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Tayyeb, R. and K. Chandna.

2nd ed. Ottawa, .Canadian Library Association, c1985. 279pp, paper, $20.00, ISBN 0-88802-195-X. CIP

Reviewed by P.J. Hammel

Volume 14 Number 2
1986 March

As in the first edition,* the purpose of this work is to help "those seeking specific acronyms and abbreviations related to library and information science and frequently used by librarians, library science educators and information scientists." That purpose would certainly seem closer to achievement in this edition than in the former. A quick comparison of the first ten pages indicates an increase in entries of almost one hundred per cent over the first edition; this would seem to be confirmed by the fact that the first edition consisted of only 146 pages, whereas the second consists of 279 pages, again, almost a one hundred per cent increase. The much larger number of entries, explained primarily by the greatly expanded number of terms related to computer science and technology, is the major difference between the first and second editions. Otherwise, except for the colour of type, now blue instead of black, the two editions are identical. In each case the list of entries, the bulk of the work, is preceded by brief clear statements on arrangement and general coverage.

One criticism that can be made of this edition has to do with the fact that entries that are no longer valid are presented in the identical format to those that are still current and useful. In future editions, and the compilers do recognize that revision will be required at "fairly frequent intervals," consideration should be given to presenting obsolete entries in a form different from the other entries; perhaps a different form of type (italics might be useful) or simply placing such entries in square brackets would provide the quick identification required by the reader. In all cases, now, the reader must peruse the entire entry to find out that the abbreviation is no longer useful. For example, "AAAL American Academy of Arts and Letters (now AAIL)."

While tracing cross references to check their accuracy, I was discomfited to find, in the second reference I examined, an error in which a reference read "LA(1)" when it should have read "LAA(l)." Although obviously a typographical error, it does cast some doubt upon the accuracy of the entire work; and it is annoying to the reader. This work is still, obviously, the most extensive and useful dictionary of Canadian (English and French) acronyms and abbreviations for practitioners in the library and information sciences.

P.J. Hammel, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.

*Reviewed vol. VII/4 Autumn 1979 p. 173.

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