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The Faculty of Medicine Archives has digitized a number of documents, photographs and videos from its various collections. These digitized materials capture important historic events such as the First and Second World Wars, the poliomyelitis epidemic in Manitoba, the treatment of tuberculosis, the evolution of Winnipeg architecture, as well as the personalities of internationally renowned doctors such as William Boyd, Bruce Chown, Elinor Black, D.A. Stewart, among many other pioneers of modern western medicine and innovators in health care.

These digitized collections form an integral part of the Faculty of Medicine’s documentary heritage and at the same time provide a vivid representation of a relatively undocumented perspective of Manitoba history.

*Some content is only available upon request

Canadian Military Hospital (Photographs)

British Medical Association 98th Annual Meeting (Photographs)

Manitoba Medical College Athletics (Photographs)

Medical Resident Photograph Album (Photographs)

Elinor Black Collection (Photographs)

Founders Series, MPC 2.0 (Photographs)

Graduation Series, MPC 3.2 (Photographs)

Wartime Medicine Series, MPC 4.2 (Photographs)

Special Events Series, MPC 4.3 (Photographs)

Med I Photographs: 1954-2010 (Photographs)

Alumni Reunions (Photographs)

J.A. Hildes Northern Medical Unit - "Recruitment Promo" (Video)

Naimark, Arnold - "20 Years of University Involvement in the North" (Video)

Dooley, Joe - "The Northern Health Team: A GP's View" (Video)

Ferguson, Charles - "Accomplishments/Problems/Challenges of Consulting" (Video)

Fontaine, Phil - "Health for First Nations in the 1990s" (Video)

The Hennen Symposium (Video)

Dr. Lyonel Israels: Memorial Tribute (Video)

Faculty of Medicine 125th Anniversary (Video)

Inaugural Ceremonies - 2000s (Video)

Joe Doupe - Documentary Short (Video)

Ferguson, R.G. "Tuberculosis among the Indians of the Great Plains," 1923 (Book)

Aesclepios [MMSA Yearbook]: 1967-2009    (Book)

Manitoba Medical College Art Collection: Inventory (Report)