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Do You Know Dinosaurs? (Do You Know?).

Alain M. Bergeron, Michel Quintin & Sampar. Illustrated by Sampar. Translated by Solange Messier.
Markham, ON: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2014.
64 pp., pbk., $9.95.
ISBN 978-1-55455-336-5.

Subject Headings:
Dinosaurs-Juvenile literature-Graphic novels.

Grades 2-6 / Ages 7-11.

Review by Kelsey Sukich.

**** /4


Gigantic insects also lived during the Age of Dinosaurs. Dragonflies were 75 centimetres (29 inches) long and cockroaches were 30 centimetres (12 inches) long.


Whether or not the reader has a fascination with dinosaurs, Do You Know Dinosaurs? captivates readers of all ages with its surprising scientific dinosaur facts and comical graphic-novel illustrations. Throughout the book, the reader learns about the unique characteristics of various species of dinosaurs, including the Anatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Tyrannosaurus, and Ultrasaurus.

     Do You Know Dinosaurs? was originally published in French under the title of Savais-Tu? Les Dinosaures and is part of the “Do You Know?” series. Some of the other animals included in the series include leeches, hyenas, komodo dragons, and praying mantises.

     Written by Alain M. Bergeron, Michel Quintin, and Samuel Parent (Sampar) and translated into English by Solange Messier, Do You Know Dinosaurs? includes vocabulary that some readers may not be familiar with, such as amphibian, famine, reptile, and species. Definitions of these and other bolded words found throughout the book are included in a glossary. Also included in the book is an index which directs the reader to specific pages based on topic.

     Sampar’s humorous, colourful cartoon illustrations and speech bubbles bring the scientific dinosaur facts to life by creatively depicting them through the perspective of dinosaurs. For instance, the reader learns that “dinosaurs built nests and laid eggs. The largest egg on record was the size of a football.” The corresponding illustration shows a mom dinosaur telling her son to “play with your little brother...” and the son stating “that’s what I’m doing, Mom!” while he is shown holding the egg in place as his friend dinosaur makes a run to kick it as if it is a football.

     In addition to being a visually appealing and an entertaining read, this book can be used as an informative starting point for early years students interested in researching dinosaurs. Mathematics can also be tied into this book by having students attempt calculations related to the numerical size and weight facts of dinosaurs.

     Do You Know Dinosaurs? is a book that will leave its reader chuckling with its presentation of scientific dinosaur facts. The reader may even be left wishing that more of the approximately 800 dinosaur species were included in the book as it is a book that keeps the reader wanting to learn more about dinosaurs through its comical graphic-novel illustrations. Luckily, the reader can experience more chuckles and learn about other animals by reading other titles included in the “Do You Know?” series.

Highly Recommended.

Kelsey Sukich is a grade 4/5 multi-age French-immersion teacher at École Riverbend Community School in Winnipeg, MB. While she has never had a strong fascination with dinosaurs, after reading Do You Know Dinosaurs? she has a desire to learn more about them.

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