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Gordon Korman.

Richmond Hill (ON), Scholastic-Tab, c1982.
224pp, paper, $2.25.
ISBN 0-590-32643-0.

Grades 3 and up.
Reviewed by Jan Hall Chehowski.

Volume 11 Number 2.
1983 March.

Bruno and Boots strike again in this new instalment of the Macdonald Hall saga. This time they are fighting a new enemy, computer expert Walter Wizzle. He, along with his computer, Magnetronic 515, have instigated a dress code, set up a demerit system, and generally are making student life miserable. Even the Fish wants to get rid of Wizzle, although he cannot openly side with the students. The Committee, chaired by Bruno, tries to sabotage the computer, simulate earthquakes under Wizzle's house, and even try to match Wizzle up with an Amazonian teacher from Miss Scrimmage's Finishing School, all with amusing results. Needless to say, Bruno and Boots win in the end, but not exactly as they had planned.

Gordon Korman is certainly a prolific writer and a popular one, but this time out he does not seem to have the same life in his work. Perhaps it is because this one is longer than usual, but I found it dragged a bit. It is also disappointing to see the book published in the larger paperback format, rather than the regular size. This discourages the older slower reader, since it makes the book appear too juvenile. Also, the cover illustration makes the boys look eight or nine, rather younger than Bruno and Boots are supposed to be.

With all its faults, however, this book is sure to be a hit with all Korman's fans who have been eagerly awaiting a new Bruno and Boots novel.

Jan Hall Chehowski, Stoney Creek, ON.
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