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February 16, 2017

  • President:  Discussion with Mark O’Riley included the need to provide information on the U of M staff benefits website regarding the surviving spouse’s need to obtain health insurance outside the university plan.   Also discussed was improvement to the extended health benefits for retirees in that they should be similar to those provided to regular employees. Mark agreed there should not be too much of a differential between the benefits of the two groups. It was noted that CURAC had signed a travel agreement with MEDOC.  The information on the plans available had been circulated to Executive  Committee members but should also be placed on the UMRA website. Jay Goldstein and Ed Unrau have recommended John Mundie for a CURAC award.  The President’s attendance at a CURAC conference is normally a cost sharing arrangement with the University of Manitoba and UMRA.  The President indicated he believed UMRA needed to be represented at the next conference where it is expected John Mundie would receive his award.
  • Gunter Baureiss has agreed to chair the Communication Committee. 
  • The spring reception will be held on May 8, 2017.  Dr. Barnard will attend and three of the 3M students will present their research. A motion was moved & seconded that each student be presented with a Sobey’s gift card valued at $25.00.
  • Vice President: reported that one voice mail message had been received regarding a computer issue and this was resolved immediately.  It was noted that graduate students are still available to help members with computer problems at a cost of about $20/hr.
  • Treasurer:  On January 19, 2017 Jay Goldstein, Dan Sitar, Ed Unrau and June LaRonde met with a representative of BMO regarding the transfer of $10,000 from Assiniboine Credit Union to mutual funds at BMO.   We are now waiting to see how BMO applies the money to our account.  In addition BMO was updated with the names of the new incoming signing authority on the fund.  The balance of funds at Assiniboine Credit Union is $12,420.65 and the balance at BMO is $12,195.89.   On January 25, 2017, an internet fraud email message was received.  The message made reference to the UMRA account and the name of the President and Treasurer in an attempt to secure some funds.   
  • Communications:  The newsletter is being worked on and Ed Unrau has had a discussion with Mark O’Riley regarding the publishing schedule.  The ‘In Memoriam’ column problems have resolved and a new link is to be created. Improvements to the UMRA website are being discussed such as improved picture taking.
  • Benefits:  MEDOC is now available via CURAC.  The RTO product should be of interest to those people who retired pre 2004.
  • Membership:  We currently have 698 members in UMRA.  Since October 1, 2016 there were 8 new members.   Of the 100 people up for renewal, 39 people renewed for 1 year, 48 people renewed for 2 years and 3 became lifetime members.  Unfortunately 8 people did not renew and 2 people resigned.
  • Endowment:  The endowment funds have now doubled. The first offer of the UMRA bursary will likely be in 2018.
  • Next Meeting to be held on Thursday May 11, 2017.