School of Art Room Bookings, Space Requests and Install Procedures

Instructors - Room Booking:

Instructors are asked to book one room for critiques if their assigned classroom is a non-install space or the hallway is insufficient.  The office is no longer booking rooms to individual students unless they are for Student Group meetings.

Room Bookings can be requested by 3 options:

1. Follow the online link to the room booking form
2. Or send an email to
3. Or in person at the general office.

Once the room is booked, an email confirmation will be sent out.  Instructors are asked to notify their students upon confirmation of room booking.
All booked rooms can be viewed in Astra.

Students - Additional Space Requests:

Students requiring use of an additional or use of a specific room/space (including Senior Studio) must fill out the permission to install form a minimum of 5 working days prior. Instructors must sign the form before it is handed in.

You can submit your form 3 ways:

1. Send a scanned copy of the permission to install form to
2. Or send an email to
3. Or in person at the general office.

Once the form is approved, an email confirmation will be sent out.  Students are asked to notify their instructors upon approval.

Room Types:

Meeting rooms – Tache T487, ArtLab 409 and 316.
Non-install Rooms 136, 309, 364, 366, 368, 462, Tache T152 and T377.
ArtLab Room 467 may be used as a light-controlled space for projections only. 
ArtLab Room 364, 366 and 368 are available for projector use.
ArtLab Install Rooms  340, 360, 370, 436, 460, 464, 466, 467, 468 and 470.
Tache Hall, Dark Room T158.
Lighting studio ArtLab 462 can only be booked M-F, 9am to 4pm. No weekend use.
MFA Lounge T174, requires access code
BFA Lounge T172, requires access code

Installing DO’s and DON’Ts:

DO's DONT's 
Use pushpins or painter’s tape Hammer or use nails – it ruins the structural integrity of the walls
Use drywall screws for hanging Use screws longer than 3” 
Know the weight limits for hanging  Use Velcro, double sided or any other tape or adhesive 
Consult Dan for proper tools for install  Install without permission 
Repair the wall and de-install your work immediately after your class Leave your installation lying around/installed past your critique date
See Dan for spackle, paint, supplies to fix walls Assume a room is free to use because it is empty