Research EVENTS

The Research Communications and Marketing unit in the Office of the Vice-President (Research) plan, develope and execute the research communications and marketing strategies of the Vice-President (Research).  A number of research events are undertaken to raise awareness about research taking place at the University of Manitoba.

Bringing Research to Life Speaker Series- is a speaker series featuring outstanding researchers from the University of Manitoba.  This series showcases leading-edge research and innovation taking place throughout the university, to the general public, as well as the university community.

Café Scientifique- Remember when you used to spend untold hours sitting around a table over a beer or coffee with your friends, solving all the problems of the world, debating all the "big questions" of the day?  That's what a Cafe Scientifique is all about.  Simply put, it is larger and slightly more organized version of those conversations. It's an opportunity to bring together researchers with members of the public to spark a discussion about some of the most interesting--and sometimes contentious--research currently underway in Canada.

Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Day- invites high school students and their teachers from across the province to hear presentations from some of the very best researchers in the country.  The day-long annual event shows students what the world might look like 25 years from now, focusing on expected developments in five to six key research areas.

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