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Love You to the Moon.

Shawna Mathison.
Winnipeg, MB: Pemmican, 2017.
44 pp., paperback, $10.95.
ISBN 978-1-926506-06-7.

Preschool / Ages 3-5.

Review by Ellen Heaney.

* /4


Many a writer has tried to explore feelings about love and family by writing a picture book for children. Love You to the Moon is a well-meaning but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at just that.

     The book variously tackles the love of parent for child; the idea that differences don’t matter; and the many kinds of family relationships that exist.

     Here are two examples of the clumsy rhyming text which lacks both grace and rhythm and, at times, is confusing in its meaning:

You are made up of pieces from different people,
Maybe baptized in a church with a little steeple.
You probably will get height from your Dad,
Not like your Mom – who’s short, but not sad!

     and, on the very last page:

So as you can see, life has different looks,
You’ll learn more by talking to them, than in books.
Take a look around at each other,
Under the skin we’re all the same, so call him Brother!
Everyone has a different type of family,
Who meet at least once a year happily!
Blessed be those who are waiting,
‘Maybe not me,’ you may be debating.
Even you, YES, YOU!
Cheer up, don’t be blue.
After all,
Babies are babies, they eat with their hands.

     The coloured line drawings that accompany the verse are frankly ugly.

Not Recommended.

Ellen Heaney is a retired children’s librarian living in Coquitlam, BC.

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