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A Pattern for Pepper.

Julie Kraulis.
Toronto, ON: Tundra Books, 2017.
40 pp., hardcover & eBook, $21.99 (hc.).
ISBN 978-1-101-91756-5 (hc.), ISBN 978-1-101-91758-9 (eBook).

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.

Review by Andrea Boyd.

**** /4



“The rug you’re lying on is a houndstooth pattern,” says Mr. Taylor. “It has small, four-pointed checks that make shapes like hounds’ teeth. My grandfather wore this fabric while hunting in the Scottish Lowlands. Would houndstooth work for you?”


A Pattern for Pepper, the latest picture book by author-illustrator Julie Kraulis, is a sweet story for young children, but it will appeal to readers and listeners of all ages. The book features intriguing, visually attractive artwork and interesting factual information about the origins of patterns.

     A Pattern for Pepper tells about an endearing young girl who is searching for the perfect dress for a very special occasion. With the help of Mr. Taylor, owner of the most popular tailor shop in town, Pepper learns about the cultural origins of various patterns while on a mission to find the perfect textile for her first custom-made dress. Mr. Taylor’s shop is full of inspirational patterns that together they identify and explore, from the furniture within the store, to the suit Mr. Taylor is wearing. They even consider the pattern on the store owner’s cat, Ikat!

     Kraulis provides alluring full-colour, full-page illustrations to show off each particular pattern that Pepper views. The enticing artwork was created using oils and graphite on board, allowing for uniquely textured details. Though the patterns are repeating, the exquisite illustrations are eye-catching on every area of the page due to the skilful use of colours, values, and hues. This book could serve as a useful tool to teach the seven elements of art: colour, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

     A Pattern for Pepper is highly recommended thanks to its versatility, in addition to its overall high-quality. It may be used with an audience of all ages and for various purposes: such as a teaching tool, or simply as a charming children’s storybook.

Highly Recommended.

Andrea Boyd is an early years educator in Winnipeg, MB.

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