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Hubble's Variable Nebula


Glenlea Astronomical Observatory, University of Manitoba

A brief summary of current knowledge

From previous studies

From this study

Overview of changes in the nebula

The following links provide an overview of changes observed in the nebula. Individual events are discussed below.

Animation of the nebula - gray scale (~600Kb)
Animation of the nebula - false colour (~600Kb)

Animation of changes from JD 2,451,111
Animation of changes for successive intervals

Animation of Lampland images 1933-35 (~500Kb)
Animation of Lampland images 1939-40 (~300Kb)

Cumulative changes

JD 2,451,111 to 


 Successive changes

 JD 2,451,111 to 142
 142 to 171
 171 to 204
 204 to 231
 231 to 253 
 253 to 277 

  A sample of Lampland's images

Analysis of changes

Effective wavelength of the GAO images

Shadow transit event

Analysis of the torus-like feature north of R Mon

Brightness changes immediately north of R Mon

Parts of the nebula that did not change

Analysis of historical images and changes

Persistant and reappearing structures in the nebula

Differences between current changes and historical changes

Required nebula structure based on observed shadow movement

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