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Richard Rohmer.

Toronto, General Publishing, c1982.
293pp, cloth, $15.95.
ISBN 0-7736-0106-2.

Grades 11 and up.
Reviewed by Jerry McDonnell.

Volume 11 Number 2.
1983 March.

Rohmer writes in a terse, readable style that is easy going for the majority of readers in high school (reading level approximately grade 7). The story line and subject matter, however, would restrict interest to the senior grades and adults.

The story deals with power in politics, in high finance, and in connection with terrorism. All of this is combined with a touch of romance and with high technology to produce a timely story. A Canadian entrepreneur and four of our banks team up to pull off the business takeover of all time in the United States. This happens just as the American president is out to give Canada and its "socialist" prime minister a lesson about restricting American enterprise with the Foreign Investment Review Agency.

We are kept in suspense as to whether the prime minister will ultimately allow the takeover bid, will he cave in to American sanctions, will the bid succeed, and will the President and other American officials allow the takeover? Along the way, we are involved with the terrorism and how to fight it, a little of the capabilities of computers in high finance, and the involvement of Arab oil money in the North American economy.

The book is recommended for those interested in finance and politics but who do not want a heavy work.

Jerry McDonnell, South Huron D. H. S., Exeter, ON.
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