Partnership Requests

The University of Manitoba welcomes partnership opportunities with universities around the world. Interested parties are encouraged to discuss their cooperation and project ideas with the International Centre.

To implement some projects and initiatives, signed agreements between the University of Manitoba and another institution are a requirement.

For questions or information on how to proceed with international agreements, please contact the International Partnership Officer for the applicable region. Please click here to learn more about the types of international agreements, and click here to learn more about the University of Manitoba’s existing international agreements.

Agreement development process

  1. Contact the International Centre
  2. Submit the Request for Agreement Form (RFA) to the International Centre for review
  3. RFA internal review and approval
  4. If the RFA is approved, the International Centre works with the faculty unit and partner on agreement development
  5. Agreement is finalized, approved and signed by all parties/institutions
  6. Fully executed copy of the agreement is provided to the faculty unit, the International Centre and the University of Manitoba’s legal counsel



Tara Cleve
Team Lead, Partnerships & Mobility
(204) 474-6836

Asia & Oceania

Kennis Fung
International Partnership Officer

Anna Polonyi
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6835 

Americas, Middle East & Africa
Cameron Zywina
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6418