Howe Productions, 1989 [signed]
  • Mack, John E. Abduction : human encounters with aliens. Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada, 1994
  • Vallee, Jacques. Confrontations : a scientist’s search for alien contact. New York: Ballantine Books, 1990
41 Collected Books: Family History 2004
  • The Reeds : a family’s memoirs. [Stirling, ON] : [Alison Cooke, Howard Reed’s daughter], 2004

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Oversized Material, 2002-2008
11 Meditation and Relaxation CDs (EL 41) 2002-2008
2 Water Divination Rods and Related Artifacts

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