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Frozen Tides. (Falling Kingdoms, Book 4).

Morgan Rhodes.
New York, NY: Razorbill (Distributed in Canada by Penguin Canada), 2015.
412 pp., hardcover, $24.99.
ISBN 978-1-59514-707-3.

Subject Headings:
Kings and rulers-Fiction.

Grades 8-12 / Ages 13-17.

Review by Laura Dunford.

**** /4



“When you leave here, don’t ever return. Either of you.”

Lucia turned to him, still calm but clearly surprised.

“And if we refuse to follow your orders?” Kyan asked lightly, as if Magnus’s words were those of a court fool, there only to amuse him.

Magnus took another step forward and eyes him up and down with disdain, just as he had with Lucia’s prior, unworthy suitors. He attempted to shove Kyan, but the young man didn’t budge an inch.

Magnus then swung his right fist, striking Kyan squarely in his jaw.

Again, he didn’t flinch, but the amusement faded from his expression. “You try my patience, boy.”

“Do I? Good.” Magnus struck him again, this time with his left fist. His fingers itched to wrap themselves around the hilt of a sword, to plunge it into Kyan’s chest and watch the life leave his eyes.

Then, in an instant, those very eyes Magnus wished to snuff out turned from amber to a vivid, glowing blue.

Magnus took a step back, bumping into Cleo, who was now standing and waiting only a foot behind him.

“What are you?” he demanded.

His feet grew warm. He looked down, astonished to see a ring of bright amber fire had formed around him. Cleo shrieked and leapt away from the flames.

“What am I?” Kyan repeated, cocking his head. “You mean, you really don’t know?”


A struggle for power between gods, rebels, and royals, murder, betrayal, and magic – this is the world of Morgan Rhodes’ “Falling Kingdoms” series. Frozen Tides, the fourth installment in the series, throws readers right back into the midst of the grief and betrayal Gathering Darkness ended on, and Rhodes does not pull back.

     Like its companion books, Frozen Tides is a substantial book, and there is plenty of gore and some harsh language, and so it’s not for squeamish or reluctant readers. However, the quality writing makes this book perfect for avid fantasy readers looking for plenty of action, suspense, and romance.

     I recommend reading the series from the beginning in order to get the full effect of the events that take place in Frozen Tides. Each book in this series has been better than the last, and, as the cast of characters dwindles and the powerful Kindred are gathered, it’s hard not to white-knuckle the pages as you read.

Highly Recommended.

Laura Dunford is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Children’s Literature program at the University of British Columbia and is currently pursuing her post-graduate certificate in Publishing at the Centennial Story Arts Centre.

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