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Laing Ferguson

Halifax, Nova Scotia Museum, 1988. 52pp, paper. $3.95
ISBN 0-919-680-34-8

Grades 11 and up/Ages 16 and up
Reviewed by Neil V. Payne.

Volume 17 Number 4
1989 July

The Fossil Cliffs of Joggins is a guidebook to the world-famous fossil deposits to be found in the cliffs along the Bay of Fundy near Joggins, Nova Scotia. This site has been a major source of important finds since 1851, when Sir Charles Lyell and Sir William Dawson discovered the wealth of remains of many small reptiles of the Carboniferous period. Many of these reptiles still have no other known fossil locations.

The author, Dr. Laing Ferguson, has been head of the Department of Geology at Mount Alison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, for the last fifteen years and has regularly visited the Joggins site for the last twenty-five years, His knowledge of the site and of discoveries made there over the years is extensive.

The book is an attractive one-well illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams, including several showing the step-by-step development of various local features. The text is written in language that the lay reader can readily understand but sacrifices none of the serious scientific content.

This book will be of considerable interest to any high school, college or university geology or physical geography program and should be included in any public library collection in the Maritimes. Highly recommended.

Neil V. Payne, Kingston Collegiate V.I., Kingston, Ont.
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