William O. Pruitt Jr.:

An Inventory of his Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Wendy Prystenski
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Finding aid encoded by Tyyne Petrowski (2014)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library

William O. Pruitt Jr.

William O. Pruitt Jr. fonds


0.25 m textual records, 153 slides, 98 photographs, 181 negatives, 8 audio cassettes, one video cassette, one 16mm film reel, one map

MSS 326 PC 281 TC 155 MC 34 (A12-75, A12-106)

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Biography of William O. Pruitt Jr.

William O. Pruitt was born in Easton, Maryland on September 1, 1922. He served with US Army Medical Corp during World War II. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland in 1947. The following year he completed an M.A. followed by PHD. from the University of Michigan in 1952

After teaching at the University of Alaska, University of Oklahoma, and Memorial University, Dr. Pruitt joined University of Manitoba in 1969 and retired in 1996. He remained a Senior Scholar following his retirement. In 1973 Pruitt launched the Taiga Biological Station a research outpost in the boreal forest often the funding for this endeavour came from his own pocket. He published extensively over a fifty year period (1951-2001). Dr. Pruitt received several awards & honors including the Government of Canada Northern Science Award Centenary Medal in 1989 and Vilhjalmur Stenfansson Award by the University of Manitoba Northern Studies Committee the same year. He received an Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Alaska in 1993 and an Honorary Doctor of Science from Memorial University in 2001. Dr. Pruitt died on December 7, 2009. * For a more detailed biographical sketch consult his obituary published on December 19, 2009 in the Winnipeg Free Press.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

A12-75 contains audio casettes with material on Andrew Taylor and "Wild Harmony interviews". A12-106 of the William O. Pruitt Jr. fonds contains correspondence and research materials, copies of journal articles and presentation materials, photographs, slides, a VHS cassette, a 16 mm film reel, and a map.

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Arrangement of the Papers

A12-75 contains eight audio cassettes containing material on Andrew Taylor and interviews related to "Wild Harmony". The remainder of the finding aid id for A12-106, which is arranged into three series. The first contains the printed materials (including correspondence, research materials, manuscript drafts, and other documentation) arranged alphabetically, with a second series containing the audio/visual materials that make up the PC 281 and TC 155 portion of the collection. The third series contains one map and bioclimate charts.

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Related Materials

Related materials for A12-75 can be found in the Andrew Taylor fonds (A93-89).

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Custodial History

This accession of the fonds was donated by the Pruitt family in 2012. Rick Riewe had temporary custody of A12-106 and brought it to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections on behalf of the Pruitt family.

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Other Finding Aids

Electronic finding aids for the other accessions (A10-03, A10-93, A10-112) of the William O. Pruitt Jr. fonds are available.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

A 12-75 (TC 155)
11 Andrew Taylor I and II
2 Andrew Taylor III and IV
3 Andrew Taylor V and VI
4 Andrew Taylor VII andVIII
5 Andrew Taylor IX and X
6 Andrew Taylor XI and XII
7 Andrew Taylor 920920
8 Wild Harmony

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Correspondence and Documentation [ 1979-2007 ]
11 Miscellaneous Correspondence – A 2005-2007
2 Miscellaneous Correspondence – B 2003-2005
3 Miscellaneous Correspondence – C 2004
4 ‘Creationist Nonsense’ (Sci. Am. July ’02) 2002-2004
5 Miscellaneous Correspondence – D 2004
6 Miscellaneous Correspondence – E 2004-2005
7 Miscellaneous Correspondence – F 2004-2005
8 Miscellaneous Correspondence – H 2004-2005
9 Hantavirus File 1994-2006
10 Heteronym
11 Japanese Translation of ‘Wild Harmony’ 1994-2004
12 WOP Talk to JapanTV ‘Thoughts on Project Chariot’ 2002-2003
13 Miscellaneous Correspondence – K
14 Letter to ‘Ken’ from David Kirshner 28 February 1983
15 [Kudos] – Letters of Appreciation/Congratulation 1998-2005
216 Miscellaneous Correspondence – M 2002-2005
17 [Master Copies – Smith, B.C.] 2003
18 Miscellaneous Correspondence – N 2001
19 Miscellaneous Correspondence – O 2005
20 Miscellaneous Correspondence – P 2004-2005
21 Published journal articles – "Numerical Snow Index for Reindeer" and "Application of Värriö Snow Index to… Caribou" 1979, 1989
22 Miscellaneous Correspondence – R (includes TBS annual reports) 1979, 2003-2004
23 Miscellaneous Correspondence – S 2002-2005
24 Miscellaneous Correspondence – T 2004-2005
25 TBS – Biomass Totals
26 TBS Plots – Master, El Nino 1995-2004
27 TBS – Surface Water 2004
28 Miscellaneous Correspondence – W 2000-2005

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Audio/Visual Materials 1956-[199-]
31 Copies of Slides – 35mm negatives (153)
2 Labelled slides (153) 1956-1989
3 Photographs – T.B.S. and others (73)
4 Photographic negatives (28)
5 Photographs - (25) [198-?]-[199-]
6 Video Cassette – Caribou Year 1989
41 16 mm negative reel

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Map Cabinet Items 1955, 1967
51 3 regional bioclimate charts, Alaska Highway base map 1955, 1967

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