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University of Toronto, Dept of Geography
North of 50: An Atlas of Far Northern Ontario
Reviewed by Robin Lewis
Grades 12 and up
1986 May

Urbanyi, Pablo
The Nowhere Idea
Reviewed by Jacqueline Foerter
1983 May

Urkin, G.W. and J.P. Matresky
World War I
Reviewed by Iyvan Michalchyshyn
Grades 6 and up
1988 March

Ursell, Geoffrey
Perdue or How the West Was Lost
Reviewed by Joan VanSickle
Grades 12 and up
1984 September

Ursell, Geoffrey and Wenda McArthur
Jumbo Gumbo: Songs, Poems, and Stories for Children
Reviewed by Deborah Mervold
Grades 1-6 / Ages 6-11
1990 March

Ursell, Geoffrey and Wenda McArthur
Prairie Jungle: Songs, Poems and Stories for Children
Reviewed by Nancy E. Black
Kindergarten-grade 6 / Ages 5-11
1986 July

Ursell, Geoffrey (Edited by)
Saskatchewan Gold
Reviewed by Walter Kalyn
1983 May

Urquhart, Jane
The Little Flowers of Madame De Montespan
Reviewed by Vivienne Denton
1984 September

Urquhart, Jane
The Whirlpool
Reviewed by James Kinstone
Grades 12 and up
1987 March

Urquhart, Margaret A.
Coping With Junior High Guidance: A Resource Book for Teachers and Counsellors
Reviewed by Susan Ratcliffe
1986 July

Usiskin, Michael
Uncle Mike's Edenbridge: Memoirs of a Jewish Pioneer Farmer
Reviewed by George Huffman
Grades 10 and up
1984 January

Usmiani, Renate
Michel Tremblay
Reviewed by Kenneth A. Elliott
Grades 12 and up
1982 November

Usmiani, Renate
Second Stage: the Alternative Theatre Movement in Canada
Reviewed by Louise Griffith
Grades 11 and up
1984 January

Usukawa, Saeko, Rosemary Neering and Wilma Wood
Exploring Our World: Other People, Other Lands
Reviewed by Graham A. Draper
Grades 6-7
1987 July

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