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The Mysterious Adventures of Pauline Bovary. (Pauline, btw, Book Two).

Edeet Ravel.
Vancouver, BC: Raincoast Books, 2007.
217 pp., pbk., $11.95.
ISBN 978-1-55192-986-6.

Grade 6-8 / Ages 11-13.

Review by Georgie Perigny.

**** /4


I don’t know exactly why, but all at once I knew that in about two seconds flat I was going to burst into tears. Chad noticed right away.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking at me with concern.

“Things haven’t been going too well,” I admitted. A few tears escaped from my eyes and began trickling down my cheeks. I wiped them with a cocktail napkin. “I had a really nice boyfriend, Yoshi, and then I thought Ryan liked me so I broke up with him, but Ryan didn’t like me and now Yoshi won’t take me back and I’ve lost him forever!”

“Have you tried to get back with him?” Chad asked with interest.

I nodded miserably.


The Mysterious Adventures of Pauline Bovary, by Edeet Ravel, is the second book in the “Pauline.btw” series. Irresistible, charming and hilarious, it is sure to amuse and captivate any reader’s attention. The story is told by Pauline Carelli-Bloom (a.k.a. Pauline Bovary). Pauline is an unpredictable teen author who writes about the crazy episodes in her life. She does this with the help of Zane Burbank III’s book, You Too Can Write a Great Novel! Pauline feels Zane knows everything there is to know about being a writer. Not only is Zane considered her guide through the trials and tribulations of novel-writing, it is through her reflective journaling that she is able to confront the challenges of her life.

     As a typical teenager, Pauline is faced with insecurity and confusion. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and Pauline is nervous about going into eighth grade in a new school. To make matters worse, her best friend, Genevieve, is moving to Toronto. Although Toronto may only be two hours away from Ghent, ON, Pauline feels that it may as well be on the other side of the planet.  Alone and confused, Pauline feels that nothing else could go wrong. Believe it or not, things do.  Pauline’s newly divorced parents are dating other people and Pauline is not certain she is fond of them. While struggling through her emotional suffering, Pauline is confronted with one more quandary. She meets a charming new boy at school and forgets all about her trustworthy boyfriend, Yoshi. What is Pauline going to do? Should she tell Yoshi that her heart desires another boy? Pauline’s mysterious adventures are enough to drive any teenager into a frenzy!

     The Mysterious Adventures of Pauline Bovary, a quick and entertaining read, is a teenage novel to which many young adolescents may be able to relate. The book is highly recommended and would be a great addition to any classroom. Award-winning author Edeet Ravel keeps readers spellbound with her clever style of writing. The book is hard to put down as readers will be intrigued with how Pauline will overcome her dramatic problems. An additional volume in the series, The Secret Journey of Pauline Sidhartha, involving Pauline’s adventures in London, is promised.

Highly Recommended.

Georgie Perigny is a teacher at River Valley School in Sundre, AB.

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