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Sir Princess Petra's Mission. (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 3).

Diane Mae Robinson. Illustrated by Michael Bermundo.
Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing (www.tatepublishing.com), 2016.
104 pp., trade pbk., $14.56.
ISBN 978-1-68187-072-4.

Grades 2-4 / Ages 7-9.

Review by Christine McCrea.

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The king spoke loud as he read out, "It is hereby written that all certified Princess Knights – meaning you – must accomplish the hereby-stated royal seal-of-approval mission before the next two moondowns. Hence if the hereby-said should fail this royal seal-of-approval mission, which is of the utmost importance to the well-being of the shareholder of Kingdom Pen Pieyu – meaning me and the queen – the hereby-said Princess Knight will henceforth be required to relinquishment of hereby-noted knighthood to the full completeness so as to render it none and never was…"

Petra crossed her arms and gave him her best I-hate-that-royal-rule-book stare with her right eye, while her left eyebrow rose to convey the it-doesn't-even-make-sense arch.

      Princess Petra has become a knight, much to her parents' chagrin. Always looking for ways to transform Petra into a girly princess, her father, King Longstride, has invented a seemingly impossible mission that Petra must accomplish in order to keep her knighthood. The Princess Knight must travel to the land of the Boogy Gobees and capture a "notorious-fabled car-panther" (p.30), returning him to the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu.

      Traveling with her trusty steed, Snarls the dragon, and Bograt, a bog witch and the only other knight in her kingdom, Petra sets off. Although intimidated and fearful of the car-panther, whatever it might be, Petra is determined to keep her knighthood. After all, a girly princess she is not.

      Along the way, Petra discovers that the terrifying "car-panthers" may not be what they seem. In the Kingdom of Boogy Gobees, she encounters the elf, Findor Woodrow, who escorts her and her party to a feast at Hobnobby Castle. There, she must decide whether she will capture one of her new-found friends or forfeit her knighthood to do what's right.

      Choosing the noble path, Petra returns home empty-handed. With wit and good sense, she even manages to retain the knighthood that she has worked so hard to get. Once again, the King and Queen of Pen Pieyu are foiled by their intelligent and capable daughter.

      Diane Mae Robinson has created another charming and lighthearted tale about a young girl who is talented and honourable, and who insists on taking her own path. Robinson's story of knights and princesses is a humourous adventure -- with an added touch of silliness -- that will appeal to early chapter book readers.

      Petra is a dynamic character who proves that she is much more than just a passive princess. , Petra chooses friendship over retaining her knighthood. Young children will identify with Petra, understanding that being a good friend is the cornerstone being a good person.

      Michael Bermundo is new to the Princess Petra books but maintains a sense of warm-hearted adventure with his pencil drawings. Petra and Snarls, the friendly dragon, come to life in Bermundo's skilled hands.

      Sir Princess Petra's Mission is the third in the Pen Pieyu Adventures series, the first two being Sir Princess Petra and Sir Princess Petra's Talent.


Christine McCrea is a children's librarian at Richmond Public Library in BC.

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