Clinical team

The clinical team are the staff at the participating day hospitals: Deer Lodge Centre, Riverview Health Centre, and St. Boniface General Hospital, who work with the students volunteering to be part of the IEGC project.

Project perspective on clinical team

Clinical Team Members serve as "preceptors" (health professionals from their originating discipline), who are assigned to students during the experiential blocks/practicums in the geriatric day hospitals. The preceptor’s role will be examined as the concept of preceptor as it relates to the discipline specific mentor and the entire clinical team that the student practitioner has the opportunity to observe.

The clinical team is asked to identify between one and three clients that the team feels would allow for good team based discussions and learning opportunities amongst the students learners, in the context of interprofessional education in geriatric care. Clinical team members and preceptors are asked to provide guidance to the student team during the "workup" of these clients. Throughout the duration of the experiential block, the clinical site team will engage in regular team meetings, act as preceptors for discipline specific students, model team skills, and perform their typical standard of care. Discipline specific preceptors are asked to provide additional mentorship to the students regarding interprofessional teaming.