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Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night.

Kallie George. Illustrated by Oriol Vidal.
New York, NY: Harper (Distributed in Canada by Harper Collins), 2016.
32 pp., hardcover, $21.99.
ISBN 978-0-06-235317-7.

Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 4-6.

Review by Nikita Griffioen.

**** /4



Feather, Flap, and Spike shared a story. They shared a snuggle. Then they fell asleep.


Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night, from Vancouver-based author Kallie George, is an elementary-aged addition to her other works which include the “Magical Animal Adoption Agency” chapter book series for young chapter book readers.

     Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night tells the relatable adventure of young children gaining the skill of sleeping alone at night—only with a twist. Unlike the typical bed-time story, this one does not tell the tale of children. Instead, it’s about a little animal family consisting of two ducklings, their parents and a dinosaur (the ducklings’ brother). The dinosaur is not ever mentioned as an adoptee, but rather he is a character who is just a part of the family—which makes a charming addition to the book. The book begins with a depiction of Mama Duck’s kids’ growth: “Flap was getting big. Feather was getting big. And Spike was getting…bigger!” (pp. 1-2). Due to their growth, the trio are ready to begin sleeping alone, away from Mama. At night, they snuggle down and fall asleep with confidence—only to be woken up to the scary sound of “Grrore!” (p. 7). They run from the sound and decide to sleep in a new place, only to have the same thing happen again. “Grrore!” (p. 12), and they awake. The book continues on with them trying to hide from the sound, but eventually they find the source—much to the delight of the readers who will be following along.

     Oriol Vidal’s illustrations are the perfect combination of colour and texture, and add fun to the story. Although the plot takes place at night, Vidal’s pictures are splashed with just the right amount of bright colour to draw young readers in. Vidal’s use of facial expressions in the cartoon animals adds humour and depth to the story.

     Kallie George’s Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night can be read and enjoyed by all ages. Young children will delight in the random addition of a dinosaur to this little duck family as they relate to the story of having to go to bed on their own. Adults will be able to relate to the charm and humour of the story as these animals enter a new stage in their lives. Duck, Duck, Dinosaur and the Noise at Night is a charming addition to any bookshelf.

Highly Recommended.

Nikita Griffioen is currently completing the Teacher Education Program at the University of the Fraser Valley to become a secondary teacher. She looks forward to teaching her own classroom and writing and illustrating her own books one day.

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