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National Film Board of Canada. 1984, Sound Film-strip. 3(54. 58.62) frames. $119.00. (1. Jump-Up 2. Toonik Time 3. The Prophet) Includes 3 audiocassettes. Distributed by Mclnlyrc Educational Media. 30 Kelfield St., Rexdale, Ont., M9W 5A2.

Grades 4-6
Reviewed by Alma Webster

Volume 14 Number 3
1986 May

The three filmstrips in this set portray the special spring celebrations of the Inuit, in "Toonik Time," the Jewish Passover, in "The Prophet," and a Caribbean festival that may occur at any time, in "Jump-Up," Each strip is prefaced with an introduction stating that people knowledgeable in the customs and culture of the group being presented were involved in the productions.

The objective is to give children an acquaintance and appreciation of a variety of cultural celebrations. This objective is met in the two filmstrips,"Toonik Time" and "Jump-Up." The festivals provide a focus for information on the culture, food, history, folklore, and present-day life style. It is not met as successfully in the third filmstrip. "The Prophet." Insufficient information is provided in the narrative for an understanding of this religious celebration, its rituals, and its music. The filmstrip most certainly needs an accompanying manual to provide this missing background, as well as a selected vocabulary.

"Toonik Time" and "Jump-Up" are narrated by an adult, native to the culture and language, which adds to the authenticity and realism. "The Prophet" is narrated by both a childish voice and the mature voice of a grandfather who tells the old myth. The younger voice is not completely satisfactory; too fast, and somewhat difficult to follow.

The illustrations (cartoons) and colour are excellent in all three, as are the special musical sound effects. The latter are useful adjuncts to the Inuit and Caribbean accounts.

These filmstrips should be useful for social studies topics. "Toonik Time" and "Jump-Up" can be used by groups or by individuals. "The Prophet" will require teacher assistance and research. Recommended with reservations.

Alma Webster, Edmonton, Alta.
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