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Prairie Theatre Exchange

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7.2 m of textual records and other materials.

MSS 123, PC 133, TC 85


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Administrative History of Prairie Theatre Exchange

The origins of the Prairie Theatre Exchange can be traced back to the closing of the Manitoba Theatre Centre's drama school in 1972. The school had achieved considerable success offering recreational drama classes but by the early 1970's it was a financial burden that MTC, saddled with a rising deficit caused by recent expansion, could no longer afford tokeep open.

When the announcement was made in the summer of 1972, a group of students, parents and other interested Winnipeggers formed a committee to investigate the possibility of opening up a new independent theatre school. This committee became the basis for the first board of the Manitoba Theatre Workshop. Its first chairman was the lawyer Charles Huband whose son David had been a student at the MTC school. Colin Jackson, a former teacher at the MTC school, was appointed as theWorkshop's first director.

The Manitoba Theatre Workshop opened for classes on 9 October 1973 in the old Grain Exchange building at 160 Princess Street. This historic structure, which had been empty since 1964, was leased from the City of Winnipeg for $1 a year. Extensive renovations were made with the aid of a $12,000 Opportunities for Youth (OFY)grant.

Like its predecessor, the Manitoba Theatre Workshop's classes were designed for "enthusiastic amateurs" rather than aspiring professional actors. MTW's primary goal was "to make theatre arts accessible and sensible to as many young people as possible." Operating on the philosophy that "involvement, or contact, with the arts is necessary for society", the Workshop hoped to dispel the notion that drama was the exclusive domain ofthe elite.

In 1973-74, its first season of operation, the Workshop had an enrolment of 210 full-time and 100 part-time students. An infusion of grant money in January narrowly averted a potential financial disaster and allowed MTW to hire additional staff and organize touring programs for theprovince's schools.

The Manitoba Theatre Workshop initially devoted a large proportion of its resources towards the promotion of drama in both the school system and the larger community. It provided workshops for both teachers and students as well as serving as a resource for corporations, hospitals and other organizations interested in theatre and theatre education. In an effort to reach a wider audience it became involved in the production of "Let's Go", a CKY television program that featured MTW students doing improvisational exercises around a central theme. The Workshop also took over the sponsorship of the annual Junior & Senior High School DramaFestival from MTC.

Many of these activities had to be cut or severely curtailed for the 1975-76 season as a result of CKY's decision to produce "Let's Go" by itself and the decision of the Department of Education to drop its funding for the Drama Festival. The Festival was re-introduced in 1978 and in January 1979 the Manitoba Drama Festivals was incorporated as an official body supported by lottery monies. The festival was expanded the following year to include communitytheatre groups as well.

In keeping with MTW's educational mandate, its theatre productions were generally oriented towards a younger audience. The Workshop's first shows were student-produced cabarets designed as fundraisers. Canada Council grants were used to establish a puppet troupe that eventually went off on its own in 1976as the Manitoba Puppet Theatre.

The first adult productions performed at MTW were presented by Confidential Exchange, a studio theatre group of local actors formed in 1974. Their December 1975 production of "Sandhills" was the first show produced at the Workshop under a full Actor's Equity contract. This show was part of the Workshop's first full season of alternative adult theatre, consisting of three Confidential Exchange productions and four touring productions. MTW's formal relationship with Confidential Exchange ended in August 1976 and the group disbandedsoon afterward.

The 1977-78 season saw the introduction of The Neighbourhood Theatre (TNT), the province's first professional children's theatre company. Under the artistic leadership of director Deborah Baer Quinn, TNT presented three seasons of high-quality children's and youth theatre. An emphasis was placed on using original and locally-produced material and many of the shows were collective collaborations of the director and actors. A full subscription season was offered for the first time in1978-79.

The Manitoba Theatre Workshop also hosted numerous touring productions and promoted concerts by popular children's entertainers such asRaffi and Fred Penner.

In September 1981 the Manitoba Theatre Workshop officially changed its name to Prairie Theatre Exchange, signalling a new direction for the company. Gordon McCall succeeded Deborah Quinn as artistic director and David Gillies was appointed as the company's firstplaywright-in-residence.

The new Prairie Theatre Exchange would offer adult as well as youth and children's programming with the aim of becoming the province's second fully professional theatre company. Its extremely successful first season in 1981-82 was highlighted by a production of George Ryga's "The Ecstasy of Rita Joe" in which all the principal native roles were played by native actors. This fact aroused nation-wide interest and the show was featured on the national news telecasts of both CBC and CTV as well as in a number of other national media outlets. After its Winnipeg run was completed, the show was taken on a five-week tourin southern British Columbia.

An all-Canadian season featuring five world premieres, three of them by Manitoba playwrights, was announced for the following year. This emphasis on local plays, however, proved to be unpopular with the publicand resulted in a $20,000 loss.

A new artistic director, Kim McCaw of Saskatoon's Globe Theatre, was brought in for the 1983-84 season. He outlined a new "populist" policy for the PTE that emphasized the production of "contemporary, committed, socially connected work." Under McCaw's direction, the company enjoyed several remarkably successful years and gained a reputation for producing contemporary plays dealing with timely issues. By 1987 it had solidly established itself as the province's younger and hipper alternative to the more conservative Manitoba Theatre Centre. The headline of an article in the 26 June 1987 issue of the Globe & Mail proclaimed: "Prairie Exchange is hot, elaborate theatres are not." For the 1986-87 season PTE announced a balanced budget of $1.2 million, the first time that ithad gone over the $1 million mark.

By 1987 it was also obvious that it was no longer feasible for PTE to remain in the old Grain Exchange building. Although the building's historic charm and relaxed atmosphere had become one of the theatre's main selling points, it was simply too small to support a major repertorycompany.

In November 1987 the PTE announced that it would be moving into a 2100-square-metre space on the third floor of the new Portage Place shopping centre. Kim McCaw defended this somewhat unorthodox juxtaposition of culture and capitalism as a move that would help to bring the arts from the fringes to the centre of the city. Construction began in March of 1989 and the first public performance in the new state-of-the-art 364-seat theatre tookplace on 12 October 1989.

The new quarters were also designed to accomodate the PTE Theatre School which by the early 1990's boasted an enrollment of well over 400 students. PTE has also continued to offer workshops through the public schoo system as well as curriculum workshops for teachers. In December 1988 PTE was approved as a Teaching Centre by the University ofManitoba.

In 1991 the Quebec director and playwright Michael Springate was named as the PTE's new artistic director, replacing Kim McCaw. Springate's emphasis on the staging of new plays by unknown writers resulted in a drop in attendance and he was replaced in 1995 by Montreal-based freelance director Allen MacInnis. MacInnis announced that a concerted effort would be made to increase attendance by appealing to a wider audience. His first full season as artistic director, 1996-1997, was highlighted by an elaborate staging of "My Fair Lady" and the hosting of the extremely popular touring production "2Pianos, 4 Hands".


For a comprehensive overview of the first nine years of the MTW/PTE the researcher is urged to consult Peter J. Spencer's 1983 EdD thesis "The History and Contribution of the Manitoba Theatre Workshop/Prairie Theatre Exchange". Among its more useful features are a chronology of important dates, a complete listing of shows, and transcripts of Spencer'sinterviews.

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Scope and Contents of the Records

At this point the collection's records are largely limited to the theatre seasons from 1973-1974 to 1981-1982. This period includes the eight seasons during which the organization was known as the Manitoba Theatre Workshop and its first season operating as the Prairie TheatreExchange.

The administrative and production files have been grouped together by season. In certain cases, events that generated a number of files were given their own separate series. These include the 1977 Summer Theatre Project, the 1979 Playwright Search andthe 1980 and 1981 Drama Festivals.

The files in the seasonal series document the various activities undertaken by the Manitoba Theatre Workshop, including its theatre classes, educational outreach programmes, school tours, TV productions and the provincial drama festivals. Most of the seasonal series also contain files of press releases and press clippings as well as other promotional material. The many files dealing with grant applications and various aspects of fundraising are evidence of the Workshop's constant struggle to stay afloat financially.

Production files dealing with individual shows are arranged chronologically at the end of each seasonal series. These files contain equity contracts, production and rehearsal schedules, correspondence, programs, promotional material and, in some cases, the script. Most of the major productions produced or hosted by MTW/PTE during its first nine years of existence are represented but the holdings are not exhaustive. For a complete list of productions, the researcher is advised to consult Peter Spencer's 1983 thesis "The History and Contribution of the Manitoba TheatreWorkshop/Prairie Theatre Exchange".

Miscellaneous and cumulative files that could not easily be placed into a seasonal series are grouped together near the end. The final series is a collection of scripts representing the productions staged by Prairie Theatre Exchange. The title "script" is somewhat misleading since most of these files also contain programs, rehearsal schedules, production notes, blocking diagrams and other related documents. The scripts themselves are usuallyextensively annotated.

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Organization of the Records

These records are organizedinto 5 series.

  • Administrative and Production Files
  • Cumulative and Miscellaneous Files
  • Scripts
  • Photograph Collection (PC 133)
  • Tape Collection (TC 85)

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Restrictions on Use

The Prairie Theatre Exchange Collection is open to all researchers on the condition that they abide by all copyright laws and regulations as passed by the Parliament of Canada and exercise proper care of all documents contained therein. Any excerpts or quotations from the Collection must not be used without acknowledgment andsource attribution.

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Related Records

The Winnipeg Tribune Collection (MSS 24) includes a subject file on the Manitoba Theatre Workshop (#4511) as well as personality files on such key figures as Colin Jackson, Deborah Quinn andCharles Huband.

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Custodial History

The papers of the Prairie Theatre Exchange were donated to the University of Manitoba Libraries in 1992 (A.92-30). An official presentation was made on June 1 of thatyear.

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Detailed Description of the Records

Administrative andProduction Files

(Arranged by Season)

11Bookkeeping 1973-1974
2Cabaret 1973-1974
3CKY "Let's Go" 1973-1974
4Community Service 1973-1974
5Congratulatory and Thank You Letters 1973-1974
7Contracts 1973-1974
8Correspondence - Miscellaneous 1973-1974
9Correspondence, School 1973-1974
10Correspondence, Student 1973-1974
11Donations, Private 1973-1974
12Donations, Private & Corporate 1973-1974
13Donations of Services and Goods 1973-1974
14Donations to Building 1973-1974
15Drama Festival, April 1974
16Early Workshops 1973
21Equipment 1973
2Foundation and Government Grants 1974
3Fundraising 1973-1974
4Hopkins, Bernard - Classes 1974
5L. I. P. (Local Employment Initiative) Application 1973-1974
6MTW - History - Stage Plans, Old Lists, Etc. 1973
7OFY (Opportunities for Youth) Project 1973
8Open House 18 Nov.1973
9Press Clippings 1973-1974
10Press Releases 1973-1974
11Publicity 1973-1974
12Puppets 1974
13Raffle 1974
14Staff 1973-1974
15Student Lists 1973-1974
31Budget 1974-1975
2Building 1974-1975
3Canada Council (Puppet Troupe & Gen. Correspondence) 1974-1975
4Canadian Child and Youth Drama Association 1974-1975
5Classroom Arts Program 1975
6Cleese, John 1974-1975
7Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1974-1975
8Drama Festival 1974-1975
9Drama Festival '75 - Evaluation Forms 1975
10"Expectation" Summer Program 1975
11Foundations & Government Grants 1974-1975
12Inquiries; Mailing List 1974-1975
13Jackson, Colin - Personal 1974-1975
14L. I. P. Application 1974-1975
15Manitoba Arts Council 1974-1975
16Newsletter 1974-1975
17Other Theatre Schools and Theatres 1974-1975
18Press Clippings 1974-1975
19Press Releases 1974-1975
20Proposed Winnipeg Community Theatre Centre 1974-1975
21Publicity & Public Relations 1974-1975
22Puppet Show - Northern Tour 1974-1975
23Puppet Troupe 1974-1975
24Shows and Cabarets 1974-1975
25Staff 1974-1975
41Thank-You Letters to Donors (List with Samples) 1974-1975
2Theatre Student Evaluations 1975
3Wardrobe 1974-1975
4Workshop Evaluations 1974-1975
45Ballots Re Change of Name, Dec.1975
6Budget 1975-1976
7Cabarets & Shows 1975-1976
8Canada Council 1975-1976
9Career Counsel 1975-1976


10Change of Directors 1976
11"City Show" with Art Gallery 1976
12CKY TV - "Let's Go," 1975-1976
13Congratulatory Letters 1975-1976
14Contemporary Dancers Inc. 1975-1976
15Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1975-1976
16Donations 1975-1976
17Donations to Building 1975-1976
18Done List 1975-1976

(Special Workshops,Career Days, Etc.)

19Drama Festival 1975-1976
20Equity Contracts 1975-1976
21Film Project 1975-1976
22Huband, David 1975-1976
23Jackson, Colin - Personal 1975-1976
24Local Initiatives Program Application 1975-1976
25Manitoba Arts Conference at Gimli ("Resolutions Implementation Committee") 1975
26Manitoba Arts Council 1975-1976
27Manitoba Theatre Centre - Correspondence 1975-1976
28Press Clippings 1975-1976
29Press Releases 1975-1976
30Public Relations 1975
31Puppet Theatre - Requests 1975-1976
32Puppetry Association 1975-1976
51School Divisions 1975-1976
2Staff 1975-1976
3Student Application Forms (Sample) 1975-1976
4Studio Company (Confidential Exchange) 1975-1976
5Theatre Gepinniw 1976
6Touring Companies 1975-1976
7Wardrobe 1975-1976
8Watkins, Brian 1976
9Winnipeg Foundation 1975-1976
10Workshops 1976
1975-76 Shows
511Redlight Theatre (Touring Production), June1975
12Theatre Passe Muraille (Touring Production), Nov.1975
1325th Street House Theatre (Touring Production), Dec.1975
14"Sandhills," (First Professional Production) Dec.1975
15Ted Johns (One-Man Show), Jan.1976
16"Gabe," (Confidential Exchange) Feb.1976
17"A Visitor from Charleston," May1976
18Mummers Theatre Troupe (Touring Production), May1976
19Confidential Exchange - "Son of Scared Scriptless," May1976
20Reviews & Press Clippings - 1976Shows
521Age and Opportunity Centre Inc. 1976-1977
22Animation Workshops 1976-1977
23Board of Directors' Meetings 1976-1977
24Budget 1976-1977
25Canada Council 1976-1977
26Career Counselling (Samples) 1976-1977
27Children's Theatre Touring Company (Summer of1976)
61Class Books 1976-1977
2Classes at M.T.W. 1976-1977
3Community Contracts 1976-1977
4Confidential Exchange 1976-1977
5Congratulatory Letters 1976-1977
6Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1976-1977
7Correspondence, Student 1976-1977
8Davey, Richard - Workshops 1976-1977
9Donations - Thank You Letters (Samples), 1976-1977
10Donors Contacted, New ( Samples) 1976-1977
11Donors Contacted, Previous (Samples) 1976-1977
12Equity (Actor's Equity Association), 1976-1977
13Financial Statement 1976-1977
14L.I.P. Applications 1976-1977
15Library Correspondence 1976-1977
16Manitoba Arts Council Application for 1976-1977
17The Neighbourhood Theatre 1976-1977
18Polo Park Charities Bazaar - 23 Aug.1977
19Press Clippings 1976-1977
20Press Releases 1976-1977
21Professional Productions of MTW 1976-1977
22Puppet Theatre - Plans & Finances 1976-1977
23Puppetry File 1976-1977
24Quinn, Deborah - Personal Matters 1976-1977
25School Divisions (Workshops & Tours) 1976-1977
26Secretary of State - Application Under Capital Grants Program 1976-1977
27Shows & Cabarets (Including Student Productions), 1976-1977
71Theatre Rental 1976-1977
2Touring Companies 1976-1977
3Winnipeg Foundation 1976-1977
5Workshops - Evaluations 1976-1977
1976-77 Shows
76Theatre Network (Touring Production), Nov.1976
1977 Summer Theatre Project
77Children's Theatre - Summer1977
8Bookings - OEC (Office of Energy Conservation) Theatre Troupe 1977
9OEC Theatre Project - Ottawa Correspondence 1977
10OEC Theatre Project - Publicity 1977
11OEC Theatre Troupe - Contacts & Schedule 1977
12OEC Theatre Project - Staff Correspondence & Training Sessions 1977
13OEC Theatre Project - Children's Letters & Drawings 1977
14OEC Theatre Project - Contracts & Reports 1977
715ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People), 1977-1978
16Board of Directors 1977-1978
17Brochures 1977-1978
18Budget 1977-1978
19Building 1977-1978
81Canada Works 1977-1978
2Classes 1977-1978
3Community Contracts 1977-1978
4Contemporary Dancers, Inc. 1977-1978
5Corporations Drama Class 1977-1978
6Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1977-1978
7Donations - Cash 1977-1978
8Drama Festival (Entry Forms & Scripts), 1977-1978
9Drama Festival (Correspondence), 1977-78
10DuMaurier Council for the Performing Arts 1978
11Equity (Actor's Equity Association) 1977-1978
12Financial Statements Re Shows 1977-1978
13Heritage Festival 1977-1978
14Invitations to Shows 1977-1978
15Manitoba Arts Council 1977-1978
16Manitoba Multicultural Theatre Association 1977-1978
17Manitoba Theatre Centre 1977-1978
18Morning Class 1977-1978
19The Neighbourhood Theatre 1977-1978
20Newsletter 1977-1978
21Press Clippings 1977-1978
22Press Releases and Publicity 1977-1978
23"The Primary English Class," (Proposed Production ) 1977-1978
24Professional Association of Canadian Theatres 1977-1978
25Province of Manitoba Employment Program 1977-1978
26Puppetry 1977-1978
27Registration Information 1977-1978
28School Workshops 1977-1978
91Shows and Cabarets 1977-1978
2Student Applications (Samples) 1977-1978
3Student Correspondence 1977-1978
4Sunday Night Art & Artists Series 1977-1978
5Theatre Rental and Contracts 1977-1978
6Touring Companies 1977-1978
1977-78 Shows
97"Quiet Moments," (Neighbourhood Theatre) Nov.1977
8"The Mountain Show," (Touring Production) Jan1978
9"Stories My Grandparents Told Me," Feb. - March1978
910Actor's Equity Association 1978-1979
11Budget 1978-1979
12Canada Council 1978-1979
13Classes atM.T.W.
14Contemporary Dancers 1978-1979
15Correspondence (Out) 1978-1979
16Donations (Samples) 1978-1979
17Drama Festival 1978-1979
18Drama Festival - Leslee Silverman's Notebooks 1978-1979
19Drama Festivals - Mailing Lists & Initial Correspondence 1979
20Flyer Layouts 1978-1979
21Manitoba Arts Council (Applications & Correspondence) 1978-1979
101Manitoba Drama Festival 1978-1979
2Press Clippings 1978-1979
3Press Releases 1978-1979
4Publicity Letters 1978-1979
5Puppetry Classes 1978-1979
6Registration Information 1978-1979
7Season 1978-1979
8Season Ticket Campaigns 1978-1979
9Staff Communications 1978-1979
10Touring Companies 1978-1979
11Winnipeg Foundation 1978
12Workshop Evaluations 1979
13Young People's Theatre Festival 1979
1978-79 Shows
1014"Quiet Moments," (Neighbourhood Theatre) Nov.1977
15 "Tall Tales," (Puppet Tree Company) Dec. 1978 -Jan. 1979
16"Sumidigawa," (Kaleidoscope Touring Company) Feb.1979
17"Story Bag" & "Music for Young Folk," (Fred Penner) March1979
18 "Young Children's Concert with Raffi," March 1979
19"You Know What I Mean, Eh?," May-June1979
20"TNT On Tour," (Evaluations & Journal) Feb. - March1979
1979 Manitoba Playwright Search
1021General Correspondence & FinalReport
22Correspondencewith Directors
23Correspondencewith Sponsors
1025Agassiz Productions 1980
26American Centre for Stanislavski Theatre Art (Sonia Moore) 1979-1981
111Budget Papers 1979-1980
2Canada Council - Correspondence 1979-1980
3Canadian Actors Equity Association (Correspondence) 1979-1980
4Correspondence, Incoming 1979-1980
5Correspondence, Outgoing 1979-1980
6Donations, Corporate 1979-1980
7Donations, Individual (Samples) 1979-1980
8Donations, Pending 1979-1980
9Equipment, Theatrical 1979-1980
10Mailing Lists 1979-1980
11Manitoba Arts Council (Grants Completed) 1979-1980
12Manitoba Association of Playwrights 1979-1980
13Miscellaneous Documents & Correspondence 1979-1980
14Press Clippings 1979-1980
15Press Releases 1979-1980
16Professional Association of Canadian Theatres 1979-1980
17Promotion in the Schools 1979-1980
18Publicity Letters 1979-1980
19Publicity Reports & Clipping Sheet 1979
20Publicity - Season Ticket Campaign 1979-1980
21School - Brochure & Publicity 1979-1980
22School - Final & Interim Reports 1979-1980
23Shows & Cabarets 1979-1980
24Summer Work Project 1980
25Theatre in Education 1979-1980
26Theatrical Season 1979-1980
27"Young Company," 1979-1980
1979-80 Shows
1128"A Place to Call Home," Oct.1979
29"Story Bag II," Nov.1979
30"Idiot Strings," Dec.1979
121"From Us to You," Jan.1980
2 "Merrytime Clown and Puppet Company," Feb.1980
3"Nonsensical Senses," Feb.1980
4 "Raffi," April1980
5"Spring Thaw," April1980
6"The Great Oompah Machine," April1980
1980 Manitoba Drama Festivals
127Resource Trip Information Feb. - May1980
9General Correspondence & PressReleases
1211Annual Report Materials 1980-1981
12Arts Telethon 1980-1981
13Budget Material 1980-1981
14C.A.P.A.C. (Composers, Authors & Publishers Association of Canada Ltd.) 1980-1981
15Canada Council - Correspondence 1980-1981
16Canadian Actors Equity Association - Contracts 1980-1981
17Canadian Actors Equity Association - Correspondence 1980-1981
18Canadian Conference on the Arts 1980-1981
19Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Mortgage 1981
131Community Theatre Festival 1981
2Contracts Re Use of Theatre 1980-1981
3Correspondence, Incoming 1980-1981
4Correspondence, Outgoing 1980-1981
5Correspondence, MTW School 1980-1981
6Donations - Thank You Letters (Samples) 1980-1981
7Donations - Furniture 1980-1981
8Future Programs 1980-1981
9Grants Received 1980-1981
10Health Sciences Center Project 1981
11Manitoba Arts Council - Artists in the Schools 1980-1981
12Manitoba Arts Council (Grants Applied For) 1980
13Manitoba Arts Council (Grants) 1980-1981
14Manitoba Arts Council (Correspondence) 1980-1981
15Manitoba Dept. of Cultural Affairs 1980-1981
16Office Records 1980-1981
17Press Releases 1980-1981
18Professional Association of Canadian Theatres 1980-1981
19Puppet Tree Company 1980-1981
20Quinn, Deborah - Correspondence 1980-1981
21Resource Requests - Community & Schools 1980-1981
22S.A.G. Conference Drama Workshop, Oct.1980
23School Programmes 1980-1981
24Season (General) 1980-1981
25Theatre for the Deaf Program 1980
26Theatrical Season 1980-1981
27Touring Companies 1980-1981
28Winnipeg Foundation 1980-1981
1980-81 Shows
141 Saturday Night , Oct. 1980
2 Prairie Voices , Dec.1980
3"The White Raven," (Theatre Sans Fil) Dec.1980
4"Keys," (Fred Penner & Sundance) Nov.1980
5"Dr. Glow's Illustrated History of Prestidigitation," Jan.1981
6MTW Young Company, "When the Honeymoon Is Over" (Jan. 1981) & "Superwheel" (March1981)
7Clowns," (Kaleidoscope Theatre) Feb. - March1981
8"It's About Time," Feb.1981
9"It's About Time," Letters from Grade 1 Class atJohn Pritchard School
10"About Free Lands," (Kaleidoscope Theatre) March1981
11"Working Together," April - May1981
12"WorkingTogether," Early Draft
13Raffi Concert, May1981
1981 Drama Festivals
1414Director's Workshop 1980
15Manitoba Schools Drama Festival - Contracts 1981
16Manitoba Drama Festivals - Correspondence & Contracts 1981
17Manitoba School Drama Festival - Misc. Records 1981
151Manitoba Schools Drama Festival - Entry Forms 1981
2Manitoba Drama Festival - General Correspondence 1980-1981
3Manitoba Drama Festival - Report with Appendixes 1980-1981
4Manitoba School Drama Festival - Evaluation Forms 1981
5Manitoba Community Theatre Festival - Evaluation Forms 1981
6Manitoba Drama Festivals - Financial Records 1980-1981
157A.A.R.C. 1981
8Actors Theatre of Louisville 1981
9Artists in the Schools Program 1981-1982
10ASSITEJ 1981-1982
11Banff Centre for the Arts 1981-1982
12Booking Contracts (Samples) 1981-1982
13Budget 1981-1982
14Building 1981-1982
15Canada Council 1981-1982
16Canada Council - Grants Applied For 1981-1982
17Canadian Actors Equity Association 1981-1982
18Canadian Child and Youth Drama Association 1981-1982
19Canadian Conference of the Arts 1981-1982
161Casino 1982
2Change of Name Notice (Prairie Theatre Exchange),Sep.1981
3City of Winnipeg 1981-1982
4"Classified One-Act Play Bibliography," PTE Publication 1981
5Correspondence, Incoming 1981-1982
6Correspondence, Outgoing 1981-1982
7Council for Business and the Arts in Canada 1981-1982
8Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources 1981-1982
9Donations - Correspondence, Etc. 1981-1982
10Donations - Clothes, Furniture, Etc. - Thank You Letters 1981-1982
11F.A.C.E. 1981-1982
12Fact Sheet (Comments, Statements, Etc. on PTE), 1981-1982
13Fees, Licenses, Etc. (Re PTE) 1981-1982
14Fundraising 1981-1982
15Fundraising - Coded Letters 1981-1982
16Fundraising Letters, Corporate (Samples) 1981-1982
17Fundraising Letters, Individual (Samples) 1981-1982
18Fundraising Thank You Letters 1981-1982
19Government of Canada - Special Program of Cultural Initiatives 1981-1982
20Interact 1981-1982
21Kiwanis Centre of the Deaf 1981-1982
22Magnus Theatre Co. Northwest Inc. 1981-1982
23Manitoba Arts Alliance 1981-1982
24Manitoba Arts Council - General Correspondence 1981-1982
25Manitoba Arts Council - Grants 1981-1982
26Manitoba Arts Council - Other Programs 1981-1982
27Manitoba Cultural Centre 1981-1982
171Manitoba Drama Festivals 1981-1982
2Manitoba Lotteries Commission 1981-1982
3Manitoba School for the Deaf Mime Program 1981-1982
4Manitoba School for the Deaf Mime Program -Handouts & Evaluations
5Manitoba Theatre Centre 1981-1982
6Manpower & Immigration 1981-1982
7PACT 1981-1982
8Playwrights Canada 1981-1982
9Playwrights Development Programme 1981-1982
10Press Releases 1981-1982
11Project - Phase II 1981-1982
12Revenue Canada Taxation 1981-1982
13"St. Peter's Asylum," (M.A.P. Play Development) 1982
14School - Letters, Notices, Etc. 1981-1982
15Season - General 1981-1982
16Season - Misc. Correspondence 1981-1982
17Staff - List, Notices, Etc. 1981-1982
18Summer Programs 1981-1982
19Theatre Alliance 1981-1982
20Theatre Properties 1981-1982
21Theatre Sans Fil 1981-1982
22TV Proposal 1981-1982
23Volunteers (Thank You Letters, Names, Etc.) 1981-1982
24Winnipeg Foundation 1981-1982
25Winnipeg School Division #1 1981-1982
1981-82 Shows
1726"Can You Hear Me," School Tour, Sep.1981
27"The Women of Margaret Laurence," Nov.1981
28"The Women of Margaret Laurence," -Promotion
181 "The Ecstasy of Rita Joe," Nov. - Dec.1981
2"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe," Promotion & CompsList
3"The Snow Queen," Dec.1981
4 "The SnowQueen," Promotion
5"You Are What You Eat," Jan.1982
6"You Are What You Eat," School Shows, Jan. - Feb.1982
7 "You Are What You Eat," Promotion &Evaluations
8"Flat Out," Feb.1982
9"Flat Out,"Junior League Bookings
10"Flat Out," Promotions &Evaluations
11"The Unicorns," (Kaleidoscope Theatre) March1982
12"TheUnicorns," Promotion
13"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe" Tour, March-April1982
14"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe" Tour,Promotion
15"The Promised Land," April1982
16"The PromisedLand," Promotion
17Raffi Concert, June1982
18Raffi Concert,Promotion
191Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals 1982-1983
2Lease Between PTE & Dance One Sixty 1982
3PTE School - Advertising 1982-1983

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Cumulative andMiscellaneous Files
194CKY - "Let's Go"Scripts
5Civic Charities Endorsement Bureau 1974-1977
6Classroom Arts Program (Kevin Burns & Liz Koffman) 1973-1975
7Confidential Exchange - Biographical Write-ups [ca.1976]
8Correspondence - Other Theatre Schools 1975-1977
9Fundraising 1973-1980
10Invitation Lists 1974-1976
11Lease of 160 Princess Street 1974-1976
12Mailing Lists for Shows 1975-1978
13Manitoba Puppet Theatre - Press KitMaterial
14MTW - AssortedPromotional Material
15MTW - Letters Patent 1972
16Philosophy ofthe Theatre Workshop
17Watkins, Brian (Use of Arts in Schools Programme) 1973-1975
18Winnipeg Fencing Centre (Renters) 1978-1981

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(Most files include production notes, schedules, reviewsand programs)

201"The Snow Queen," Dec.1981
2"Flat Out," Feb.1982
3"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe," (Part I),March1982
4"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe," (Part II), March1982
5"The Ecstasy of Rita Joe," (Tour Script),March1982
211"Beauty and the Beast," Dec.1982
2"Drift," 1983
3"St. Peter's Asylum," March1983
4"Straight Ahead/Blind Dancers," April1983
221"Sunday Night Tiger Stories," April 1983
2"After Baba's Funeral/Sweet & Sour Pickles," Oct.1984
3"Section 23," (First Edition - English & French Scripts) 1985
4"The Fighting Days," (Part I)1985
5"The Fighting Days," (Part II)1985
6"The Fighting Days," Prompt Script and Cue Sheets,Original Production
231"On Your Marks," 1988
2"A Prairie Boy's Winter," 1989-1990

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Photograph Collection (PC133)

Note to Researchers: Additional photos can be found in the Winnipeg Tribune Photo Collection, PC18, Box 51, File #4511.

Confidential Exchange
11-5Scenes from "Gabe," Feb.1976
26-10Scenes from "A Visitor from Charleston, May1976
311-15Scenes fromunidentified performance
4ChristopherCovert, actor
4Katia da Pena,actress
4Carol Matas,actress
4Jan Muszynski,actor
4Deborah BaerQuinn, artistic director
423-24Presentation of season ticket to contest winner, Oct. '79 (includesnegative)

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Tape Collection(TC 85)
MTW Local Initiatives Project Application Tape - footage of senior drama class [ca.1973-74]
"The National Cake," performed by MTW students, 1973-1974
"The Square Peg," raw footage of filmed play by MTW Students, directed by Deborah Quinn, [ca.1975-1978]

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