Activities & Events - 2017

Spring Reception                                                                       

UMRA President Ed Unrau introducing the speakers and explaining that the rationale for inviting these four graduate students today is to provide them with an opportunity to talk about their work to an interested and non-specialist audience, and then during the refreshment time answer questions 

Our speakers from the Faculty of Grad Studies who participated in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®).  Three Minute Thesis (3MT®)  is a research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia.  This challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler spoke on Maternal Responses to Having a Child Taken Into Care with a comparison to mothers whose children weren't taken into care

Rachel Nickel spoke on Biocide Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles:  a New Way to Treat Infections.  She placed first and was the People's Choice which is voted on by ballot by the audience

Alexandra Ciapala spoke on Siege Tactics in Fighting the War on Cancer.  Alexandra placed second

Kevin Boreski spoke on Pre-Frailty and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Middle Aged and Older Women

Captivated audience

Refreshment time & so much to choose from

Helping oneself from the plates of sandwiches, cheeses, veggies and desserts

Fruit platter

Conversing with Elizabeth

Speaking with Kevin

Sharing a laugh with Kevin

Alexandra & Retirees

Interesting conversation between two Physicists, Peter Loly & Rachel Nickel

A serious discussion

Lois Brockman making a point to President Barnard

Peter Loly, Carol & Jay Goldstein catching up on all the latest news

Mark O'Riley & Ed Unrau

Ernie Bridges & Gunter Baureiss discussing business of the Communications Committee

Enjoying delicious refreshments & conversation

Photography:  Bob Talbot

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UMRA President Ed Unrau welcoming the audience.  He also spoke on the UMREF bursary & that Monica Carlberg from Donor Relations was in attendance to answer any questions regarding any gifts you may wish to give.  UMRA is also planning an excursion to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada on July 11











Elizabeth Wall-Wieler - Elizabeth Wall-Wieler is fascinated by statistics.  She loves numbers and working with linkable administrative data that allow her to use the information represented by numbers to look at important social questions.  Her research examines areas of health and social inequality





Rachel Nickel is studying condensed matter physics.  Rachel says she is fascinated by physics because it adds to our fundamental understanding of the world around us.  When she's not unraveling the mysteries of the universe, she is a figure skating judge with Skate Canada





Alexandra Ciapala is stydying the interconnecting networks and intricate regulation involved in the orchestra of chemical reactions that underlie our lives, which cancer disrupts.  Although she wants to pursue a careeer in clinical psychology.  Ciapala also has a passion for writing fiction




From working at Mini U as a support worker for children with special needs, to coaching in multiple sports, Kevin Boreskie's volunteer and work experiences are all related to getting people active and improving health.  With an interest in physical activity and how it relates to chronic disease, his career goal is to become a Doctor of Medicine



President Barnard providing the retirees with a commentary and update on the university