Weed Management Options Which Reduce Pesticide Risk

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Optimal weed management is generally achieved when robust cropping systems are employed and herbicides are applied only as required. Knowledge of soil, crop and weed interactions can be viewed as an input which is not purchased from a supplier annually but is accumulated from personal experience, research and other producers. This document contains a summary of information on optimal weed management strategies which have been evaluated in western Canada.

The purpose of this document is to bring together information related to reducing herbicide use and make it accessible to farmers and those advising farmers on their cropping practices. It offers practical suggestions and ideas that can be used independently or in conjunction with other practices, for those who are taking first steps in herbicide reduction and for those who are ready to eliminate herbicides altogether.

The CD outlines a wide range of weed management options which reduce the risks associated with pesticides. These options have been grouped into several main sections as outlined below.


It is important to understand the risks associated with pesticides and the rationale for using weed management options to reduce pesticide risk. more

Long-term Weed Management Strategies

Long-term weed management strategies have the most potential to reduce weed pressure and allow for reduced herbicide use. more

Single-season Weed Management Options

Although long-term weed management strategies have the most potential for impact on weed pressure in cropping systems, farmers also have many weed management options that can be implemented in a single growing season. more

Non-chemical Weed Control

When preventative measures of weed management do not adequately control weeds in the field, direct weed control may be necessary. Although the most common method of direct weed control is with herbicides, there are also non-chemical weed control options available to farmers. more

Using Herbicides for Weed Control – Making the Spray Decisions

When making chemical weed control decisions, there are many questions to consider, including whether or not spraying is needed, which product to use, and when, where and how to apply that product. more