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Edited by Geoff Milbrun, Jim Parsons and Max van Manen.

Edmonton, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, c1983.
267pp, paper, $4.95.
ISBN 0-88864-945-2.


Reviewed by Keith Wilson.

Volume 12 Number 6
1984 November

This is a useful collection of papers by social studies educators at various Canadian universities. The papers are broadly divided into five areas: the nature of the social studies, their content, the learning experience, methodology, and native studies. This division obviously poses some problems: the short but thoughtful essay of Don Gutteridge on "Interpreting Society Through Literature" is placed under content rather than methodology, while the three essays placed under "The Learning Experience in Social Studies" seem out of place in this collection. In short, the collection is not well balanced nor has it been carefully edited. Misspellings such as "MacKenzie" and "kilometer" and expressions such as "most unique" should not occur.

As in all such collections, the quality of the individual papers varies considerably, and there are surprising omissions (as, for example, a discussion of Canadian Studies per se), but nevertheless the book serves a useful purpose in that it provides a practical guide to experienced teachers to review what they are doing and to consider alternative approaches. Recommended.

Keith Wilson, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.
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