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Grace Nickel & William Pura


WILLIAM PURA'S Logan Avenue Series, 2005-2006

(All works are digital prints on paper and in the collection of the artist)
Crucifixion, 2005
Near Omand's Creek, 2005
Logan Ave. Decorated House, 2005
Logan Ave. Empty Lot West End, 2005
Logan Ave. 1846 Logan Ave., 2005
1961 Logan Avenue, 2005
Logan Ave. Good Food, 2006
Santa / Beware of Dog, 2005
Logan Ave. Fallen Sign, 2005
Logan Ave. Christmas House, 2005


Devastatus Rememorari, 2008, porcelain (with terra sigillata, oxide, and glaze), salt Collection of the Artist
Click to download Mary E. Black Gallery catalogue (15 MB PDF)