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The New Class. (Chestnut Hill).

Lauren Brooke.
New York, NY : Scholastic (Distributed in Canada by Scholastic Canada), 2005.
212 pp., pbk., $6.99.
ISBN 0-439-73854-7.

Grades 4-9 / Ages 9-14.

Review by Rita Rebizant.

**** /4


Dylan adjusted the halter so it was hidden by her arm and then climbed over the gate, talking to Nutmeg all the time “Hello, girl. Aren't you gorgeous? Have you been rolling? How'd you get so dirty? I'll give you a good brushing if you come in. Your dinner will be waiting for you. I hear molasses is on the menu tonight.” Dylan kept talking in a friendly tone as she reached into her pocket for a horse cookie. “You want a treat? Yeah, you're such a good girl – hey!”

With lightning speed, Nutmeg snatched the cookie off Dylan's palm and wheeled away at a brisk canter, kicking up her back hooves.

“Of all the rotten, ungrateful creatures,” Dylan muttered as Nutmeg skidded to a halt and turned back to study her. The mare tossed her head up and down, and Dylan swore she was taunting her. She could almost hear the pony laughing.


From the author of the very successful “Heartland” series comes a new class of horse enthusiasts that attend the exclusive Chestnut Hill School. Set among the lush rolling hills of Virginia, Chestnut Hill has one of the finest riding schools in the country, and first-year student Dylan Walsh has her heart set on making the Intermediate Riding Team. She knows the competition will be tough, but she is determined to succeed.

     Dylan soon meets her roommates and housemates and quickly finds that not everyone is quite as nice as she appears. There are other seventh-grade students that are going to be trying out for the team, and among them are friends and those that will do anything to win. Discovering the difference may cost Dylan a true friend.

     Brooke has created another stellar series that will satisfy the appetite of horse fans. The book also includes a preview for the second book in the series entitled Making Strides.

Highly Recommended.

Rita Rebizant is an Educational Assistant in Hanover School Division and a teacher candidate in the B.Ed. program at the University of Manitoba.

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