Robert I. Rollwagen, M.Sc (1974)
Photo of Robert I. Rollwagen

Robert Rollwagen received his Bachelor of Science Honours (specialization in Statistics and Mathematics) in 1969. He then worked as a consulting statistician at the U of M Medical Faculty for about 10 years. Much of his seminal work went into developing statistical software so his clients could do their work on-line, and his work became part of his Master’s thesis which he received in 1974. He also became proficient in information technology; and moved to Regina in 1978 where he directed the statistical services and new computer development departments for Saskatchewan Social Services. He moved to Ottawa in 1983 where, after a brief stint with a couple of technology companies, he realized that the real problems that needed solving were not so much technology problems, but people problems. Thus, in 1987 he started his own consulting practice, which he began to wind down by 2010. He has now moved even further into the people side of things focussing on how best to live a meaningful and happy life. He is currently finishing a book on “being” and “wellbeing” which details his mind/body experiences in learning how one can consciously control and feel many aspects of your inner body (e.g. say, feeling your blood flow to, in, and then even orgasming an organ such as your liver). This book has required years of medical research, for which his early years in medicine at the U of M as a statistician was most useful, not for the statistical techniques, but for the critical thinking required. In short, answering the question: What is the real underlying truth in a phenomenon? Also, a key theme in the book is: You just never know what you will end up doing (and being) if you are always actively in dialogue with your inner self.

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