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So Many Babies.

Lorna Crozier. Illustrated by Laura Watson.
Victoria, BC: Orca, 2015.
26 pp,, board book, pdf & epub, $9.95 (board).
ISBN 978-1-4598-0831-7 (board), ISBN 978-1-4598-0832-4 (pdf), ISBN 978-1-4598-08331- (epub).

Preschool / Birth-age 4.

Review by Amber Allen.

**** /4



Babies in rivers and babies on rocks
Babies in jungles and babies in flocks

From elephants deep in the jungle to goats up high on the mountain top, So Many Babies is an adorable introduction to a wide variety of animal babies and where they live. Unconstrained by the farm or the zoo, this book takes a look at common and unique animals in all their different natural habitats. How refreshing to see a baby kinkajou lovingly carried on his mother's back or a beaver playing with her siblings in the bay! This book is sure to delight babies and toddlers as they recognize beloved animals and are exposed to new favourites. This is the perfect story to be read and reread as you travel around the world seeing the smallest examples of all the species and always ending with a warm message of love for the baby right in front of you.

      As if the simple, rhyming couplets in the text weren't cute enough, Laura Watson's big, bright, and colourful illustrations will melt readers' hearts. Unpretentious cartoon drawings with big eyes and playful expressions - each image is a still shot of a heartwarming moment. Board books are one of the first introductions a child has to books, and So Many Babies does the job of offering page after page of visually stimulating images. It's a book worth holding and contemplating (and chewing) for hours. As a new mother, I may be guilty of being overly sentimental when it comes to babies no matter the genus, but this book truly has the ideal mix of comfort and exploration to earn its place on any preschool bookshelf.

Highly Recommended.

Amber Allen is a librarian in Toronto, ON, with a passion for children's literature and writing.

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