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Get Me Another One!

Robert Munsch. Illustrated by Mike Boldt.
Toronto, ON: Scholastic Canada, 2018.
32 pp., trade pbk, $7.99.
ISBN 978-1-4431-6326.

Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.

Review by Saeyong Kim.

***½ /4



[Kristi said,] "Daddy, I want to go fishing in a boat. Everybody else in Rocky Harbour goes fishing in a boat."

Her father yelled back, "You are just a little kid. You are one of the littlest kids I know and you would probably fall into the ocean."

But Kristi said, "No, no, I will hang on. I will wear a life jacket. I will be very careful."

Her father thought for a while and said "Ahhhhhh, okay." (pp. 2 – 3)


Then it got windier and the waves got bigger and the boat went up and down like this: LAAA, LAAA, LAAA, LAAA, LAAA, LAAA (p.7)


Kristi goes fishing with her father and falls into the ocean, but when her father hauls her out, she is holding onto a huge fish! So her father tosses her back in to catch another one. When they get back to the dock, Kristi's mother is shocked that the father threw Kristi into the ocean; the mother then tosses HIM into the ocean to catch a big fish, and everyone else goes to share a big fish dinner. The next day, of course, everyone goes fishing.

     internal art Get Me Another One! reads like a well polished tale from a storyteller's bag of favorites; as can be seen from the excerpts above, and even the very mundane conversation that starts off the story has a quality of performance, a suggestion of loud body language and exaggerated facial expressions; the book almost reads itself. The text is clearly designed for reading aloud (and loudly), as can be seen in the description of the boat moving up and down with the waves, making Kristi sick. The simple story and the excitement of kids and dads being tossed hither and thither make Get Me Another One! an excellent book for storytime with a group of children of mixed ages or for a multigenerational (or a multilingual) family storytime.

     internal art Boldt's illustrations are a perfect match for the text, being as bold, boisterous, exuberant, joyful, and loud as the words are. There is an emphasis on movement and on faces, with the focus zooming in on dynamic moments framed by sky or sea. The openness of the background emphasizes the energy of the activity (diving, lurching, pulling, or throwing) while allowing the page to feel spacious and uncrowded. The happy energy in the illustrations dispels a good deal of that slightly dangerous sense of unpredictability within the text, something which those readers who sympathize with Kristi's mother will surely have felt.

Highly Recommended.

Saeyong Kim, who has an MA in Children's Literature and an MLIS, lives in British Columbia, where she works as an auxiliary public librarian.

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