Rev. Alexander Baran:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by V. Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik (2006)
Finding aid written in English.

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Biography of Rev. Alexander Baran

Scope and Contents of the Collection

Restrictions on Access

Restrictions on Use

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Custodial History

Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical info 1945-2001

Church, 1956-1998

Works 1960-2003

Correspondence 1961- 2001

Grants and Proposals, Agreements 1969-2001

Conferences 1980-1996

Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences - UVAN 1958-2004

University of Manitoba Courses taught by A. Baran 1979-2001

Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia)- Material Collected 1526-1999

Cossacks - Material Collected 1613 - 1982

Binders - Research Material Collected - (Photocopies) 1900's - 1992

Research Material Collected - individual works 1965-2001

Vatican Archives, Viennese Archives, Czech Archives, Hungarian Archives 1618-1851

Rusyns - Transcarpathia (Subcarpathia) 1938-1999

TC 58 - Tape Collection 1989

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rev. Alexander Baran

Alexander Baran fonds


5.62 m of textual records and 8 audiotapes

Mss 221, TC 58 (A.05-49)

English, Ukrainian, Latin, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, French, Czech, Slovak, Russian

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Biography of Rev. Alexander Baran

Rev. Dr. Msgr. Alexander Baran was born on March 28, 1926 in Koncove, a suburb of Uzhhorod, Carpatho-Ukraine. His father Viktor Barany was a secretary to the Czechoslovakian prime minister (1935-1939) M. Hodzha. Rev. Baran finished B.A. (History-Slavic) at the Charles University in Prague in 1948. He left Czechoslovakia after the communist putsch in 1948 and continued his studies in Rome, Italy. In Rome he completed two doctorate degrees, one in theology (Urbanianum University) and one in history (Eastern Oriental Institute). During his years in Rome he studied and worked at the Vatican Archives. On March 25, 1954 he was ordained to the priesthood by the Archbishop Ivan Buczko and worked as a priest among Ukrainian immigrants in England and Belgium. In 1961 he arrived in Winnipeg where he worked in different parishes (Holy Eucharist, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Josaphat, Christ the King and Sts. Peter and Paul).

In 1964 he became the chaplain of “Obnova”, the Ukrainian Catholic Students’ organization at the University of Manitoba and in 1965 he started teaching at the University of Manitoba as a part-time lecturer. Rev. Baran became a full-time professor of history in 1966 and taught courses in theology and Byzantine arts, history until 1991. He completed his study in Canada by received his M.A. (Slavic) from University of Ottawa in 1976.

Rev. Alexander Baran’s main sphere of interest was Cossack history, Ukrainian Church history and Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenian) history. He knew many languages (Ukrainian, English, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Latin). In 1968 Rev. Baran and George Gajecky (co-author of Cossacks in the Thirty Years War) spent time in the Viennese Archives going through the documents from 17th century about Cossacks activities in the western Europe. It let to their two volumes work “the Cossacks in the Thirty Years War “ (1969, 1983). Another research project Rev. Alexander Baran was involved in was bringing the Vatican documents relating to the “History of Roman Catholic Church in Canada from 1668” to Winnipeg. He acquired the documents for St. Paul’s College and documents were microfilmed in 1967 with grants from the Canada Council and National Archives.

Rev. Alexander Baran was the author of many scholarly works on the Church history of Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia), on pre-Khmelnytsky Cossack history, Ukrainian church history in Canada. He published articles in scholarly journals: Alma Mater, Analecta OSBM, Logos, Bohoslovia, Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian Historian, and UVAN (Ukrainian Academy of Arts & Sciences in Canada) collection – New Soil-Old Roots; Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine 988-1988; Jubilee Collection of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts & Sciences. He is co-author of the Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, v.1-2 (1969, 1983). Rev. Baran compiled and edited a book about his father Viktor Barany - "Dennyk Viktora Barana" (1996). He collected the research material for his book in the Czech Archives (Statni Ustredni Archiv v Praze) in 1989. Rev. Baran was a long time member of many Learned Societies: the Shevchenko Scholarly Society Association, the Association of Canadian Slavists, CIUS, the Ukrainian Historical Association, and an associate of the Ukrainian Research Institute at the Harvard University. He was also involved in many Ukrainian organizations: a president of UVAN for many years (1973-76, 1980,1989), a president of Conference of Ukrainian Studies, a president of Shashkevych Cultural Society and a member of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre. The “Papal Honour of Chaplain to His Holiness” was granted by Pope John Paul II in favour of the Rev. Dr. Msgr. Alexander Baran at the request of the Most Reverend Michael (Bzdel, CSsR) Archbishop of Winnipeg and Metropolitan of all Canada in 2004. Rev. Alexander Baran passed away on October 12, 2004.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of biographical information; correspondence; research material from the Vatican,Viennese, Czech, and Hungarian Archives (photocopies); research material on Carpatho-Ukraine (Subcarpathia) region; his courses at the University of Manitoba; and UVAN (Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences) documentation.

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TC 58 - audiotape collection has recordings of Andrej Sakharov's visit to Winnipeg on February 17, 1989; audiorecordings of Ukrainian-Canadian Conferences and Ukrainian visitors to Winnipeg.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into13 series

  • 1. Biographical info
  • 2. Church
  • 3. Works
  • 4. Correspondence
  • 5. Grants and Proposals
  • 6. Conferences
  • 7. UVAN (Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences)
  • 8. University of Manitoba Courses taught by Rev. Dr. A. Baran
  • 9. Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia) - Material Collected
  • 10.Cossack - Material Collected
  • 11.Binders - Research Material Collected
  • 12.Individual Works - Research Material Collected
  • 13.Vatican Archives, Viennese Archives, Czech Archives, Hungarian Archives - (Photocopies)
  • 14. Rusyns -Subcarpathian (Zakarpatiia) Region
  • TC 58 - Tape Collection

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Restrictions on Access

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Restrictions on Use

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Index Terms




Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia)

Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

Ukrainian Church (Carpatho-Ukraine)

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Related Materials

Book collection of Rev. Alexander Baran is located in the Slavic Collection, E. Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by the Estate of Dr. Rev. Alexander Baran as represented by the Executrices: Irene Gajecky and Marika Gawron in 2005.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical info [ 1945-2001 ]
11 Curriculum Vitae, Resume

includes 7 photographs

2 Fellowship of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada (UVAN), 1995; 25th Anniversary of Holy Priesthood of Father Alexander Baran, 1979
3 Rev. Barany Alexander Doctorem in S. Theologia; Doctor in Scientiis Ecclesiasticis Orientalibus, 1960,1965


4 Olexander Baran: z nahody 50-littia ioho naukovoi pratsi by L. Wynar
5 Profesor O. Baran, istoryk Zakarpattia by A. Pekar
6 Dr. Victor Gejza Barany - father (1903-1943), 1945-1998

see also Box 29 Fd.6-9 (Czech Archives)

7 A. Baran's work and achievements
8 Amazing Story of the Barans in Canada by Sharon Taylor, 1984
9 Biographical info - newspaper articles, 1975-2004
10 A. Baran - bibliographies, 1954-2001

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Church, 1956-1998
111 Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Christ the King (A. Baran - Pastor), 1987-92
12 Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Christ the King - Bulletin, 1986-91
13 A. Baran - Chaplain's messages
21 A. Baran - Rekolektsiia (Recollection)
2 Rites and Customs - Christianity
3 History of Eastern Christianity
4 Persecution of Ukrainian Catholic Church, October 7, 1987

Persecution of Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, submitted to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Rights by A. Baran, October 7, 1987

5 Ukrainian Catholic Church History - Work Papers
6 Rev. Maxim Hermaniuk (1911-1996) - newspaper clippings 1996
7 Congregation for the Eastern Churches, 1996

Instructions for the Application of the Liturgical Prescriptions of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches

8 Tenth Anniversary of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Josaphat the Martyr, 1971
9 25th Anniversary of Apostolic Exarchate-Eparchy for Ukr. Catholics in Australia, 1958-1983
10 New Cathedral Office - Official Opening, July 24, 1994
11 Golden Anniversary of Organization of the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood, 1982
12 Basylii Volodymyr Ladyka - newspaper clippings; Pastyrs'kyi Lyst - Epyskopa Kanadiis'kykh Ukraintsiv, 1929
13 1000 Years of Christianity in Ukraine - newspaper clippings, notes, 1988

(in Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish)

14 Church - newspaper clippings, announcements, 1956-1996
15 Brief Guide of Churches of Rome,
16 Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Committee Meetings, 1997-1998
17 Church - correspondence, finances, 1989-90
18 The Ukrainian Catholic Parishes Incorporation Act, R.S.M. 1990, Chapter 199

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Works 1960-2003
31 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, I (1618-1648), 1969, 2002
2 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, I (1618-1648), 1969

includes research material

3 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, II (1618-1648), 1983
4 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War, II (1618-1648), 1983

includes correspondence and research material

5 Cossacks, 1970-78

Kozaky na zakhodi

Kozaky na imperators'kii sluzhbi v rokakh 1635-1636

Kozaky na Zakarpatti v 1619-im rotsi

Pochatok trydtsiatylitn'oi viiny

Kozaky vpivnichnii Uhorshchyni

Spilkuvannia chuzhyntsiv z kozakamy by I. Gajecky

6 Vallenshtain i kozaky, 1978
7 History and Legend of the Cossacks of Ukraine
41 Cossacks in the Thirty Years War

History and Legend of the Ukraine; Mohyla and Cossacks Leadership

Cossaks in the Thirty Years War, v.1-2 - reviews by Jaroslav Rozumnyj, A. Sydorenko, M. Lacko, P. Longworth, A.B. Pernal, J. Krajcar

includes research material

2 Zaporozhian Cossacks and Kievan-Mohyla-Mazepa Academy, 1972
3 Nainovishi doslidy pro Kryms'ko-Kozats'ki vzaiemyny z 1623-1624 rokiv- konspekt
4 Shakh Abbas Velykyi i Zaporozhtsi, 1976
5 Shahin Girai of the Crimea and the Zaporozhian Cossacks, 1976
6 Mandrivnyk Pistro della Valle i Ukrains'ke Kozatstvo, 1994

paper presented at the symposium - Ukraine XVII st. in Kyiv, 1994

7 Derzhavna i tserkovna ideol'ohiia u "Slovi" Ilariona,
51 Pratsa dlia tserkvy i narodu: zhyttia i dial'nist' Vasylia Kushnira, pt.1, 1995


2 Pratsa dlia tserkvy i narodu: zhyttia i dial'nist' Vasylia Kushnira, pt.2, 1995


3 Ukrainian Catholic Church - Refugee Experience: Ukrainian Displaced Person after WWII, 1992
4 Pytannia Ukrains'koho Patriiarkhatu v XIX stolitti, 1977

material collected by A. Baran

5 Romantyzm v "Evhenii Onehyni" Pushkyna
6 Carpatho-Ukraine = Karpats'ka Ukraina: shliakh do derzhavnosty, 2003


7 Carpatho-Ukraine = Karpats'ka Ukraina: shliakh do derzhavnosty, 2003


8 Carpatho-Ukraine = Karpats'ka Ukraina: shliakh do derzhavnosty, 2003


9 Carpatho-Ukraine = Karpats'ka Ukraina: shliakh do derzhavnosty - reviews, correspondence, 2003
61 Carpatho-Ukraine = Karpats'ka Ukraina: shliakh do derzhavnosty- reviews, correspondence 2003
2 Mytropolyt Andrei Sheptyts'kyi i ioho ekumenichni idei, 1994

includes research material

3 Mytropolyt Andrei Sheptyts'kyi i Ekumenizm, 1994
4 Eparchia Maramorosiensis Eiusque Unio, 1962
5 Teolohiia vyzvolennia i Rym (Vatykans'kyi Sobor),
6 Otets' d-r Stepan Semchu, i ioho dilo v UkTs Kanady


7 Archiepiscopus Theophanes Maurocordato Eiusque Activitas in Eparchia Mukacoviensi, 1961

includes research material

8 Ukrains'ka ikonohrafiia XII-ho stolittia in ukrains'ka ikonohrafiia v Kanadi, 1995

(presented at UVAN Conference, Montreal, 1995)

9 Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in Transcarpathia, 1985-88
10 Kievan Mohyla-Mazepa Academy and Zaporoshian Cossack, 1975

published in Ukrainian Voice

11 Pamphlets, 1961-1974

see also Box 37, Fd.1

Baran, A. Archiepiscopus Theophanes Maurocordato eiusque activitas in Eparchia Mukacoviensi , 1961

Progetto del Patriarcato Ucraino di Gregorio XVI, 1961

Alma Mater: zhurnal pytomtsiv ukrains'koi paps'koi kolehii Sv. Iosafata, ch.1, 1962

From the History of the S. Congregation "De Propaganda Fide", 1970-76

Pytannia ukrains'koho patriiarkhatu v Shashkevychivs'kii dobi, 1974

Kozaky na imperators'kii sluzhbi v rokakh 1635-1636 , 1974

Kongregatsiia Propagandy i Ukraintsi, 1974

12 Pamphlets, 1976-83

Baran, A. Shahin Girai of the Crimea and the Zaporozhian Cossacks, 1976

Documents: the Imperial Invitation to the Cossacks to Participate in the Thirty Years' War (1632), 1977

Concept of the "Absolute" in the Works of Solovyev, 1977

Homiletychni "Besidy" Mykhaila Luchkaia z 1830 r., 1977

Carpatho-Ukrainian (Ruthenian) Emigration (1870-1914), 1983

13 Pytannia ukrains'koho patriiarkhatu v chasi smerty Markiiania Shashkevycha by A. Baran, 1974
14 Sacramental Concelebration in Extreme Unction - " Sakramental'ne spivsluzhennia pry udiliuvanni Sv. tainy Ieleopomazannia" by A. Baran, 1963

(published in Lohos, v. 14, no.3)

71 Dennyk by V. Baran, 1996

Compiled by A. Baran

2 Hrushevs'kyi iak narodnyk i kozachchyna
3 Ukrainian Patriarchate of Pope Gregory XVI
4 Ekumenichna diial'nist' blazhenishoho patriiarkha Iosyfa
5 Refugee Experience Ukrainian Desplaced Persons after WWII, 1990

includes a letter from Journal of Ukrainian Studies' editor

6 Catholic Church in Subcarpatian region,1665-1691
7 Sproby iednosty tserkov v katolyts'kii perspektyvi, 1989

Union of Brest = Berestreis'ka uniia 1594

8 State and Church Ideology in Ilarion's "Sermon", 1989
9 How did the Union of Florence Influence the Union of Brest;Sproby iednosty tserkov v katolyts'kii perspektyvi, 2001,1989

Union of Brest = Berestreis'ka uniia 1594

research material included

10 Zahal'na kharakterystyka literatury Kyivs'koi Rusy z XI-ho ta XII-ho st., 1964

Literature of Kievan Rus "Slovo o Polku Ihorevi"

includes research material

11 Iuvilei Dr. M. Mandryky
12 Pol'skyi romantizm i pozytivizm (Polish literature, 19th century)
81 Na virnyi sluzhbi tserkvy i narodu: biografiia i diial'nist' d-ra Vasylia Kushnira, 1987

presented to Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences (UVAN)

2 Church History, bibliography - Tserkovna bibliografiia, 1945-1988
3 Zolotyi iuvilei Ukrains'koi Vil'noi Academii Nauk v Kanadi (UVAN), 2000
4 Sprava ukrains'koho patriarkhatu v XIX stolitti, 1974,2001
5 Homiletychni Besidy Mykhaila Luchkaia z 1830 r., 1976
6 Motivations for Volodymyr's Acceptance of Christianity, 1988

in English and Ukrainian

7 Metropolia Kioviensis at Eparchia Mukacoviensis, 1960

in Latin

8 Progetto del Patriarcato Ucraino di Gregorio XVI

in Italian

- for English version see A.05-49, Box 7, Fl.3

9 Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada:

Iak postalo bratstvo ukraintsiv katolykiv Kanady?; Organization of the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood in Canada; Ukrainian Church-Properties in Canada; Social Problems of the Ukrainian Church in Canada; Early Social and Religious Problems of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

10 Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada:

Iak postalo bratstvo ukraintsiv katolykiv Kanady?; Organization of the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood in Canada; Relihiini i sotsial'ni problemy Ukrains'koi Katolyts'koi Tserkvy v Kanadi; Ukrainian Catholic Church properties in Canada; Social Problems of the Ukrainian Church in Canada

includes research material

91 New Documents about Michael Manuel Olshavsky Bishop of Mukachevo by Lacko Michael

review of M. Lats'ko's (Lacko) work

- includes research material

2 Reviews, 1974-84

reviews done by A. Baran

3 Crisis and Reform: the Kyivan Metropolitanate, the Patriarchate of Constantinopole, and the Genesis of the Union of Brest by Gudziak, B, 1999-2001

review - A. Baran

- includes correspondence

4 Millenium of Christianity in Ukraine 988-1988/ ed. by O. Gerus, A. Baran, 1989
5 Zbirnyk tysiacholittia UVAN v Kanadi/ ed. by O. Gerus, A. Baran, 1989
6 Survey of Ukrainian History by D. Doroshenko, 1977

review - A. Baran

7 Svityl'nyk-Istyny/ ed. by P. Senytsia, 1977

review - A. Baran

8 Fifth Lateran Council (1512-1517) by P. Bilaniuk, 1975


9 Khto vbuv ukrains'kykh providnykiv, 1992

article by A. Baran in Progress, September 6, 1992

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Correspondence 1961- 2001
910 Professional Correspondence, 1962-1977
11 Professional Correspondence, 1978-1980
12 Professional Correspondence, 1981-86
13 Professional Correspondence, 1987-89
101 Professional Correspondence, 1990-98
2 Professional Correspondence, 1999-2001
3 Letters of Reference, 1970-1997
4 Kazymyra, B. - (History of Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada), 1981-84
5 Senytsia (Senycia), P., 1980
6 Kalyniuk, R. (biography, memoirs), 1981-85
7 Dr. Balint (Budapest), 1992-94

in Hungarian

8 Aponiuk, N., 1982-91
9 Isaievych, Ia., 1990-91
10 Perfets'kyi, Iu., 1988
11 Pernal, A., 1987-88
12 Ostashewsky, R., 1973-74
13 Rudnytsky, Ivan, 1973-84
14 Gajecky, G., 1976-86

includes newspaper articles written by G. Gajecky

15 Pekar, O., 1968-92
16 Ladun'ka, M., 1990
111 Harvard Ukrainian Studies, 1971-86
2 Ukrainian Catholic University, Chicago, 1966-86

Correspondence by V. Markus, P.Senycia, V.Lew, I. Khomia...

3 State Archives of the Czech Republic, 1968-70
4 Viennese Archives, 1972-73
5 Ukrainian Historical Association, 1965-81

includes info, memos, newspaper articles

6 Ukrainian Historical Association, 1971-73

Correspondence by L. Wynar, O. Gerus, Subtel'nyi...

includes newspaper articles

7 Ukrainian Historical Association, 1974-81

Correspondence by L. Wynar, O. Gerus, Subtel'nyi...

includes newspaper articles

8 Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg, 1985-99

Correspondence by M. Bzdel, S. Soroka, Maksym Mytropolyt

9 Canadian Slavonic Papers, 1978-85

Research Inventory of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba, 1970-1985

10 Canadian Scene - note to the editors, 1961-62
11 Logos: a journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 1991-94

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Grants and Proposals, Agreements 1969-2001
121 Ukrainian Research Foundation, Taras Shevchenko Foundation, 1975-1988


2 Metropolitan Ilarion Ohienko - Taras Shevchenko Foundation

O.W. Gerus' project proposal

3 Ukrainian Research Foundation, Taras Shevchenko Foundation, 1999

grants, correspondence

4 Sprava Ukrains'koho patriiarkhatu v XIX stolitti by A. Baran, 2001
5 Puio (Pujo), Ivan, 1991-2001

Carpatho-Ukrainian Research Project - A. Baran

6 Vatican Archives, 1974-78

Project to bring Vatican documents to Canada - Public Archives of Canada

- includes newspaper clipping

7 Small Grants - A. Barany, 1969-81
8 Canada Council - research grants for A. Baran 1969 -1988
9 Research Projects, Grants, Agreements, 1974-1994

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Conferences 1980-1996
1210 10th SVU Congress, 1980; Conference-Ukraine and Czechoslovakia, Munich, 1982
11 Canadian Association of Slavist - correspondence, 1982
12 Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in Historical Perspective, 1983
13 Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine, Ottawa, 1985
14 1000 Years of Christianity, Munich, 1988

includes correspondence, research material,1984-88

15 University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) - correspondence, 1982-91
16 Research Grant for J. P. Himka, 1997
10 [ 1980-82 ]

10th SVU Congress, Washington, 1980

Conference "Ukraine and Czechoslovakia", Munich, 1982

11 CAS Conference, Ottawa, 1982

includes correspondence -N. Aponiuk, R. Lupul

12 McMaster Conference on Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in Historical Perspective, Hamilton, 1983
13 Symposium Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine - St. Paul's University, Ottawa, 1985
14 Congress - 1000 Years of Christianity in Ukraine, Munich, 1988

includes correspondence, 1984-85

15 Conferences - University of Illinois - Summer Research Laboratory on Russia and Eastern Europe, 1982-1991

includes correspondence

131 Learned Societies Conferences - UVAN, Windsor, 1982-88
2 Learned Societies Conferences - correspondence 1987-94
3 Papers from NTSh Conference, Philadelphia, 1987

Ukrains'ke khrystiianstvo mizh Zakhodom i Skhodom by M. Stasiv

Fl'orentiis'ki Osnovy Beresteis'kykh Rishen' by I. Monchar

4 NTSh Conference, New York, 1988

Carpatho-Ukraine, 50th Anniversary

5 NTSh Conference, Lviv, 1990
6 Lecture, Center for Eastern Christian Studies, Scranton, 1990

Ukrainian Catholic Church Today by A. Baran

7 Centennial of Ukrainian Immigration to Canada under the Patronage of the Ukrainian Catholic Hierarchy of Canada, 1990-91

includes correspondence

8 Centennial of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of Canada, St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba, June 28-29, 1991

includes correspondence

9 Ukrainian-Italian Symposium: "Ukraina XVII st. Mizh Zakhodom ta Skhodom", 1994
10 1st International Ukrainian Associations Congress: "Kongres mizhnarodnoi asotsiatsii ukrainitsiv, Kyiv 1990
11 1st Ruthenian World Congress, Slovakia, 1991

includes newspaper articles in Ukrainian and Czech

12 International Academic Conference: "Mizhetnichni ta mizhkonfesiini vidnosyny v Karpatakh, Uzhhorod, 1996


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Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences - UVAN 1958-2004
141 UVAN - Province of Manitoba -The Companies Act. Letters Patent June 2, 1958
2 UVAN - Corporations Act, 1975-1979
3 Executive Committee - General by-laws (UVAN), 1973
4 UVAN History - "Do istorii Ukrains'koi vilnoi academii nauk v Kanadi by M.I. Mandryka, 1973
5 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1972-75

Change of Directors

6 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1975
7 UVAN Grant - 25th Jubilee Publication, 1975

UVAN President - A. Baran

8 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1976-77
9 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1978
10 UVAN - Grant Application, 1978
11 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1980-81
12 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1983
13 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1984
14 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1986
15 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1987
16 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1988
17 Executive Committee -meetings, minutes, correspondence, 1989
151 Membership, 1990-91
2 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 1990
3 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 1991
4 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 1992-23
5 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 1996
6 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 1998-99
7 Executive Committee - minutes, correspondence, 2000-2004
8 Membership Address List, 1998
9 List of Publications, ca 1984
10 Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko - Auditors' Report, 1993
11 UVAN - Congresses, Conferences, 1986-96
12 UVAN - Biuleten', 1973-2004
13 UVAN members - Yury Knysh; Oleh Gerus- Curriculum Vitae, 1990-91
14 Kostecki, M. - Curriculum Vitae, 1989

includes, articles, research proposals, correspondence to Dr. Maruchak

15 UVAN - Military Museum, Archives, 1985
16 UVAN - Forms: letterheads, letters
17 A. Baran President of UVAN - 90th Anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada, 1981

correspondence - The UVAN Collection Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada - includes also 2 negatives, one metal plate

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University of Manitoba Courses taught by A. Baran 1979-2001
161 Medieval Slavic History (11.364), 1981-85
2 Eastern Christian Thinkers (20.357), 1979
3 Introduction to the History of Western Civilization, History of Medieval Europe (11.120, 11.220), 1984-91
4 History of Medieval Europe (11.220), 1990-91
5 A. Baran - Essay: "Tolstoi v sravnenii personazhei P'era, Levina i Nekhliudova, stochki zreniia psikhologii i stilia", n.d.
6 Modern Ukrainian History (11.390)
171 Medieval Slavic History (11.364), pt.1
2 Medieval Slavic History (11.364), pt.2
3 Selected topics in Eastern Christian History "Union of Brest", 1996
4 History of Byzantine Art I (54.387)
5 History of Byzantine Art II (54.388)
6 Byzantine Art (54.374)
7 Master's Program: Church-State Relations in Kyiv-Rus' 988-1240
8 Lecture: SL9060 - Concept of the Absolute in the Works of Solovyev by A. Baran
9 Inter-Religion Issues (THO6398), 2001
10 Students Evaluations of Prof. Baran's Class (THO2138), 1996


181 History of Byzantine Art I & II (54.387, 54.388), 1995-96
2 Byzantine Relations with Western Emperors (11.474)- student papers, 1983
3 Slavs - History, Material Collected

in binder

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Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia)- Material Collected 1526-1999
191 Carpatho-Ruthenia - article from "Onomastica"
2 John Joseph de Camillis, Bishop of Mukachevo (1689-1706) - newspaper clippings, 1978
3 "Slovaky i ukraintsi" by M. Mol'nar, 1965
4 Photograph of Vasyl Belei (1922), 1993
5 Mynais'ka Tserkva (Mynai Church) - correspondence, 1993-94

in Ukrainian and Hungarian

6 Newspaper clippings, correspondence from Prague, 1990-93

in Czech and Ukrainian

7 War Veteran's Association (Karpats'ka Sich) - newspaper clippings, minutes, correspondence, 1995-96
8 Rock-Opera: "Produktsiia iazykov" za dramatychnoiu fantaziieiu M. Baradoli - Muzei teatral'noho mystetstva Zakarpattia, pry oblasnomu muzychno-dramatychnoho teatru 1990
9 Zakarpats'ka pravda (newspaper), 1990-92
10 A. B. Peral - articles, reviews, 1981-93
11 Carpatho-Ukraine: material collected

Prikarpatskaia Rus' pod vladieniem Avstrii, 1895

Z przeszlosci Galicyi, 1895

Iz istorii Karpatskoi Rusi, 1907

in Russian and Polish,


12 Czechoslovak Government and Carpathian Rusin Intelligentsia by Michal R.G.
13 Committee of Carpatho-Ukrainians in Diaspora (Kozi) - Information Bulletin, 1990-99
14 Research Material - Dokumenty (photocopies), 1526-1695

in Ukrainian, Latin, Italian

15 Danko, I.

Sprova ukrainizatsii Pravoslavnoi tserkvy na Zakarpatti kintsem 1930-ykh rokiv

16 Maps - Carpatho-Ukraine
201 Committee of Carpatho-Ukrainians in Diaspora (Kozi), 1970-91

Vasyl Markus' - President

2 Voloshin, Augustin - Deportace Augustina Volosina by Petr Cuka, 1994

in Czech

3 Zakarpattia: pochatky i prychyna neorusynstva by P.P. Chuchka (Uzhhorod), 1993
4 Carpatho-Ukraine, Material Collected, 1939-1984
5 Hodinka, A. (bibliography); Zsidokerdes asszimilacio antiszemitizmus (1984)

in Hungarian

6 Carpatho-Ukrainian Union: Association of Ruthemians in Western Europe, Munich, 1958
7 A. Baran's notes on "Tserkovnyia Besidy" by M. Luchkai (1831), n.d.
8 Carpatho-Ruthenia, newspaper clippings 1980-1999

in Ukrainian and English

9 Carpatho-Ukraine, newpapers, newsletters, 1936-44

includes an article in Karpatorusskije Novosti, October 1, 1943 " Dr. Victor G. Baran Died" by N. Balinski

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Cossacks - Material Collected 1613 - 1982
211 Photograph of Rembrandt's painting "Kozak"

includes an article "Pro Rembrandta i ioho "Pol'skoho vershnyka" by Bryk-Dev'iatyts'kyi

2 Cossacks in the thirty Years War - Staats-Archiv,Wien, Polonica, Documents, 1613-1622

in English

3 Documents, 1632
4 Documents - Polonica, Polen I, Karton 54-55, 1632

in German

5 Documents - Polonica, Polen I, Karton 58, 1635
6 Documents - Polonica, Karton 54-61, 1622-1646

in Latin, German, Ukrainian

7 Cossacks in thirty Year War - Documents (Summary in English), 1613-1622
8 Luchkai Besidy, research material
221 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien (Summary in English), 1613-22
2 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, Karton 49 (Emperor Ferdinand), 1622

in German

includes 9 photographs of original documents

3 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polen I) Karton 42-55, 1613-1632

in Ukrainian, German, Latin

4 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polonica) Karton 55-57, 1632-1635

in Latin

English Summary: Letter of Arnoldini to the Emperor

5 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polonica) Karton 58, 1635

in Latin, German, Ukrainian, English Summary

6 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polonica) Karton 59, 61, 1635-46
7 Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polen I) Karton 49-56, 1630-1634

in German, Latin, Ukrainian, English Summary

8 Shahin Geray, Shah Abbas, Lubomirski - Material Collected, 1624-1982

Letter of Sultan Siahin Gerei to his Sacred Royal Majesty in the year 1624

9 Ivan L. Rudnytsky's work, 1972-76

Problems in Ukrainian History

Work of Ukrainian Cossack Historiography

Trends in Ukrainian Political Thought

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Binders - Research Material Collected - (Photocopies) 1900's - 1992
2210 Greek-Catholic Church in Galicia, 1914-39 by B. Budurowycz
11 Krotki rys dziejow i spraw Lisowczykow, pt. 4 (photocopy)
12 Arkhiv' Iugo-zapadnoi Rossii: Akty o proiskhozhdenii shliakhetskykh rodov' v Iugo-zapadnoi Rossii, t.1 (1867) v tipografii E. Fedorova
231-7 Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia) 1900's - 1992

text in Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian, English

(located in Annex - 801021203154)

241-6 Carpatho-Ukraine(Ruthenia); Cossacks, Crimean Tatars; Kyivs'kyi Litopys 1900's - 1980

includes photocopies from Czech Archives re: V. Baran, 1938-39 (folder no. 5)

text of material in box 24 is in Czech,Ukrainian, English, Russian

(located in Annex - 801021203220)

271-7 Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia); Turkish Empire

text in Ukrainian, Polish, Czech

(located in Annex - 801021203162)

281-6 Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia); Union of Brest; Pietro Della Valle; Cossacks-Crimea

text in French, Slovak, English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, German

(located in Annex - 801021203170)

291-9 Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia); Czech Archives (Statni Ustredni Archiv v Praze) - Viktor Barany (correspondence, documents) Fl. 6-9

text in Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, German,

(located in Annex - 801021203196)

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Research Material Collected - individual works 1965-2001
251 Wynar, L.R.

Birth of Democracy on the Dnieper River: Zoporozhian Kozakdom in XVIth Century

Ukrainian Kozaks and the Vatican in 1594, 1965

2 Pernal, A.B.

Description of Ukraine - Translation and notes by D. Essar and A. Pernal

3 Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Soviet Union - articles, 1977-83
4 Maslanyk, A., Chomiak, M.

Scientific Contribution of Ukrainians to the Industrial Development of Canada, 1967

5 Bilaniuk, P.

Scythian Monks and the Christian West

6 Galadza, P.

Response to Sophia Senyk on Nationalism and Proselytism Among Greek-Catholics in Ukraine, 2001

7 Tremblay, A.

Fostering Religious vocations, 1972

8 Knysh, G.

St. Gorazd in Ukraine: a New Hypothesis concerning the Missionary Activity of St. Methodius Designated Successor,1986

9 Minenko, T.

Osnuvannia v Kanadi Ukrains'koi Pravoslavnoi Mytropolii, 2001

10 Terelia, I. (Terelya, Josyp)

Ukrainian Catholic Church, Western Ukraine, 1987

Photographs: #1- 37 (copyright by Josyp Terelia)

includes photographs of Josyp Terelya, Bishop Pavlo Vasyly, Forest of Zarvanytsia etc.

11 Hospodyn (Gospodin), A.

Review of Mandryka's "Zavershennia lita"

Three Prominent Diplomats

Graf M. Tyshkevych (1852-1930), 1980

12 Havers, G. (translator)

Life of Pietro Della Valle, 1991

13 Pundii, P.

Opika M.A. Sheptyts'koho nad narodnym zdorovi'iam, 1987

14 Bilas, I.

Virolomstvo derzhavy i tragediia tserkvy, 1993

15 Botsiurkiv, B.

Holovni tendentsii ta etapy radians'koi relihiinoi polityky, 1975

16 Yuzyk, P.

Political Achievements of the Ukrainians in Canada (1891-1981), 1981

17 Hordynsky, S.

Art of Kievan Rus' and its Traditions in Ukrainian Iconography

18 Myshanych, O.

Ukrains'ka literatura pid zaboronoiu, 1937-1990

19 Kazymyra, B.

Slidamy ispovidnyka Iepystopa Nykytty Budky (Symposium Paper), 1991

20 Yurashchuk, P.

Petro Karmansky (thesis)

261 Ivan Petrovych Kryp'iakevych: bibliografichnyi pokazhchyk, 1988
2 Pernal, A.B.

Union of Hadiach (1658) in the Light of Modern Polish Historiography

3 Patrylo, I.

Ukrains'ka Katolyts'ka tserkva v 1700-1770 rokakh (Union of Brest)

4 Monchak, I.

Beresteis'ka ideia Kyivs'koi Tserkvy, 1987

5 Plishka, M.

From Easternization to Inculturation: Re-interpreting the Mission of the Eastern Catholic Churches

6 Luciuk, L

Canada's Ukrainians Negotiating an Identity, 1991

7 Deneka, V.

Ukrainian Church Architecture of Canada

8 Gajecky, G.

Origin of Taras Triasylo, 1981

9 Mandryka, M.

Spomyny, 1996

Mandryka's Papers - MG30 D238

10 Kubiovych, V.

Preliminarnii prospekt entsyklopedii Ukrains'koi diiaspory EU-D

11 Isajiw, W.

Refugee Experience: Ukrainian Displaced Persons after WWII/ ed. by W. Isajiw

12 Katalog knyharni NTSh, Lviv (rynok 10).
13 Bethem Gabor Fejedelem by Karoly, S.; Jan Sarkander by F. Hruby, 1939

in Hungarian, Czech

14 History of Renaissance in Italy - bibliographies, articles, notes
15 Pecharska Lavra (1646), Evolution of the Byzantine Liturgy - articles, 1966-67
16 Revai Nagy Lexikon - excerpts

in Hungarian, Latin

17 Halyts'ko-Volyns'ka Derzhava, Documents: Casimir-Louis, 1320 - 1364

in English

18 Clergy - Catholic Hierarchy (Ecclesiastics) - documents

text in Latin

19 Minkov, A.

Conversion to Islam as Reflected in Kisve Bahasi Petitions: an Aspect of Ottoman Social Life in the Balkans (1670-1730), 2000

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Vatican Archives, Viennese Archives, Czech Archives, Hungarian Archives 1618-1851
30 - oversize Clergy; Church/Parish Annals "Zakarpatia" 1784-1785

text in French, Latin

31 - oversize Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polen I) Karton 60-63 1642-1952

text in Latin

32 - oversize Easter Catholic Church in the Slavic Countries, 1848

text in Italian

Sagra Congregazione degli Affari Ecclesiastici Straordinari, 1848; Shelle Misure Reclamate dalla Presente Condizione di Ruteni della Galizia e della Ungheria, 1843; Archivio della Nunziatura de Vienna, Vol.280F; Austrio/Hungarian Empire, 1851

33 - oversize Polonica, 1620-1632

text in French, German, Latin

includes handwritten notes

Archivio della Nunziatura de Vienna, Vol. 344;

Documents -Staats-Archiv,Wien, (Polen I) Karton 53-55

34 - oversize Polonica (HHSA - Polen), 1618-1624

text in Latin

35 - oversize Clergy; Church/Hungarian Parish 1784-1785

text in Latin, Italian, Hungarian

36 - oversize Ukrainian Catholics in Vienna, 1800's, Church Union, Hungarian Catholics, Church Annals, Parish List, 1784-1827

text in Italian, Latin

Archivio della Nunziatura de Vienna, Vol. 328

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Rusyns - Transcarpathia (Subcarpathia) 1938-1999

(located in Annex - 801021203147)

A. Baran - Works
371 Pamphlets, 1961-74

see also Box 6, Fd. 11-12

Archiepiscopus Theophanes Maurocordato eiusque activitas in Eparchia Mukacoviensi, Roma, 1965

2 Shkil'nytstvo na Zakarpatti za Chasiv Iep. Andreia Bachyns'koho, n.d.
3 Analecta OSBM, ser. II, vol. II.- IV

Qaedam ad biographiam Josephi Volosynovskyj Episcopi Mukacoviensis, 1667

Obligatio synodi zamostianae in Ukraina Carpatica saec. XVIII

Documenta inedita e confirmatione parthenii Petrovyc Episcopi Mukacoviensis

Podil Mukachivs'koi Eparkhii v XIX. storichchi

4 Book Reviews, 1973-77

see also Box 9, Fd.2-3,7)

5 Ievrei na Zakrapatti; Jewish-Ukrainian Relations in Transcarpathia by A. Baran
6 Uzhhorods'ka Uniia z 1646 roku by A. Baran - Union of Uzhhorod

includes a program of NTSh conference in Toronto " Naukova Konferentsiia dlia vidznachennia 400-littia Beresteis'koi i 350-litttia Uzhhorods'koi Uniii"

7 1918 in Transcarpathia by A. Baran
8 Carpatho-Ukrainian (Ruthenian) emigration, 1870-1914

in English and Ukrainian

9 Catholic Church in Subcarpathian region 1665-1691

in Ukrainian

Stan Mukasivs'koi Eparkhii v 1665 rotsi

Prava Kniahyni i Imperatora v naznachenni Mukachivs'kykh Epyskopiv

Sprava Mukachivs'koi Eparkhii v Rymi

10 Vplyvy Kyivs'koi i Halyts'koi Mytropolii na Zakarpatti
11 Magyars in Transcarpathia 1992-99

includes a program from Mukachevo's conference, 1992

Iak diishlo do madiars'koi okupatsii Zakarpattia

Uhors'ka vlada na okupovanomu Zakarpatti

Uhors'ka administratsiia na okupovanomu Zakarpatti, 1939-1944

Avtonomiia Uhorska

12 Czechs and the Rusin Inteligentsia, 1980-82

papers presented at the SVU Xth Congress in Washington (Tenth World Congress of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences), 1980 and at the "Ukraine and Czechoslovakia" conference in Munich (60th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Free University), 1982.

in English and Ukrainian

includes correspondence

Intelligentsia of Podkarpatska Rus in the Central Government, 1980

Zakarpats'ka intelihentsiia ta chekhoslovats'kyi uriad, 1982

Czechoslovak Governmental Policy toward Subcarpathian Rus 1918-1938.

13 Document -"Dovirochno! 1938" by Dr. V.G. Baran, 1938

in Czech and Ukrainian

a document was written for the Czechoslovak Embassy in Washington in 1938 (Prague Archives)

14 Czechoslovak Government and American Rusins

Vazhnyi dokument chekhoslovats'koho uriadu pro uriad Karpats'koi Ukrainy z kintsia 1938 roku by A. Baran

Chekhoslovachchyna ta uriad Karpats'koi Ukrainy by A. Baran

15 Autonomy=Avtonomiia, 1939

Heroichna Ukrains'ka Sribna Zemlia


Iuvileina Akademiia 50-littia proholoshennia nezalezhnosty Karpats'koi Ukrainy - Prohrama, 1988

16 Homiletychni "Besidy" Mykhaila Luchkaia by A. Baran, 1964
17 Kozaky pid frantsuz'kym praporom u Kuruts'kim povstanii by A. Baran, 1973
Correspondence - Carpatho-Ukraine 1990-95
3718 Kozi, Information Bulletin, 1993-95
19 Correspondence- Priashiv, 1990
20 Obnova (Ukrainian Catholic Students at Manitoba Universities), 1965-1970

Information Bulletin, 1965-68

Carpatho-Ukraine (Zakarpattia), material collected
3721 Rusyns, 1990-94

Oborona i nastup uhors'kykh reguliarnykh viis'k na Karpats'ku Ukrainu: spohady ochevydtsia Omeliana Rosula, 1994

Zakarpattia: ukraintsi i rusynstvo by P.P. Chuchka

Dolia rehional'nykh kul'tur vid pidkarpats'kykh rusyniv do zakarpats'kykh ukraintsiv by O. Myshanych, 1990

Borot'ba selian i rozbiinytstvo u pershii polovyni 17 stolittia

22 Magyars and Rusyns: on the seventhieth anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia by Robert Magocsi
23 Present state of national consciousness among the Rusyns of Czechoslovakia by Robert Magocsi
24 Robert Magocsi - Preshov
25 Rusynstvo - material collected
26 Research material collected

Ukraintsi v Iugoslavii: naistarsha ukrains'ka emigratsiia

Ivan Boichuk

Ukrains'ke poselennia v Argentyni

Vasyl Grendzhi-Dons'kyi by D. Chopyk

Hungarian Register (in Hungarian)

Carpathian Rusyns (in Hungarian)

Slavs and the Avars by O. Pritsak (Harvard University) - summary

27 Stanislav Dnistrians'kyi by M. Mushynka, 1991
28 Subcarpathia (Zakarpattia) - Flood 1998, 1998-99

newspaper clippings

29 Bratstvo Karpats'ka Sich (BKS)

History of the organization and newspaper clippings

30 Komitet Ukraintsiv Kanady (KUK), 1964-65

includes a urban preliminary list of electors of Winnipeg South Centre, 1993

31 Human Rights Commission - World Congress of Free Ukrainians, Toronto-New York, 1980
32 Human Rights -material collected, 1980-1995

Research material is written in many languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Latin, Chroatian)

33A. Baran - biographical info, 1988

includes a list of lectures taken by Rev. Baran at the Slavic Studies at the Charles' University of Prague during 1945-48

34 Church - Ukrainian Greeek Catholic Church , 1998-99
35 Church - Ukrainian Greeek Catholic Church - Correspondence, 1964-65

Tribunal Metropolitanum Vinnipegense

36 Church - Bratstvo Ukraintsiv Katolykiv Kanady (BUKK)

newspaper clippings

38 Binders - Research Material Collected

Transcarpathia (Subcarpathia)= Zakarpattia

(located in Annex - 801021204038)

391 Kyievo-Mohylians'ka akademiia i Het'manshchyna by G. Gajecky, 1998

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

2 Research material

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

Dukhnovych, O (Priashiv)

Racki, F.

Rath, I.

Tomashivskyi, S.

3 Podkarpatskaia Rus' za gody 1919-1936, Uzhhorod', 1936

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

4 Transilvania - Research material, 1940

in Italian

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

5 Konowal, F., V. C.: a personal study by R. Sorobey, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, n.d.

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

6 Slovo o zakonie i blahodaty Ilariona by A.M.Moldovan, 1984

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

7 Die Werke des Metropoliten Ilarion by L. Muller, 1971

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

8 Opera Unionistica Petri Arcudii by G. Mukoliw, 1961

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

9 Magyar Torteneti Eletrajzok by S. Sandor, 1888

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

10 Magyar Torteneti Eletrajzok by D.Lajos, 1907

(located in Annex - 801021203212)

40-42 Hungarian books

(located in Annex - 801021204012; 801021204020; 801021203246)

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TC 58 - Tape Collection 1989
1 Tape no.1 -3

Andrej Sakharov and his wife Dr. Elena Bonnar - International Dinner and Award Presentation, Winnipeg Convention Center, February 17, 1989

(English, Russian) - 3 copies

Tape no.4

Conference - 50th Anniversary of Carpatho-Ukraine: Rev. Dr. Alexander Baran; (A. Kuramaiko ?), St.Volodymyr and Olga Cathedral, May 18, 1989


Tape no.5-6

Conference - "Ukrains'kyi Istoryk": Rev. A. Baran -M. Marunchak, Wynar, Subtelny (History of Ukraine), Chytal'na Prosvita, Winnipeg, March 31, 1989


Tape no.7

Guests from Ukraine: Ivan Dziuba - Raisa Ivanchenko, Mykola Zhulyns'kyi, Ihor Rymaruk, Chytal'na Prosvita, Winnipeg, March 10, 1989


Tape no.8

Ivan Drach (Ukrainian writer - Rukh Ukrainy) in Winnipeg - German & Slavic Studies, University of Manitoba (Prof. Jaroslav Rozumnyj) & UVAN, October 23, 1989

(Ukrainian, English)

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