Robert Klymasz:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba

Inventory prepared by v. Zvonik
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by V. Zvonik (2011)
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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Robert Klymasz

Robert Klymasz fonds


37.56 cm of textual records and other material

English, Ukrainian

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Biography of Robert Klymasz

Dr. Robert Bohdan Klymasz was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1936. In 1957, he obtained a B.A. from the University of Toronto, and later studied at Charles University, Prague (1952), University of Manitoba (M.A., 1960), Harvard University (1960-1962), and Indiana University (Ph.D., 1971). He married Shirley Zaporozan in 1962, and they have two daughters, Andrea and Lara. In 1967, he joined the Canadian Museum of Civilization and served as its first programme director for Slavic and East European Studies. Throughout his career, he has held several prestigious positions, including the executive director of the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (Oseredok) in Winnipeg, visiting associate professor in Folklore for Memorial University's Department of Folklore, visiting professor in Folklore and Slavic Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles, and visiting scholar at Harvard Divinity School. In 1993, as a curator with the Museum of Civilization, Dr. Klymasz began a comprehensive study on community life in Gimli, Manitoba. Fieldwork on this project began in 1993 and continued on an annual basis every summer until the summer of 2001. The project, which became known as the Gimli Community Research Project (G.C.R.P.), was meant to offer insight on what makes the Town of Gimli a safe and prosperous town in which to live. The early work was low-key in nature, focusing on the town's life and culture, for example, attending meetings of the town's council, various public forums, proceedings of the local public law court, and meetings of the Board for the New Iceland Heritage Museum. Gradually, the fieldwork shifted to monitoring phenomena that gave Gimli its "dreamtown" quality. The final report was completed in 2002 and was entitled ""Dream Town": Art and the Celebration of Place in Gimli, Manitoba." Upon his retirement in 2000, he was named Curator Emeritus with the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and is currently an adjunct professor with the Department of German & Slavic Studies (University of Manitoba). Dr. Klymasz is a renowned expert on Ukrainian Canadian folklore, having extensively written, published, and lectured on this subject. His publications include An Introduction to the Ukrainian-Canadian Folksong Cycle (1970), Ukrainian Folklore in Canada (1980), ‘Svieto': Celebrating Ukrainian-Canadian Ritual in East Central Alberta Through the Generations (1992), and The Icon in Canada (1996). Dr. Klymasz also published many reviews of books and exhibitions in Canada's Ukrainian and Icelandic ethnic press. He continues to pursue his recent interests with grants from the University of Alberta (CIUS) and the University of Manitoba (CUCS). In 2004, he delivered a paper at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences in Winnipeg. Dr. Klymasz was awarded the Marius-Barbeau Prize by the Folklore Studies Association of Canada (Laval University) for his studies in Ukrainian Canadian Folklore. In 2005, he completed the Archival Research Project on Walter Klymkiw, the conductor of Koshetz Choir, titled "Playing around with Choir": the Correspondence and Papers of Walter P. Klymkiw. The manuscript is held at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. Between 2006 and 2008, he completed several archival research projects including A priest, a maestro, a community: epistolary insights into the music culture of Winnipeg's Ukrainian community, 1936-1944 (2006-2007), Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Music (2008), Nuggets from the past: quotations on the Ukrainian experience in Canada (2007), Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Book Culture (2009), and Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada (2010); Winnipeg Papers on Searching for "Kanadiis'ka Rus'" (2011). The manuscripts are held at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

This accession consists of biographical information; Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada Manuscript (2010); research material , correspondence, and photograph collection.

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into five series:

  • 1. Biographical Info and Correspondence
  • 2. Review, Translations, Articles, and Research Material
  • 3. Ukrainian Cultural Events, Organizations
  • 4. Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada (2010)/ & Searching for Kanad'iis'ka Rus' (2011)
  • 5. Myroslav Irchan: a Chronology of his Life and Legacy - Robert Klymasz and Jars Balan's unpublished manuscript
  • Pc 170 (A.11-49) Ukrainian weddings photographs, L. Krawchuk's Collection photographs, and R. Klymasz photographs

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restrictions on use.

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Custodial History

The accession was donated by Robert Klymasz in 2010 and 2011.

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Other Finding Aids

A.02-32, A.03-87; A.05-52; A.06-61; A.07-29; A.08-36; A.09-101

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical Info and Correspondence []
11 Biographical Info
2 Correspondence, 2004-2005
3 Correspondence, 2008-2009
4 Correspondence, 2010
5 Correspondence - Christmas Cards, 2010
6 Correspondence - Sanctuary Project - John-Paul Himka, 2010
7 Correspondence - St. Andrew's College, 2010

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Review, Translations, Articles, and Research Material
18 Kliuch Zhuravliv by Zenon Bychyns'kyi, 2006

(annotated book)

9 Reviews by R. Klymasz - Kliuch Zhuravliv by Zenon Bychyns'kyi, 2008

(includes correspondence and written notes)

10 Notes to the Editor - Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Sun, Winnipeg Free Press, 2007-2008
11 Translations by R. Klymasz - "Your Excellency": 13 letters from Bishop Budka to Metropolitan Andriy Sheptecky, July 2008
12 Article for Folklorica, v.15, 2010 - Forays into Ukrainian Canadian folklore today: a snapshot from Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 2010
21 Research Material - Nicholas Hryhorczuk interviewed by Lionel Orlikov - Oral History, Archives of Manitoba, 2010
2 Research Material - Winnipeg Papers on Kanads'ka Rus, 2010

(includes correspondence)

3 Philip Tilney - Iron Curtain Journal, Bulgaria 1968-1969, 2008
4 Philip Tilney - Year of the Radio (CBC), 2009

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Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Events, Organizations
25 2009 Tarnawecky Lecture - Janice Kulyk-Keefer, Natalka Husar
6 Winnipeg Collection of Ukrainian Folk Clothing - Leonard Krawchuk - Correspondence, Newspaper Articles, 2010
7 Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies - Meetings, 2010
8 Ukrainian Canadian Alumni Committee, St. Andrew's College - Correspondence, 2010
9 Oseredok - Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre - Annual Report, 2009-2010
10 Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church, Winnipeg - General Meeting, May 5, 2010
11 Ukrainian Genealogy Group, National Capital Region - Annual Reports, 2006-2010
12 Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg Chancery Library - prepared by R. Klymasz, 2011
13 Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg - Newsletters, December 2009-2010
14 Ukrainian Cultural Events, 2010

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Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada, 2010
31 Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada/ & Searching for "Kanadiis'ka Rus," compiled by R. Klymasz, 2010

(master copy)

2 Winnipeg Papers on Ukrainian Arts Culture in Canada/ compiled by R. Klymasz, 2010
3 Winnipeg Papers (No. 4) Searching for "Kanadiis'ka Rus'" 2011
3a Winnipeg Papers - Correspondence, Papers, 2009-2010
33b Thomas Prymak, 2010
4 Gloria Romaniuk, 2010
5 Orysia Tracz, 2010
6 Murray Gibson, 2009-2010
7 Janice Kulyk Keefer, 2010
8 Janice Kulyk Keefer - Gabrielle Roy's love affair with "Stephen" in London - Correspondence, Research Material, 2009
9 George Fedak, 2010
10 Marcia Mary Ostashewski - PhD. Dissertation - R. Klymasz, External Examiner - Correspondence, 2009
11 Marcia Mary Ostashewski, 2010
12 Serhii Koroliuk, 2009-2010
13 Mary Jo Hughes, 2009-2010
14 Daria Darewych, 2009-2010
15 Mary March, 2010
16 Orysia Ehrmantraut, 2009
17 Natalka Husar - Correspondence, Photograph, 2009

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Myroslav Irchan: a Chronology of his Life and Legacy
41 Myroslav Irchan: a Chronology of his Life and Legacy - Robert Klymasz and Jars Balan's unpublished manuscript

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PC 170 (A.11-49),
1 Oversize1 Robert Klymasz - Portraits,

39 negatives, 2 photographs

2 Klymasz Family Photos - Nicholas Klymasz (Father of Robert Klymasz) 1928

1 photograph

(includes a translation of the letter by R. Klymasz)

3 Leonard Krawchuk's Collection, 2010

1 photographs

(including photos of R. Klymasz and his class of 2010)

Ukrainian Weddings - Manitoba, 1940's to 1970's

Klymasz Family Photos - including explanatory notes provided by R. Klymasz

  • 1. Bridal party of Gordon Rutar, Russell, Manitoba, August 31, 1964
  • 2. Bridal party of William
  • 3. Bridal party of Lewiski?
  • 4. Bridal party of Vandenbrook
  • 5. Bridal party of Matilda Bosiak, ca 1945

Ukrainian Weddings - Manitoba

  • 6. Sylvia Mischuk
  • 7-9. Sylvia Mischuk as a bride

SUMK - Winnipeg

  • 10. Provincial meeting of SUMK (Soiuz ukrains'koi molodi Kanady), November 13-14, 1954

Canadian Museum of Civilization

  • 11. Robert Klymasz, Shirley Klymasz, Tom Kines, July 10, 1973

2 Oversize Ukrainian Weddings - Toronto, 1940's - 1950's

  • 1. Shkabarnicki
  • 2. Popowich
  • 3-4. Leskiw
  • 5-6.Chwartacky
  • 7-8.Bundza
  • 9. Dmytriw
  • 10-11. Struk
  • 12. Unidentified
  • 13. Duma
  • 14. Klymasz Family Photo - New York City

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