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Bill MacGillivray. Picture Plant, 1985. Sound filmstrip, 1/2" VHS. 25 min., colour. $425.00 (16mm), $375.00 (video) to purchase, $35.00 to rent. Available from Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Atlantic. P.O. Box 1647, Station M, Halifax, N.S. B3J 2Z1.

Reviewed by Susan E. Fowler

Volume 16 Number 5
1988 September

Linda Joy Busby died of cancer In November of 1984. She was thirty-four. Much of this film is an amateur production, shot by friends of Linda's at a time when, following surgery, she was free of the disease. The style is that of an interview, although we see and hear only Linda for most of the film. There are periodic black-outs as she regains composure or starts a new topic. Towards the end of the film, a narrator (the man who eventually directed the film) talks about his relationship with Linda and her eventual death.

The footage of Linda shows her to be very positive and optimistic about her life. She speaks very honestly about first hearing that she had cancer, about her relationship with doctors, about telling her family, and about mortality. It was when she was informed that she had cancer again that she made the interview footage available, hoping that it might help others who were trying to cope with difficulties similar to hers.

I felt that the short black-outs during Linda's interview interfered with her message. A longer black-out at the end when the narrator talks about the end of Linda's life is more appropriate.

I was touched by this film. It has a powerful message. Although I don't feel it is suited to classroom use, I expect that hospitals, clinics and cancer societies could use it very successfully in the way that Linda intended.

Susan E. Fowler, Centennial Secondary School, Belleville, Ont.
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