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One of the core project goals is developing leadership and human resource capacity at the university level to provide sustained training and integration at all levels of the tourism industry. To that end, our project includes an interdisciplinary team of educators from both the University of Manitoba and Makerere University in Uganda.

Project Team

campbell.jpgDr. Michael Campbell Project Director (University of Manitoba) is Associate Professor of recreation and tourism at the University of Manitoba. Dr Campbell's research and teaching focuses largely upon the interaction between people and nature in parks and other protected areas. Specifically Dr. Campbell has published research on outdoor recreation behaviour and its role in tourism and impacts upon the environment. He has also led research that examined the impacts of a community based tourism initiative on all sectors of a community in Tanzania.
dranzoa.jpgDr. Christine Dranzoa Project Director (Makerere University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Wildlife and Animal Resources Management and Deputy Director of the School of Graduate Studies. She has over 13 years of experience in teaching, research and outreach programs in wildlife management, community conservation, and ecology. Dr. Dranzoa also has a long term experience in team building and results oriented project management as exemplified by the Uganda Large Predator, Nahan’s Project, Grey Parrot Research Project, Sida/SAREC and NORAD projects.
kabonesa.jpgDr. Consolatta Kabonesa is Associate Professor and Head on the Department of Women and Gender Studies at Makerere University. Dr. Kabonesa has worked over 12 years in gender programming, training and research at both local and international levels. Project partnerships include the UK Government Agency for Development (DFID), NORAD, HIVOS (Dutch NGO), the US government (USIA), Sida/SAREC, several National Women’s Group as well as several Foundations.
mackay.jpgDr. Kelly MacKay is Professor of recreation and tourism and holds a joint appointment with Parks Canada as a Social Science Research Specialist. Dr. MacKay's research interests are related primarily to tourism behaviour; specifically, visitor behaviour at parks and historic sites; tourist destination image; and travel information search.
nizeyi.jpgDr. John Boscoe Nizeyi is an Assistant Professor in the department of Wildlife and Animal Resource Management with extensive experience in wildlife and recreational resource management in parks and protected areas. He is also is a veterinarian with expertise in primate health and the impacts of tourism on stress responses in primates. Dr. Nizeyi's research and teaching also extends to tourist interaction with wildlife from both an epidemiological and interpretive perspective.
nyakana.jpgDr. Jocky Nyakana is a Senior Lecturer and Department Head of Geography at Makerere University and has extensive experience in teaching and research in tourism and sustainable development. He has expertise in the development of course curricula and helped develop the undergraduate tourism program at Makerere.
obua.jpgDr Joseph Obua is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation and has extensive experience in teaching and research related to tourism in forested communities. Dr. Obua's work has focused upon the expansion of local livelihoods through non-timber forest values.
shoesmith.jpgDr. Merlin Shoesmith was formerly the Assistant Deputy Minister of Manitoba Conservation and has spent an entire career in researching and protecting biodiversity conservation. He currently supervises several graduate students working with rare species in Manitoba.
walker.jpgDr. David Walker is Assistant Professor of Environment and Geography with research interests in biogeography and the application of Geographic information Systems in parks and protected areas management. In addition to his research Dr. Walker has several years experience in designing GIS curriculum.
Project News

Graduate Program
First intake Fall 2009

U of MB Team in Africa
David Walker: Fall 2009
Michael Campbell: Fall 2009

Facility News
First Workshop in GIS lab

Community News
Ruhija tented camp built

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