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Gathering Darkness. (Falling Kingdoms Series, Book 3).

Morgan Rhodes.
New York, NY: RazorBill (Distributed in Canada by Penguin Canada), 2014.
407 pp., trade pbk., $21.00.
ISBN 978-1-59514-705-9.

Grades 8-12 / Ages 13-17.

Review by Laura Dunford.

**** /4

Reviewed from Advance Reading Copy.



He knew. There would be no denying this, no way to get out of this situation unscathed. She'd reached the end of the road.

She'd been such a fool to think she could wear this ring without anyone ever knowing what it was, that it might be safer on her finger than hidden behind a stone in the wall of her private chambers.

But she couldn't despair, or all would be lost. She couldn't let on that she'd known the secret of the ring all along, had even seen an illustration of it in a very old book about the original sorceress. Cleo had torn that drawing out and burned it, so no one else would ever see it, even though it had pained her to think of how appalled Emilia would have been to know that she had destroyed even a small piece of the palace's rare tomes. Her sister had loved books.

And Cleo had loved Emilia.

She held on to that love now and let it strengthen her in this moment of despair.

Lucia stayed silent for a while, regarding Cleo with shock and confusion. "Did you know this?" she finally asked.

Remain calm, Cleo commanded herself. Do not lose everything you've worked so hard to gain.


Rhodes' tale of the struggle for power over the kingdoms of Mythica matures and intensifies in her third installment of the “Falling Kingdoms” series. While the previous novel, Rebel Spring, was practically dripping with blood and tears, Gathering Darkness is a storm of tension, intrigue, and romance.

     In this novel, readers see Rhodes' young characters begin to find their footing amongst kings and powerful immortals engaged in a ruthless pursuit of power. Relationships become increasingly complicated, and the stakes are raised as the hunt for The Kindred and the magic they hold begins in earnest and the true motivations of enemies and allies are exposed.

     Rhodes' fantasy series is only getting better - more sophisticated and challenging with all the rewards of a well-crafted fantasy world.

Highly Recommended.

Laura Dunford is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Children’s Literature program at the University of British Columbia.

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