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F. Brock Rachar, H. Laurence Ridge and Barry B. Wright.

Scarborough (ON), Prentice-Hall, c1981.
422pp, paperbound boards, $14.00.
ISBN 0-13-563544-6.


F. Brock Rachar, H. Laurence Ridge and Barry B. Wright.

Scarborough (ON), Prentice-Hall, c1981.
460pp, paperbound boards, $28.00.
ISBN 0-13-563536-5.

Grade 7.
Reviewed by W. F. Benson.

Volume 11 Number 2.
1983 March.

Prentice Hall have published what appears to be an excellent math book and teacher's manual for grade 7. This is one area where there is a great need as most of the books being presently used have not been updated recently.

The text is well thought out with the mathematics concepts sequentially developed. The pages are colour co-ordinated in that concepts are developed in blue type while exercises are in black. The text has good spacing, pictures, photographs, and glossary. Flashback sections are offered throughout the book to refer the students back to previous learned concepts. Real-life topics and problems are used throughout. Puzzles, games, bonus and enrichment sections, and a calculator section are also included in each chapter. Thus the book is usable by all the students in a class, regardless of the level they may be working at.

The teacher's manual is a very thorough, very complete text. Each chapter begins by listing the objectives for the chapter, possible follow-up routines and references, and explanatory statements about each question. Hints for remedial help and application, enrichment, calculator exercises, and audiovisual enhancement and development are also offered. In addition to giving the answers for the problems, it also lists them as either practice work or developmental. At the end of each chapter there are pre- and post-tests. At the very end of the text is a series of copiable work sheets designed to complement various chapters of the text and to save teacher time.

While this series is good and I highly recommend it to everyone, it does have one major and two minor flaws. The major flaw of the series is that nothing has been included in the text concerning computers. With more and more elementary schools having their own computers and with the consequent increase in computer literacy levels in the elementary schools, this gap is unforgivable. The other flaws include the fact that the teacher's manual is S28.00, but the paper and binding are such that pages will very quickly become loose and begin to fall out if it is used as it should be. When one pays that much for a text that one basically must have unless one wishes to work out all the answers oneself, one expects better quality.

All in all, an excellent work, but a text that should have one more chapter added to it.

W. F. Benson, Alexander Park E. S., Golden, BC.
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