Tillage Translocatiom and Tillage Erosion
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In July of 2000 the International Soil Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO) established a Working Group on Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion.
The objectives of the Working Group are:

1) To facilitate awareness and understanding of tillage translocation and tillage erosion processes and their agricultural, environmental, socio-economic impacts.

2) To facilitate collaboration in international research and development initiatives.

To achieve these objectives the following activities will be undertaken:

a) Establish and maintain an active international network of researchers involved in the study of tillage translocation and tillage erosion. This network will communicate via the internet and, when possible, by meetings. The 4th will be held in Kiel Germany

b) Hold meetings as part of the ISTRO conferences. The inaugural meeting of the Working Group will be held at ISTRO-2000. The next meeting will be held at the 3rd International Symposium on Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion in England in 2001.

c) Establish and maintain an internet listserv for communication amongst subscribers. This listserv will be established by September 2000.

d) Establish and maintain a web site on the internet. A website has recently been established at the University of Manitoba - www.umanitoba.ca/tillage-erosion/. This site provides basic information on tillage translocation and tillage erosion, information notices, downloadable images, an up-to-date publications list, a contact list, and links to relevant websites.

e) Organize an international symposium on a regular basis. The proponents have organized two symposia to date, the first in Toronto in 1997, the second in Leuven in 1999 and the third in Exeter in 2002. In addition to symposia, the proponents organized a special session within ISCO-99 in West Lafayette.

f) Produce scientific, technical and education materials. A special issue of JSTR on Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion was published in 1999. A special issue of JSWC is in preparation for publication. A manual describing experimental techniques for measuring soil translocation by tillage and modeling procedures is in preparation.

g) Develop and facilitate projects requiring international cooperation, such as:

TERON - Tillage erosion: current state, future trends, and prevention. TERON is carried out by researchers from 7 countries and is funded by the European Community under the 4th RTD Framework Programme.

TERI - Tillage Erosion Risk Indicator project. Develop and promote the use of a tillage erosion risk indicator as part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Environmental Indicators for Agriculture initiative.


Tillage Translocatiom and Tillage Erosion is a subsite of the Soil Science Dept , University of Manitoba