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AID International, 1981. Sound Filmstrip. 2-63 frames, colour. $59.95. Includes 2 audiocassettes, teacher's guide. Distributed by AID International, Box 4513, London, Ont., NSW 5J5

Grades 7 and up
Reviewed by the Evaluation Committee of the Board of Education for the City of North York

Volume 13 Number 4
1985 July

Biographical details of Louis Riel's early life lead into the events of the Red River rebellion, the longer term events of the North-West rebellion, and the subsequent capture, trial, and execution of Riel. Through the narration, a great number of events are integrated with the visuals to provide both a comprehensive view of Riel and the two rebellions in the Canadian West, The presentation adopts a sympathetic view toward Riel and in many ways enlarges upon the portrait that has become prelevant in texts and printed records that he was a victim of political events and that he deserves a much more favourable press than many have given him over the past hundred years. A more comprehensive guidebook would be an asset. Recommended.

From the Evaluation Committee of the Board of Education for the City of North York.
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