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Margo Thinks Twice.

Monica Arnaldo.
Toronto, ON: Owlkids Books, 2016.
32 pp., hardcover, $18.95.
ISBN 978-1-77147-162-6.

Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 3-7.

Review by Stephanie Johnson.

***½ /4



Margo woke up early one Saturday with an urge to create. She crept around the house collecting everything she needed. Just as she began to glue - a very important step according to Margo - her mother appeared in the doorway.

"Easy with the glue, Margo!" her mother said. "But I'm making something!" said Margo. "Well, be careful," her mother laughed as she continued down the hall. "The last thing we need is you sticking to everything."

Margo hadn't considered this…

Margo is an imaginative girl, but she does not always stop to think things through. As she prepares to jump from her high-flying swing, she does not consider that maybe the wind could blow her away. As she hides in the clothing racks in a store, she does not realize that she could become lost in the jungles of clothing and never be found. When Margo and her mother enter a pet store, Margo's imagination runs wild, and the creatures appear terrifying! Until suddenly, one gives her a lick on the nose and Margo finds herself face to face with a cute dog – a clumsy, silly dog who will fit right into Margo's home.

internal art      Margo Thinks Twice is a sweet story about not letting your imagination run too wild, and the character of Margo's mother gives gentle reminders that let Margo come to her own conclusions about what could happen if she isn't careful. The illustrations perfectly complement the text as the words leave the reader hanging with sentences like "Margo hadn't considered this…" while the illustrations continue on Margo's imaginative thoughts. Instead of coming to boring conclusions about the consequences of her actions, Margo uses her imagination, and readers see things like Margo having to make a tent out of clothes if she were to get lost in the clothing jungles. The creative way that Margo views the world makes this a great lesson-teaching book as it doesn't force the lesson onto the reader but makes it fun one to learn.

internal art      With soft yet colourful illustrations and a relatable protagonist, Margo Thinks Twice is a great book to share together.

Highly Recommended.

Stephanie Johnson is a graduate of the Master of Library and Information Studies Program from the University of Alberta.

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