LCMND: Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota

Fiftieth Anniversary

The 50th Anniversary Conference

Friday & Saturday
October 16 & 17, 2009

Hosted by the
University of North Dakota
Merrifield Hall
276 Centennial Drive
[Campus Map, 9F/G]

Grand Forks, N.D.

Friday, 16 October 2009
8:30 - 9:15 Refreshments and Registration
Merrifield Hall, 3rd Floor

Session A
9:15-10:30 a.m.

Panel 1
Room 311
Chair: Christine Grossman

1. Margaret Bail, Western Connecticut State University: Inversion and Contrasting Pairs in Much Ado about Nothing
2. Christopher Gust,
University of North Dakota: In and Out upon Occasion: Subversion and Submission in Munday's Oldcastle

Panel 2
Room 312
Chair: David Godfrey

1. Charlotte Klesman, University of North Dakota: Impact of Imbedded Culture
2. Gary Albrightson & Mike Porter,
Dakota College: Assessing Critical Thinking in Classroom Discussion

Panel 3
Perspectives on Online Teaching & Delivery in Foreign Languages
Room 313
Chair: Michelle M. Sauer

1. Steve Schmidt, University of North Dakota: Online Learning and Teaching of First-Year Foreign Languages
2. Debra Maury,
University of North Dakota: Out of the Classroom and into Cyberspace: One Professor's Journey into Online Spanish Literature and Culture
3. Jane Sims,
University of North Dakota: Support Tools and Resources for Online Courses in Foreign Languages Curricula

10:30 Coffee and refreshments

Session B

Panel 4
Creative Writing Pedagogical Strategies for theWriting Classroom
Room 311
Chair: Christopher Gust

1. Christine Grossman, North Dakota State University: A Nudge of the Elbow: Creative Writing Pedagogy Practices for First-Year Writing
2. Stashenko Hempeck, North Dakota State University: Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Say No More, Say No More: Male Instructors' Impacts on Updating Creative Writing Pedagogy for First-Year Writing
3. Heather Steinmann, North Dakota State University: Creative Processes for Composition [NOTE: CANCELLED]

Panel 5
We Shall Remain: Dakota Language and Tribal Culture
from the Past, in the Present, & to the Future
Room 312
Chair: Kathryn Nedegaard

1. Bruce Maylath, North Dakota State University: Coming Full Circle Linguistically: The Critical Role of the LCMND in Preserving North America's Indigenous Languages (Case in Point: Dakota)
2. Clifford Canku
(Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota), North Dakota State University: Historical Context of Dakota Prisoner of War Letters of 1862-1868
3. John Peacock
(Spirit Lake Dakota), Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore: Translation, Colonization, and Decolonization

Panel 6
Room 313
Chair: Courtney Waid

1. David A. Godfrey, Jamestown College: That Hollow Unreality, ‘Man': The Education of Odo Valescca in Edith Wharton's The Valley of Decision
2. Rebecca Weaver-Hightower, University of North Dakota: The Settler Saga, Guilt and White Victimhood in 19th-Century South African and Australian Novels
3. Johnny Coomansigh
, Minot State University: Yes, Darling & the Manicou Man: a Description of Masculine Labels Embedded in the Oral Traditions of Trinidadian Society

(on your own)

Session C
1:15-2:30 p.m.

Panel 7
Room 311
Chair: Amina Escalera

1. Amina Escalera, Minot State University: Qui a tué Don Juan? Parcours du mythe a travers quelques oeuvres canoniques
2. Vincent Schonberger
, Lakehead University: La problématique de l'écriture chez Gabrielle Roy
3. Mélanie Curé
, University of Manitoba: Enracinement or déracinement: La culture de la mémoire chez J. R. Léveillé

Panel 8
Room 312
Chair: Maila Zitelli

1. Pat Lomire, Minot State University: The Art of Perestroika: The Mythology, Virtual Reality and Political Technology of a Pop Culture Concept
2. Courtney Waid
, North Dakota State University: Media Exposure, Perceptions of the Quality and Credibility of Media Crime Coverage, and Students' Punitive Attitudes [Note: Co-authors, Tara O'Connor Shelley, Colorado SU & Rhonda R. Dobbs, UTexas, Arlington]

Panel 9
Room 313
Chair: Andrea Donovan

1. Lori Newcomb, Wayne State University: Liminality, Communitas and Capitalism in Paul Auster's Mr. Vertigo
2. Sarah Aleshire
, Minot State University: Between No Future & Year Zero: The Ever-Present of the Nomad Punk
3. Eric Furuseth
, Minot State University: When Humorists Meet the Working World: The Personal Essays of Martin Amis and Ian Frazier

Session D
2:45-4:00 p.m.

Panel 10
Room 311
Chair: Lori Newcomb

1. Mark Brown, Jamestown College: A Succession of Nameless Beauties: A Pedestrian Approach to Tintern Abbey
2. Andrea Donovan
, Minot State University: Percy Bysshe Shelley Re-Invented Through Historical Fiction: Variant Facts, Fictions, and Perceptions
3. Sylvia Brown
, Denison University: When Objects Speak: Sherlock Holmes and the Power of the Conjuring Detective

Panel 11
Room 312
Chair: Johnny Coomansigh

1. Stephan Jaeger, University of Manitoba: Historical Simulations of the Collective Civilian War Experience
2. Margaret Sherve, Minot State University: It's the Same, But Different: Creating Home in New Place
3. John Morrow, Minot State University: North Dakota: The Hispanic Heritage

Panel 12
Room 313
Chair: Margaret Bail

1. Rick Watson, Minot State University: The Myth of the Historical Jesus: When Language Fails
2. Maila Zitelli, Minot State University: All Joking Aside: Manfred Beier's Maria Morzeck (1969) Exposes Anna Segher's Excursion of the Dead Girls (1943) as a Parody of Leonid Anreev's The Red Laugh (1904)
3. Gaby Divay, University of Manitoba: Sebastian Brant's Narrenschiff (1494) at the University of Manitoba: Dysart Collection No. 22, the 1497 Latin ed. & one of sixteen UM Incunabula (PPt Presentation)

4:10 Break

Merrifield 300

Lisa Weston
California State University, Fresno
Wax Knows No Shame:
Literacy and the (Re)Gendering of Early Medieval Bodies


1000 South 42nd Street
NOTE: Menu options available, ranging from $16 to $29 [excluding wine]

Saturday, 17 October 2009

8:30 - 9:15 Refreshments
Merrifield Hall, 3rd floor

Session E
9:15-10:30 a.m.

Panel 13
Room 311
Chair: Gaby Divay

1. Natalie LaFleur, University of Manitoba: Le rôle de la parole dans Jacques le fataliste de Denis Diderot
2. Maria Pentrelli Cotroneo
, Université Laval: Pouvoir du langage: langage littéraire, langage filmique
3. Armelle St. Martin, University of Manitoba: Altérité et superstitions religieuses dans Les Voyages du Père Labat

Panel 14
Saints & Would-Be Saints
Room 312
Chair: Laura Ashburn

1. Michele Willman, University of North Dakota: Pilgrimage and Personal Sovereignty: Margery Kempe's Negotiations in Her Journeys to the Holy Land
2. Michele L. Kozloski
, University of North Dakota: A Confessor's Control: Raymond of Capua's Construction and Exploitation of St. Catherine of Siena
3. Emily Hill
, University of North Dakota: Ordination through Holy Vision: Saint Juliana of Mt. Cornillion and Her Quest for the Feast of Corpus Christ

10:30 Coffee and refreshments

Session F

Panel 15
Anchoritic Spirituality
Room 311
Chair: Emily Hill

1. Andrea Stevenson, University of North Dakota: (Un)Fit for Virgin Ears: Representations of Sex in Anchoritic Literature
2. Jessica Short
, University of North Dakota: Writing for the Woman: Gender-Specific Language in Sawles Warde
3. Betsy Jenson
, University of North Dakota: The Anchorhold: Heaven or Hell? A Spatial Paradox

Panel 16
Room 312
Chair: Adam Kitzes

1. Bethany Brevik, Independent Scholar: A Formula for Love: Exploring Feminist Ideals in Contemporary Romance
2. Heather Jackson
, University of North Dakota: Anarcha-Feminism, Mutual Aid, and Support: Providing Childcare within Radical Communities and Other Events
3. Christopher Lozensky
, Independent Scholar: Nothing Ended, Nothing Begun, Nothing Resolved: Feminism, Queer Theory, and Brokeback Mountain

Panel 17
Room 313
Chair: Stephan Jaeger

1. Abigail Gaugert & Erik Kornkven, North Dakota State University: The Thing about Language Is That It Doesn't Always Make Sense: Understanding the Nonstandard Reduplicative Copula 'Is Is'
2. Robert E. Kibler
, Minot State University: Visual Arrythmia and Transcendental Aesthetics in Ezra Pound's Asian Sources and Cantos
3. Alexandra Glynn
, North Dakota State University: Vanity Fair and the Rhetoric of Kindness

Saturday 17, 2009
12:15-1:45 p.m.
Lunch and Business Meeting
Merrifield 300

Session G
1:45-3:15 p.m.

Panel 18
Gendered Voices in the Pre-Modern World
Room 311
Chair: Jessica Short

1. Laura Ashburn, University of North Dakota: Rejecting Femininity: The Ambiguous Line to the Divine
2. Kathryn A. H. Nedegaard
, University of North Dakota: Recovering Sexus Minor: Aristocratic Christian Women in the Patristic Era
3. Christopher Shaw Gust, University of North Dakota: You Can Take It with You: Imaginings of the Post-Mortem Body in High Medieval Ghost Folklore

Panel 19
Room 312
Chair: Robert Kibler

1. Jacqueline Rogers, University of Winnipeg: Why Am I Writing about Myself in the University? Teaching Narrative Inquiry/First Person Narrative
2. Brandy T. Wilson
, Minot State University: My Space Is My [lesbian] space.com: Finding a Space for Lesbian Identity & Lesbian Community on the Web

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