The Communist Party of Canada Printed Collection:

An Inventory of the Communist Party of Canada Printed Collection at the University of Manitoba.

Inventory prepared by Brian Hubner.
The University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba,

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik. (2008)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

The University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Communist Party of Canada

The Communist Party of Canada Printed Collection.


.37 m of textual records

Mss 169, A.02-50


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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of printed materials related to the Communist Party of Canada and the Labour Progressive Party. These include reports, pamphlets, briefs to royal commissions, convention materials, newspapers, election handouts, constitutions, and writings by such notables as William Kashtan and Leslie Morrison.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged by a file list.

The title is based on the contents of the fonds.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on these records.

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Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on these records

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba in 2002.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

File list
11 Metro Committee Communist Party of Canada, 1996
2 30th Convention of the CPC, 1992
3 Rebel Youth, Spring 1990
4 28th Communist Party of Canada Convention, 1990
5Political Report, Mike Hewison, 1989
6Forum, 1989
7 World Festival of Youth, 1989
8Report, William Kashtan, 1989
9 Constitution of the CPC as amended by the 27th Convention of the CPC, May 20th-22nd, 1988
10The Road to Socialism in Canada, 1977
11 26th Convention Package, 1985
12 Summary of briefs presented by CPC to RC on the Economic Union and Development Prospects of Canada, 1983
13The Struggle for Socialism in Canada, William Kashtan, 1983
14 A Submission to the Joint Committee on Property Tax Reform, [ 1982 ]
15A New Course for Canada, A Submission on Economic Union and Development, 1983
16 25th CPC Convention #1& #3, 1982
17Une Voie Nouvelle Pour Le Canada, 1981-82
18Don't Tear Canada Apart, 1981
19Unite in Defense of World Peace, Democratic Rights & Living Standards, 1978
20Vote Communist, Elect a Progressive Majority, 1978
21Stop the Layoffs, 1977
222Research Bulletin No. 1, Productivity and Wages, 1977
23 The Communist Party & the Immigration Act, 1977
24Proposals of the CPC in Respect to End the Arms Race to the Niagara Forum, 1976
25Constitution of the Communist Party of Canada - 23rd Convention, 1976
26 23th Convention - 1,2,3,4 , 1976
27 Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, 1975
28Submission of the Executive Committee - CPC to the RC on Corporate Concentration, 1975
29Submission to Special Joint Commission Immigration, 1975
30 Elect Communists to Parliament, 1974-75
31Why Nixon Must Go - After Nixon What?, c. 1974
32Who is I.W. Abel? Where is He Going?, 1974
33Constitution of the Communist Party of Canada, 1974
34 22nd Convention, 1974
35Canadian Fund for Refuges from Chile, 1973
36 CPC Resolution Adopted by the Central Committee Meeting, 1972
37Tory Program of Cutbacks Underway, 1972
38The Federal Election - What Next?, William Kashtan, 1972
39 The Case for More Pay in 1971, 1971
40The Road to Socialism in Canada, 1971-72, 1972
41The New City Needs New Policies to Serve You, 1971
42Bulletin #6, 1971
43Press Releases to PM, 1971
44Power to the People, 1971
45 CPC Central Committee Meeting, 1971
46 Convention 1971 - 21st Convention, 1971
47Arms Negotiations, 1970
48Parliament Must Act to Provide One Million Jobs, CC-CPC, June 6th-8th, 1970
49Don't Exploit Farm Workers, c.1970
50 A New Direction - New Policies for Canada, c.1970
51 Orientation Classes Manual Metro Cities, c. 1970
52 Defeat the Gov't's Austerity Program, CC Meeting CPC, 1969
53What to do About Crisis in our Cities, 1969
54Would You Elect Your Boss President of Your Union? 1968
55For a Democratic Farm Policy, c. 1968
56Vote Norman Free in Port Arthur, 1968
357This Can Be Done, Clarke/Kashtan, 1968
58There Can Be A World of Difference, 1968
59Develop the West for Canada, 1967
60 19th CPC Convention - A New Course for Canada, William Kashtan, 1966
61The World Speaks for Peace, c. 1966
62 There is Joy and Peace for All - Annie Buller's 70th Birthday, 1965
63A New Direction for Canada, Kashtan/Caron/Morrison, 1965
64A New Direction for Canada - Defeat the Old Parties! 1965
65Questions For Today, Leslie Morrison (ed.), 1964

24 excerpts

66 Challenge of the 1960's, L. Morrison, 1964
67 Put Monopoly Under Control, 1964
68 No Nuclear Arms for Canada - Dismantle US Bases in Canada, 1963
69 May Day - 1963, Labour Unity & Independent Political Action, 1963
70 National Committees, 1963
71 17th Convention - National, 1962
72No War Over Berlin, 1961
73Let's Not Die for Berlin, 1961
74The US Military Sabotaged the Summit, 1960
75Disarmament & Neutrality: A New Basis for Canadian Foreign Policy, 1960
76An Appeal to the People of Canada, Peace is Within Our Grasp (16th National Convention), 1960
77 Labour Stands for Peace - May Day Manifesto, 1960
78Marxist Review - The Rod to Socialism in Canada LPP, Draft Program, 1958
79 6th LPP - Amendments, 1952
80 CPC Toronto - Royal Commission on Farm Machinery, 1967
81 Canadian Independence and a Peoples Parliament, 1954
82 Women and the Fight for Peace & Socialism, 1948
83 LPP Manifesto of Unity in Labour's Ranks - In the Nation, c.1944
84Toward Democratic Unity for Canada - Submission of the Dominion Committee of the CPC, c. 1938
85Toward a Canadian Peoples Front, Ninth Plenum CPC, 1935
86 Dues Stamps, c. 1970's
87 Certificates - Party, CPC, LPP
88 CPC Ephemera, c. 1960's-1990's
89 A History of the CPC - Preliminary Sketch, c. 1960

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