Hot Off The Presses 2016

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Planning for Coexistence? Recognizing
Indigenous rights through land-use
planning in Canada and Australia

Routledge, 2016
Janice Barry
City Planning 

Youth Practices in Digital Arts and
New Media Learning in Formal
and Informal Settings

Palgrave  Macmillan, 2016
Joanna Black
Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law - Volume III - Legal Aspects of the Use of Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes
Asser Press, 2016
Jonathan Black-Branch
Angel: Homeless in Toronto
Rae St. Clair Bridgman, 2016
Rae Bridgman
City Planning

Jimmy Tattoo: Homeless on the
Streets of Toronto

Rae St. Clair Bridgman, 2016
Rae Bridgman
City Planning

Economic Assistance and Conflict
Transformation: Peacebuilding in
Northern Ireland

Routledge, 2016 
Sean Byrne
Mauro Centre for Peace & Justice

Peace on Earth The Role of Religion
in Peace and Conflict Studies

Lexingtion, 2016
Sean Byrne | et al
Mauro Centre for Peace & Justice

Gender and Peacebuilding:
All Hands Required

Lexington, 2016 
Sean Byrne | et al
Mauro Centre for Peace & Justice

Market-Driven Spectrum Sharing
in Cognitive Radio

Springer, 2016
Jun Cai
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Industrial Oil Crops
Elsevier, 2016
Guanqun (Gavin) Cheng
Biological Sciences

Geopolitical Economy: Part II:
Analytical Gains

Emerald Books, 2016
Radhika Desai
Political Studies

Biochemistry of Foods
Elsevier, 2016
Michael Eskin
Human Nutritional Sciences

International Review of Neurobiology Controversies in Diabetic Neuropathy
Elsevier, 2016
Paul Fernyhough
Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Revisiting English Grammar
Grammaropolis Books, 2016 
Rosemarie Finlay
German & Slavic

Sociological Perspectives on Aging
Oxford University Press, 2016
Laura Funk

Economics in the Twenty-First Century:
A Critical Perspective

University of Toronto Press, 2016 
Ian Hudson | Robert Chernomas

Disability Politics and Care: The
Challenge of Direct Funding

UBC Press, 2016
Christine Kelly
Community Health Sciences

Mobilizing Metaphor: Art, culture and disability activism in Canada
UBC Press, 2016
Christine Kelly
Community Health Sciences

Research-based Theatre: An Artistic Methodology
University of Chicago Press, 2016
Graham Lea

Understanding the Manitoba Election
Campaigns, Participation, Issues, Place

University of Manitoba Press, 2016
Karine Levasseur | Andrea Rounce
Barry Ferguson | Royce Koop
Political Studies

Criminology: A Canadian Perspective, 8th Edition
Nelson College Indigenous, 2016
Rick Linden

Agency and Partnership Law Primer
Reuters, 2016
Darcy MacPherson | Cameron Harvey

Counseling and Therapy Skills
Waveland Press, 2016
David G. Martin

Spiritual Taxonomies and Ritual
Authority: Platonists, Priests and
Gnostics in the Third Century CE

University of Penn Press, 2016
Heidi Marx-Wolf
Disrupting Adult and Community
Education Teaching, Learning,
and Working in the Periphery

Suny Press, 2016 
Robert Mizzi |  et al

The Science of Learning
Taylor and Francis, 2016
Joseph Pear

Women's Travel Writings in Scotland
Routledge, 2016
Pamela Perkins
English, Film, and Theatre

Understanding Social Statistics: A Student's Guide to Navigating the Maze
Oxford University Press, 2016
Lance Roberts

Paleoanthropology of the Balkans and Anatolia
Springer, 2016
Mirjana Roksandic | Editor et al

Why We Need More Canadian Health
Policy in the Media, 2016
Noralou Roos | et al
Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts: Critical Perspectives
Sense Publisher, 2016
Clea Schmidt

A Transnational Study of Law and Justice on TV
Hart Publishing, 2016
Jennifer L Schulz

Fragile Settlements Aboriginal Peoples,
Law, and Resistance in South-West
Australia and Prairie Canada

University of Washington Press, 2016 
Russell Smandych | et al