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Buckingham, Sandra
Camden East (Ont.), Camden House
Publishing, 1993. 64pp, paper, ISBN O-921820-73-9 (paper) $9.95,
ISBN 0-921820 -75-5 (library binding) $17.95.
Distributed byFirefly Books. CIP

Subject Headings:
Stencil work-Juvenile literature.

Grades 4 and up / Ages 9 and up

Reviewed by J.E. Simpson

Volume 22 Number 2
1994 March / April

As a rule, I am deeply suspicious of books with imperative titles. "Why should I?" is my usual response to their exhortations; in most cases, the text provides lots of reasons why I shouldn't.

I am happy to report that  Stencil It! is a remarkable exception. Sandra Buckingham has produced a clear, inviting introduction to a difficult subject in which her obvious enthusiasm is tempered by lucid, sensible instructions.  Stencil It! is professional in every sense of the word.

It is handsomely presented, with text and abundant full-colour illustrations as illuminating as they are inviting. Materials and equipment are simple, and clearly explained. Procedures are a model of their kind, and progress smoothly from the most basic to the more complex. Safety and set-up are dealt with sensibly. Very soon into this book, you find yourself realizing not only that you can do this, but that you can't wait to do it. Sandra Buckingham inspires rare confidence.

Although  Stencil It! is advertised as "written for kids," I am not at all sure that most young ones could deal with it on their own. The language is occasionally sophisticated, and some of the patterns employed are rather tricky. But those are minor cavils.

Stencil It! deserves a place in every school library, indeed in the library of anyone who likes to make original works of art. Get It!

J.E. Simpson is retired supervisor of art with the Edmonton Public School Board in Edmonton, Alberta

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